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  1. So excited! just reserved 3 ex batts that I am going to collect 3.30 on Saturday!! yehhhh soo excited...

    This is my first experience of battery hens, and I am a little nervous. I intend on eventually introducing to my other 5 hooligans in the WIR ( partition with door being made for intro's/broody pen). But have just been out setting up the eglu on the patio as a initial home. How long do you think it will take before they are well/strong enough to start intro's are we talking weeks or months? and what about free ranging, oh yes and will they have been wormed? is that something they have to do in the battery farms or should I worm them straight away? Help always appreciated. :oops:

  2. Hiya, Welcome to the forum, so such thing as a silly question, a WIR is a Walk in Run, Chicken are social creatures so do benefit from company, there is plenty of information on Introductions on this forum and the best ways of doing it. It is up to you whether you introduce 1 or two, although if you have a standard eglu run you may need a converter to make the run bigger, however the advantage of introducing 2 is that if and when another dies you are not left with a lonesome chook again. Hope this helps. :D

  3. Hi There, have you tried the egg pods from lakeland they are flexible and keep the white and yoke contained, so it dosnt matter how fresh they are, just put a touch of spray oil in the bottom and they slip out after 4 minuites of cooking. Best of all they can be used again, again, again. .....yum! :lol:

  4. This time of year when the grass has stopped or stopping growing and it is also wet is a disaster with chickens on it for too long. I am limiting them with buckets and tubs etc over all the holes they have made :doh: so they dont make them anyworse but it is a losing battle. I think that a good idea is to let them on the borders in the winter and keep them off the grass and then rotate that in the summer!!!

  5. Hi There, thought I had just about covered the whole of my WIR with tarpauline's, however now I descovered that the water is seeping in by the bucket load under the run. I have aready put a gutter on thinking this would help. The run is on a concrete base and I think that it is seeping between the concrete and the wood. Has anyone else got this problem? was thinking of putting a silicone sealing along the gap. Any thoughts whether this will work, or any other sugestions would be welcome.

  6. Hi my orpington, has already been broody twice this summer, and today after laying her egg is now trying to return to the nest box. I have shut the cube in the hope of putting her off. I did not think that they went broody this late in the season, I cant think of any other reason why she would want to go and sit in the nest box?? What do you think :?:

  7. Thank you all so much for your kind messages. I feel such a twit feeling soo sad over a chicken, it has all been such a shock she was just bursting with health, and looked like she would live forever its so hard to get to grips with when its so sudden. Im sure she is free rangeing around pastures new at the rainbow bridge :(

  8. I had shock today, let my chooks out this am to FR all was well. Put them back in there WIR because had to nip to Sainsburys for 45 mins and when I returned Tikka was laying dead in our WIR! :( 45 mins before she had been fine, and had even laid an egg this am! Now she's dead, all my chooks are looking shell shocked. No Idea what the problem was I can only assume that she must have had a heart attack. She must only have been about 18 months old!

    The only blessing is we are going on holiday on Monday and I guess it is better to have happened now rather than when we are away as I would have hated my Mum or sister to have found her and what with fly's etc. My daughter blames herself as she had to round her up a bit to get her back into the WIR and thinks that caused it, dispite my assurances that it was nothing she did nothing wrong. What a sad day :(:(:(

  9. Just to go back to the citronella oil, I am an aromatherapist so use this oil in my therapies. It can be obtained over the internet fairly cheaply from any aromatherapy stockist, or alternatively maybe from somewhere like the body shop. Just a word of warning, although a good insect repellant, keep out of direct contact with the birds as it can be poisionous, hung on rags or on the pots should be fine, but I have heard of people spraying it in water bottles, which personally I would avoid.

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