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  1. Hi Mel, I think that you have made the right choice. Let us know how it goes with your new Warren POL
  2. Hi Mel, Firstly let me tell you that I am no chicken expert, but have managed one sucessfull intro, similar to yours. I too have a WIR with 3 original girls which I divided in half and intro 3 newbies, who of which were 2 young POL and the other a mature Orpington. At first they went mad trying to get to one and other, and indeed the orpington picked on the babies, however because there was 2 of them it seemed better!. However I managed to keep oldies and newbies seperate for a week then started FR ing them together, and eventually spending more and more time together and then bit the bullet and left them together. All worked out fine, all be it they squabbled but not majorly. Personally I would seperate the new from the old for at least a week so they can see each other but not get to one another, I would probably get another POL then close to the age of the other young one put them intogether and at least they are sinilar age and will probably sort themselves out fairly quickly . Then when you do the big intro there are at least 2 young ones rather than just 1 to pick on. This is just my opinion and I am sure that someone with more experience will be along soon. Good luck it will be worth it in the end.
  3. I would defo try the torch, they are drawn to the light. It worked with mine!
  4. I have a cube inside a WIR, and started off with an eglu classic. The eglu is ideal for into's, so you can divide your WIR in half with the eglu onside. Then you could always sell it, they seem to hold their price, so you shouldnt lose too much if you decide to upgrade to a cube. I leave my door open so dont go in and close it.
  5. OK here goes, are skylines the same as columbines??? Forgive my ignorance but I just have to ask. Thank you.
  6. So sorry that you are giving up making runs, am sooo pleased you have already built me my lovely run. I wish you all the best for the future, and hope that your health improves.
  7. Not sure if its too far for you to go, but Rokers, Guildford, Surrey stocks Garvo products, otherwise good luck.
  8. Fantastic a It's so eggciting waiting to see isnt it? One of mine seemed to change from to so now I have one of each. perfect. Hope your others lay what you want.
  9. Hi there have read a bit on this site about the best ways to deal with a broody hen, I gather it is either ride it out, or try and snap them out of it (ie icecubes, dunking in cold water etcl) My orpington is at the moment broody, and this is causing a real problem. Not only is she not laying but I am having trouble getting all the others to lay because she is in the nest box. I have been trying to shut her out by letting her freerange whilst the others are trying to lay, but this is causing a real problem as I am working and not around all the time. We have been persevering for 4 days, how long roughly before she gives up and returns to normal. I thought she would have given up by now!! is this likely to last for 3 weeks?? I am finding this really difficult to cope with. I I have tried to give her a cat box with straw but she is not interested in that! Should I continue to try and snap her out of it, or just give up?? Thank you for any replies.
  10. Hi There, you could try something like aubroise, or hemcore, which will give the girls something to scratch around in and also magically dry up all those poo's. What I have done to make more room in my WIR is putting a large table (we got ours from Avaries4U along with our run) which was made for an eglu to sit on, but we have put a large wooden box which we have filled with soil, ash, DE for them to dustbath in, and they love it and it provides them with more room. You could also put some perches up. Its definatly worth being safe than sorry, if you have a fox problem.
  11. Lovely photo's, How old are your columbines?. Cube looks Love the Red
  12. Hi There, Just been to a local retailer and brought some Garvo Layers Mash, It seemed more expensive than the bog standard Mash, but the man assured me that it was really good! Just wondered if anyone else uses/has used the mash and if so did it make any difference? I look forward to hearing from anyone, and am hoping that I havnt just wasted my money.
  13. Sorry not too sure about the breed, probably speckledy, and Ranger, congratulations! Scarlottohara, they look lovely. I thought that you were planning on columbines, or legbar Maybe next time
  14. Oh Bless..... they are lovely, Im so would love to have some ex batts but no room at the moment. Your run looks lovely too. I am sure that they will have a lovely happy life now.
  15. I am sure with a little encouragement, they will soon get the hang of the ladder. Mine were the same when I put them into a WIR with their eglu on a table with ladder, but after lifting them up a couple of times they soon got the hang of it. Now the cube ladder is another thing that seems super difficult!! My chooks just fly up!. If one has the hang of it they will probably follow! Keep persevering.
  16. Congratulations to Rita and Blanche! Lovely chickens and eggs
  17. You look pretty busy yourself 'the real tinkerbell' looking at your signature you have quite a managerie to look after as well.
  18. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR I am sooooooo I work as an outpatients receptionist, the Walk in reception and also as a phlebotomist on the bank ! How about you?
  19. fingers crossed for you that you will have Maybe a coincidence but my columbine has just started to lay and I too work for the NHS! lol
  20. Well my second columbine started to lay today and it was another secretly a little dissapointed that it wasnt but hey ho still lovely to have any colour.
  21. Hi There, have just upgraded from the eglu to the cube. When I had my eglu obviously the chooks formed a line in order to lay. However I imagined that more than one could lay in the cube nest box being bigger, but mine are still waiting for each to come out before going in! and now ther are 6 not 3 so the wait is even longer. Is this normal?
  22. It's just sooooo eggciting! isnt it! What a lovely hubby
  23. Lovely! I just got a Tony, but what a good idea to get the internal door!! wish I had thought of that Did that feature cost a lot more I tried to make my own with trellis! but was not very sucessfull and a right pain! luckily they are all together now. I am

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