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  1. Hi, I have just introduced 3 new chooks to my original 3. One of the new chooks a young columbine since the introductions seems reluctant to go to bed at night and instead rests on top of the cube :roll: . Before Introductions she would go into the cube. The problem I think is that she is waiting for all the other chickens to go to bed, then it is so dark that she seems to go all sleepy and forget to go into the cube. for almost 10 days now I have been lifting her in when it is dark. Any sugestions how I can get her to go in herself I dont like to leave her out there on her own. :(

  2. Hi just wanted to post a picture of my first beautifull Green Egg laid today by my columbine Chilli. It is sooo small but a gorgeous olive green colour. I have another columbine who hasnt laid yet. Would I be pushing my luck to hope for a blue egg too??


    This is it next to a normal size/colour egg!




  3. Dont give up hope before we had chickens, my Retriever actually chased and caught a chicken on a farm, so as you expect I was very worried. However now a days she lays outside with them and keeps the foxes away! foxes wouldnt dare come anywhere near with her around!! Infact sometimes the chickens actually jump over her as she is sleeping. The dog will get bored with them given time, in the meantime the water pistol sound like a good plan!!

  4. Thank you for all your replies. Yes it is soooo stressfull, they are still all in together, and Margo the Orp is now on the ground hiding under the cube (but at least she has come down off the perch!) the columbines which are younger are now settled on the cube. I think tonight I will leave the (green eglu) and the (cube purple) there and I guess they will probably sleep in what they know. If all goes well tomorrow I will remove the (green eglu) and leave them all to sleep in the (cube purple) tomorrow night.


    I am glad that all your Intro's went well scarlottohara! Its good to know that others are going through the same thing as you. How are you getting on with getting them back into the WIR? you were having to catch them in a net last I heard! Mine are improving regarding returning to the WIR. Fingers crossed our Intro's continue in harmony!

  5. Hi there, I have been trying to introduce my chooks for about 2 weeks now. They have shared the same divided WIR and been FR together for that time. Apart from chasing and pecking there have been no major problems. Each day after their FR time I have taken their divider out in the WIR to see how long they can tolerate each other. Today the 3 new ones although perched out of reach!! have been in the WIR for about 2 hours. The trouble is I now dont know whether it is time to bite the bullet and leave them together or not. The moment they get on ground level they get chased and pecked but they are tolerating them in with them but out of reach. I have put water and food within reach of them. Do you think it is time to go for it :?

  6. That sounds like a good plan, scarlottohara, glad it went well for you too.I intend to do the same, I am hoping that it wont be too long before they can all live happily ever after in the WIR, it is really difficult with a division in the middle at the moment, every time I need to get to the otherside it is a major manover!. I see you had problems getting them back into their run as well, my oldies just come when I call them and rattle a packet of grapes the newbies just stand there, am hoping that they will follow the lead of the others and learn to come when called. It makes putting them away sooooo much easier!! :roll:

  7. Hi, Have just let them all out together to FR for the first time. To my utter amazement, Margo the big Orp did not pick any fights, instead wanted to mix with the old ones, (think she is sick of the babies!) However they were having none of it and saw her off. However no major squabbles, just a bit of chasing and pecking. All in all I think it went well. Phew!!Thought I might let them FR together for an hour or so every day for about a week, then all being well maybe put them all in together :?::?::?: Or do you think this is too soon.

  8. P1140257.jpg



    Let me Introduce my new girls


    Top and bottom Noodles and Chilli both Columbines

    and middle Margo an Orpington


    I am hoping that someone can put my mind at rest, I am concerned that the orpington is bigger than all in my original flock and am hoping that this isnt going to be a problem when Introducing them. The original 3 are seperated within the WIR from the new 3. She is picking on the babies at the moment, but only in a bossy way, not too nasty. However I think she feels she is going to be top chook! as has fronted up to my other 3 through the fencing and by her manner I can tell that she is going to take them on and probably because of her size will win. Margo is my husbands choice, and he only agreed to having the WIR etc on the condition that he chose a chicken. I would have picked one more or less the same size as the others. Do you think this is going to cause a problem. :?:

  9. How strange, do you rake it? It might just be sweat from the effort of them trying to get to each other. :wink::lol:


    So true :lol::lol::lol: that must be what it is!! I havnt tried raking it do you think this will make a difference? I usually add garlic during the summer when smell seem to be worse with heat, but am just surprised that it is wiffy this time of year. Had very little rain and has roof and drop down tarpauline when wet, so thats not the problem :?:

  10. Thank you, | think I am just being a bit of an over protective Mum, Chilli and Noodles look so small in comparison. I have reinforced the fence and although they can see and peck through the slats if they get too close, I am hoping that it is secure enough to keep them apart. OH is home all tomorrow, so can keep an eye on them. At the moment they are just staying out of her way, and only getting a pecking if they get too close to her. Hopefully things will settle.

    Thanks again for all your help, it really helps to know you lot are on hand. :o

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