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  1. The last one of my original chickens (Ella) is on her last legs tonight.Although I feel very sad, she has had an amazingly long and happy life. I got her as a baby and she not only outlived her siblings but their predecessors as well. She is just short of 9 years old and I think for a hybrid that is an amazing age. Infact because she was soo old we thought 3 years ago that she would soon be gone. So unsure whether we wanted to continue to have chooks, left her on her own for 9/10 months, feeling that she was too old to intrigate into a new flock and too old to introduce new hens too. We waited...... Then Deciding that she was on duracell batteries we then decided to get her some company and got 5 new hens which I think made her happy, she took to them really well and they have had a lovely summer together. Today all of a sudden her comb/ face has gone black she was laying surrounded by the others (unusual) it is like they knew that she was really sick. I have lifted her and put her in her nest box (her usual place she sleeps) but feel that she will not be with us in the morning. I just wanted to write it down that even though she has had an amazing life I am going to miss her <3 I feel really sad
  2. Lost our last battery hen Bubbles last night, she was PTS by the vet, suffering from septic peritonitis. She had been with us for 2 wonderfull years, and was the sweetist chook you could wish to meet. She was such a character, and the biggest pig ever. The vet also told me that she had, had a broken breast bone sometime. So the poor little might must have really suffered before we got her. When we rescued her she was the worst condition, and yet lived the longest. She has left a massive hole, since secretly she was my favourite RIP sweetheart.
  3. Thank you all so much for all your kind words, sometimes you just need support from like minded people, who understand how you feel, instead of the insensitive people who ask you if you are going to eat them
  4. Hi, I have not been on here for a while, but just felt that I needed to tell someone that last night one of my ex-bats (Buttercup) died in her sleep. I have had her since rescue on 5 March 2011, so she has had a good retirement. She had been poorly for a while, nothing in particular, just really old, she was still eating walking around, but had no energy, and a week or so ago noticed that she couldnt make the cube ladder, so I put a little ramp up for her, which she managed for a few nights, then she couldnt make the ramp, so I started lifting her to bed and popping her in the nestbox at night. During this snow I have been putting a hot pad in a teatowel under the straw, so she was nice and cosy. Last night she died peacefully in her sleep. I am just so sad, now ((((
  5. Hi there, I have a chicken who started (and still does this)after a spell of illness, the reason to which I never got to the bottom of. I have posted about this a long while ago. Apart from this she seems fine, and as you say often reverses into things. Although I cannot offer any answers, I thought I would just share with you that I have a chooks with the same symptoms, and she is still going strong at 4 years old!!
  6. Hi there, It is not recommended to put your chooks on bark as the spores that it gives off when damp can be harmfull, hardwood chips are good, I kept mine on these and just changed it every couple of months. Aubiouse is an alternative, or you can add this in with the woodchips, but if you do you need to keep the run covered as it does not fair well if it gets wet. I do recommend Aubiose it is fantastic and the poo's just seem to dissapear. Hope this helps
  7. Thank you Poppyben, I think you may be right! Im happy for her to take her time really, just found it a bit strange. Ex bats are sooo sweet, I am struggling not to intervene with the pecking order, its so tough, I just want to wrap them in cotton wool.
  8. Hi got some ex batts about 6 weeks ago and have just intregrated them into the WIR, 1 of the chooks, incidently the one with the redest face and comb and best feathers has not yet laid me an egg, just wondered if anyone else has a chooks that just dosnt lay? I have done all the usual things worming, poultry tonic and they all look a lot healthier than when I got them. Now it gets wierder, quite often she goes into the nest box, sits there for about 40 minuites, does the egg song, but no egg! I am positive that she is not laying. Any ideas? Im not really worried about the egg point of view, I love her to bits and the eggs are just a bonus, but just wondered if this was normal?
  9. Well done, Bless their lovely little pale faces! Thats what amazed me about mine, how pale they were! didnt take long for them to redden up though! sure they will be very happy in their new life! Congratulations they are truly lovely
  10. Hi there, I had the same problem with one of my columbines, who kept insisting on sleeping on top of the cube!. After a lot of persistance she did finally get used to the idea of sleeping inside the cube, but it did take quite a while! Its up to you if you are concerned then I would continue to put her in and she should get used to it.
  11. Hi 3 3 Ex batts arrived 3 weeks ago all with pale faces, 2 of their faces have gone the usual red colour but one is still very pale, she also seems to have nearly a bald head, which seems slightly worse that when we got them! I have sprinkled them with mite and louse powder, and been putting poultry tonic in their water. Dispite this pale face, she still seems to be laying and seems quite well. Should I be worried? Any advice from anyone who is experienced with ex bats would be appreciated. Also how long does it take for their feathers to grow back? Thank you.
  12. Well done! They look lovely I rescued 3, 3 weeks ago, and it is amazing just how quick they pick up, adapt and start doing chickeny things!.Trouble is I am a bit overprotective of them. I am sure yours will settle in quickly, hope the quiet one is ok, probably just a bit shell shocked
  13. Hi ya, So pleased to hear that Intro of your New Bats went so well. I have had my Bats just over 2 weeks and have just started to FR them together, like yourself taking it slow. Hopefully mine will be all living happily like yours in their WIR shortly (fingers crossed) Regarding posting of pictures, sure there is a thread on here somewhere about posting photos but I upload photobucket (which is free) and then paste the img code onto the omlet post and hey presto! good luck and love to see your photos as soon as
  14. Hi, Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments. They have settled in really well, Chrissie,this picture was taken 1 week after rescue. Bubbles is still having a bit of trouble with injuries she has a bad sore which is drawing the attention of the others. These are being treated but dont seem to be improving dispite anti pecking and violet spray! Although I have not seen any particular bulling of her just the occasional peck! Hopefully will improve soon. In one week their faces are already starting to get some colour in.

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