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  1. Hi There, Picked up our 3 new girls this am,2 columbines from one place,and 1 orpington from another place. Put them all in their fenced of area of the WIR together at the same time the problem is that the orpington(Margo) is fully grown and BIG and the columbines (Noodles and Chilli)are young and small in comparison. Now I thought orpingtons were docile and gentle giants.,but ours seems to be throwing her weight around and has already tried to breach the fencing to get to the oldies and has fronted up to them in an aggressive manner. She is picking on the columbines and not letting them out from under the cube. Is this normal behaviour for an orpington? or have we a trouble maker? Or am I just being an over protective mummy? I think part of the problem to start with was because Margo needed to lay and didnt know where to go, she was gaping and showing very aggressive behaviour I put her in the cube and she immediatly went and layed an egg. Afterwards she had a long drink and became slightly less grumpy. Someone please tell me that we havnt made a mistake.
  2. Hi There, Thought I would post some pictures of my new 'Tony' run. As you can see I have devided up the run ready for new arrivals tomorrow which are 2 columbines and 1 buff orpington. I am hoping that the devision will be satisfactory!. Eventually when they are all living happily ever after, I am planning on putting a large dust bath on the eglu table. Hope you all like it. I am so pleased it is finished.
  3. Thanks everyone, Think I will go for it and leave the food out. As you all say there will be hell to pay if they get up and there is no foo.
  4. Hi There, I'm sure that someone must have asked this question before, I am getting a 'Tony' built tomorrow yipee... and am planning to leave the door open but am unsure as to whether to leave the food out for them. Thinking that they will be VERY dissapointed when they get up at the crack of dawn only too find no food!! On the other hand I dont want to encourage vermin! What does everyone else do ...Please...
  5. Hi There, I am no expert, but layers pellets are fine, I dont mix mine with anything but I usually give mine some corn in the afternoon, and sometimes some grapes and mealworms for a treat! I leave the food in the run area. chickens dont eat or drink during the night, so no need to leave in the bedroom area. Have fun with your chooks!
  6. Hi There, Just thought I would let you know that I have been to Golden Valley Poultry, and their chooks look nice and healthy. They also have 2 friendly pigs as well!. Not sure about the next box, perhaps use a cat basket with straw in
  7. Hi There, Firstly welcome to the forum! and to to wonderful hobby of chicken keeping. I will do my best to answer your questions although I'm sure someone with a bit more experience will come along and also offer advice. Firstly most people here feel that it is best to start with a minimum of 3, so that if and when 1 dies you are not left with a lonesome chook. I have 3 although soon to have 6 (watch out chicken keeping is very addictive!) and it has worked out well. Regarding WIR/eglu its up to you, if you want to give them the maximum room and finances allow a WIR is lovely, however if you want to start small and then see how it goes an eglu with run (+converter if you have 3) will be fine, especially if you have lots of room to free range when you are around. The general feeling is that you need 1 square metre per bird. Eglu's keep there price and are easy to sell second hand if you decide to progress A good breed to start with are hybrids like Gingernut rangers or the Miss pepperpots, as they lay lots of eggs and are friendly. You do not need a cockerel to get eggs, they can be rather noisy and if you are worrying about neighbours. Dont worry about asking questions, everyone here is really friendly Dont forget to post any pictures when they arrive!
  8. This is my girls enjoying a good sunbathe in the spring sunshine!
  9. How exciting! I am in the same position. Base went down this am. Just waiting for our 'Tony' run this week. Just reserved 1 Buff Orpington, and will collect 2 columbines ASAP! Looking forward to seeing photo's. Good Luck with yours
  10. Thanks for all the opions, and good advice. Good point about new chooks in cube! maybe that would be the best way too go even things out during intro's. Many Thanks.
  11. Hi, Can anyone tell me if it would be possible to house 1 orpington and 2 columbines temporarily in an eglu?. I am increasing my flock from 3 to 6 and intend to split my WIR(being built at moment!) with an introduction area with the with the new girls in one side and my and my original 3 in the other side. This would probably be for only about a week or two untill all the intro's are out of the way. I know that normally the would be too small for an orpington, but this one will be POL so hopefully not fully grown! Thank you for any advice/opions.
  12. Congratulations! I'm getting a 'Tony' hopefully next week, Its so exciting isnt it! It sure is going to make life easier Good luck with yours!
