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  1. We've never had any trouble with slugs since getting the girls some years ago, over the last month or so we noticed a few plants nibbled but thought nothing of it as we almost never see a slug - except the odd one the girls catch first thing in a morning in the run. However over the weekend we were out 'late' for the first time in a while (1am) and when we got in we went to check the girls and there were HUNDREDS of slugs all around the run - especially around the "grub" feeder. By morning (6.30) there was no sign of any slugs again so we have no idea how long this has been happening. I had no idea slugs were bright enough to completely be out of the run before the girls even woke up! I'd like to setup something to catch the slugs and feed them to the girls, rather than poison them - but I'm not sure the best way or how many slugs they are safe to eat in a day - especially if they are beer or molasses dipped! Does anyone have any hints?
  2. Thanks for the advice and putting my mind at rest a little, knowing the 21 days is not an absolute limit. Bella - the hen in question still seems quite well and we are lifting her of the nest a couple of times a day. We try to make sure she is out for at least an hour at a time and feed treats at the time we lift her so she might associate coming out with good things! Magdalane is looking a little lonely and missing her sisters company though - perhaps the third hen we were planning on before this started is still the way to go.
  3. Hi We have a hen that has been broody for over 28 days (everything we read seems to say a 21 day limit). She shows all the classic signs as mentioned elsewhere - so we were quite sure she was broody. We decided to just leave her to get on with it - rather than try any of the (cruel sounding) 'treatments' suggested. Every day we have made sure she has left the nest eaten and drunk at least once and removed any eggs while she was out but its been going on now for far longer than we expected - is there anything we should worry about?
  4. Hi anyone, Not been here before but I am looking for advice. After two years Clarabelle one of our two hens died yesterday - neither had been eating much or laying for a couple of weeks. Anne had seemed a bit off last week but seemed to make a complete recovery over the weekend and now seems fine. We have completely cleaned out the run - disinfecting everything we can - and Clarabelle's body has gone to the vets. My question is what is the best course of action - immediately get a couple of new hens to join Annie to stop her getting lonely, or wait to make sure she is going to be OK before we give her some new sisters? If she dies too are we best waiting for a length of time to make sure there is not an infection? Dave

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