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  1. Right, my pekin bantams are out in their house now - they have a wooden chicken house with a run attached, my husband is in the throws of building an extended/kind of walk-in run as I speak... So, currently the house/run is sited on bark chippings, in the house (laying area blocked off for the moment so they don't start pooing in there) they have dust free sawdust (which we buy for the guinea pigs) along with red mite powder sprinkled around and on the bark chippings, also bokashi sprinkled on the bark, too. What else should I/do you use? Aubiose? Where for? Thank you!
  2. I would wholeheartedly recommend getting young chicks if you can - ours were 6/7 weeks when we got them. Obviously we'll have a fair wait for eggs (but then they're bantams, if eggs were my sole reason for getting chooks then I'd have got hybrids) but they're so lovely and friendly which is just fantastic for my children and we're loving watching them grow up.
  3. I know they have feathered feet but I'm absolutely loving our pekin chicks, so friendly and more than happy to be held/carried around by my young daughters.
  4. Our pekin chicks are currently on a mix of growers mash and chick crumb - that's another question actually, when can they go on just growers mash/pellets - which is best? And secondly, when can they be given little titbits and what should they be given? When we had hybrids before we got them at POL so they were always allowed corn, veg etc. but I'm pretty clueless when it comes to chicks! Thank you
  5. Thanks both. Just off to collect another couple of pekin chicks now, and will remember what you said about getting some POL light sussex around July time. I think we can easily fit 6 in our chicken house
  6. I'm thinking this is the way forward for us, for various reasons. We currently have two pekin bantam chicks (approx 6 weeks old) which we're keeping indoors for the moment, due to the atrocious weather. Collecting another two pekin chicks this evening. I think we may just stop there, or perhaps add to our flock with a couple of light Sussex bantams when we can find them (there seems to be a real dearth of them at the moment - is it the time of year?). Just interested to know if anyone else just has bantams?
  7. This is really starting to bother me. I've been letting the girls freerange for a good while every day and as you all know, they poo *everywhere* - I scoop it up and chuck it on the back of the beds as soon as I notice it but the bluebottles are just everywhere. It really is disgusting Does everyone get this? Is there anything I can do? I have two citronella candles burning all day, plus have sprayed the run with water/citronella oil as that too attracts lots of flies.
  8. Oh so do I Indie, we've holidayed for the last 3 years on a farm in Cornwall and I absolutely love it The different sounds are just so lovely, right now I'm listening to the reclycling vans collecting the glass and clattering it all about Not quite as relaxing as nice animal noises!
  9. What can we put in their Eglu run (with converter) for some entertainment for them? We have a big log stump which they sometimes stand/sit on. And a branch which they walk across. The run is on bark which they love scrabbling around in for bugs but other than that what can we put in there to stop them getting bored? They've been free ranging for a couple of hours every day (I'm sitting in the garden with the laptop now and they're scrabbling around!) but that leaves quite a while in the run really...
  10. Thanks everyone, the replies are really helpful and reassuring. I am a bit concerned that some of you say you still worry, even after having chooks for a while, but I guess some of us are worriers and some not - guess which camp I'm in?! My H and I still feel a bit funny about the chickens and it's something I can't put my finger on. It is a rfeal shame given how excited we were about getting them, but we'll persevere and see how it all goes. It's only been a week since we got them so none of us have had a fair trial yet... Thanks again
  11. We got our girls last Tuesday and since then I've felt a bit funny about having them. The girls themselves are very sweet, not particuarly friendly yet (they run away if I try to stroke them!) but easy to look after and laying already - that's all good. However both myself and my husband are finding ourselves worrying about the noise they make. We're in a very surburban (urban?) environment, semi detached with houses backing right on to us. The girls' Eglu and run is situated at the end of the garden which is overlooked directly by another house and garden. The girls aren't *particuarly* noisy, a bit of bok-bokking once or twice a day but it seems LOUD. And I don't know if it's our paranoia (not helped by our neighbour one side mentioning the noise in a 'joky' fashion which leaves you wondering if he's actually being serious and is a bit peed off) but we're constantly worrying about the noise, wondering if they'll start again, how loud they are etc. Has anyone else had this and how did you get over it? Do people tend to complain about the noise? It really is spoiling our enjoyment of having the hens and yesterday my H even mentioned sending it all back, so sad when we'd been so excited about getting them
  12. Oh my, they are super cute! I'd love some chicks one day.
  13. Ha ha, yes it is! And not to leave Snow White out , here she was this morning on our first 3 egg day!
  14. Woohoo, so exciting! Hope it all goes well

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