  13. Thanks everyone, Some really usefull ideas, I feel a lot less stressed about it now, fingers crossed intro's go without a hitch. I will keep you informed and post pictures of the new run and chooks when they arrive. We are getting a couple of Columbines so we are hopefull of is there anyway of telling which chook is likely to lay by their colouring?????I read somewhere that if they look for like legbars then they are more likely to lay anyone know if this is true
  14. Hi there, We are in the process of getting a WIR built and when completed 15x6 I want to introduce 3 new chooks to our family. Now I am just wondering what is the best way to introduce them. I have an with a converter and extension at the moment, but have a arriving monday. Now what I am thinking is that I will put the eglu with the converter inside the WIR with the new chooks inside so that they can get used to each other, the original chooks will just be inside the WIR, then I will let them out to Free range around the garden together to try and get them used to each other. I am hoping that this will only take a week or so as it is going to be a bit cramped inside the WIR with the eglu and converter. Does this idea sound feasible or can anyone think of a better way of doing it. Please help this is the first time I have done this and am very worried that I will have major problems. Hopefully someone with experience will offer me words of wisdom. Many Thanks.
  15. Well I have been talking about, planning for what seems like ages , and now it is all on order. I am soooo excited cant wait. We are waiting for a guy to come and put down a concrete base, (the next week or so)then we are getting a 'Tony 15 x 6 WIR built, about 3 weeks time. We have at the moment and were going to get another to go with it (one on table and one under table) However...... I have managed to convince my OH that what he REALLY wants for his birthday is a Now you understand this took quite a LOT of persuasion but he finally agreed. So... we have just ordered a which should arrive parcel force next Monday! Yeh. I am sooo excited (have I mentioned that!!) cant wait. As soon as its finished I will try to post pictures. I have already decided what chickens we are having. 2 columbines and any chicken which takes my OH eye. (thats the deal!) yipeee. I'm hoping that I will be able to assemble the without too much trouble!! please tell me that it is not too difficult?
  16. Yes I am planning to have at least one on a table, and perhaps the other one underneath the table. Has anyone ever put the eglu and run inside the WIR and put new chooks in there as a way of introductions to the other chooks?
  17. Hi there am just about to order a 'Tony' run from A4u and at present have 3 chooks and an eglu. When the chooks start to go off lay with age we intend to increase the population to keep the egg supply up. Now, the idea I have is to then get another eglu to put in WIR perhaps under the original one, but am unsure weather 6 chooks would be ok in a 12x6ft run or whether I would need to go for the 15ft x6 which is obviously a lot more money? Opions welcome.
  18. Thanks everyone for all your advice. I think that I will get someone in to concrete the area, sounds like too big a job for me to level it etc and put the slabs down, and if as you all say if I dont do it level might not be foxproof. Now I just have to save up the money needed for the concrete and the WIR. I guess there might be a long wait for Averies 4 u anyway might give them a ring, just to enquire
  19. Hi There, I am considering getting one of Averies 4 u chicken runs built, and am wondering what is best to do with the floor. I know a lot of you have either slabed or concreted the base. Can I ask a really daft question but if you slab the area can you literally just lay the slabs down on the earth or do u need to make sure they have a hardcore base, need to be exactly level! etc. My OH is not handy at all, and anything of this sort would have to be done by me. Wondering if it is a job I could do or if I would need to get someone in to do it? perhaps I should get someone in to concete it instead I appriciate anyones advice!
  20. Can I be really nosey, and ask where you got your WIR Panels from. I am seriously thinking of investing in a WIR but OH and myself not particulary handy.
  21. Just wondered if anyone had tried the above pellets with the flubenvet already added, they are available through a company called S.P.R.Centre?
  22. Thanks for clarifying that. I am sure that you are right, and was not sure why this other cocco illness was mentioned as my chook did not seem to be displaying mentioned symptoms. I will try with extra vitamins and minerals as suggested. Many Thanks
  23. Hi just wanted to check to see replies, since I started this thread and am interested in what everyone thought. Was rather worried by the last suggestion that these chickens with this wierd behaviour might have coxoid coccidiosis! which is fatal if left untreated. Just been reading up about the condition, and correct me if I am wrong but cannot see anything about wierd behaviour, ie head down walking backwards! Only sickly, runny bloody poo's. It also said that this was a pretty heavy duty medication and not to use lightly. So now not sure what to do? Have I got this wrong. Any advice please welcome.

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