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  1. Thanks everyone for your words of advice. I will keep a close eye on her and if it continues or gets any worse I will take her to the vet. Not sure if the vet will have any idea what the problem is though.
  2. Hi ya, Hoping someone can help me. One of my hens who is currently moulting and not laying has been behaving rather weirdly. I don't know if this is normal during a moult or not. She keeps putting her head down and reversing, not all the time but very frequently. Apart from this she is eating, drinking etc. Just wondered if chickens sometimes do strange things when they moult, it is really strange, and because apart from this she seems fine, not sure whether I need to do anything or not. I have tried to give them a tonic in their water and some poultry tonic in their food but cannot think of anything else to do. Any advice would be greatly received.
  3. Just last night I had a similar thing happen to my chicken. I went out to shut them up when it was dark, and she was still in the run, with half a soft egg hanging out of her. Eventually I managed to get her in the eglu and then removed the soft egg. This am she seemed fine, although has not layed today. Hopefully your chook will be back to her normal self soon.
  4. Hi There, Ella, layed an egg this morning, and seemed fine. However, I went to work and returned when it was VERY dark. Went to shut the chooks up and noticed Ella still in her run. This has never happened before, they nornally all go to bed no probs! I noticed that she had like a soft egg half in and half out. She seemed very reluctant to go into the eglu, even when I got a broom to try to encourage her in. Eventually half prodding I got her in the eglu. Then I took her out and pulled the soft egg out, putting her back in the eglu. I am hoping that I did the right thing, and am very worried that she will be alright in the morning. Has anyone else experienced anything similar. Do you think that she was uncomfortable and that is why she didnt go to bed? Any help much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for all your suggestions. I do have a foxwatch but turned it off at 7am due to letting my two dogs out for a wee. During the warmer weather the dogs do watch over the chooks whilst freeranging, but seem to think that they are safe in their eglu run. Today I was really nervous about letting them out to their outer run (an area around their run with omlet fencing) and kept a close watch over them. Has anyone ever experienced foxes comming around in the middle of the day or does it seem to be early am and evenings! Just wondering if it would be safw in the middle of the day to let them out freeranging?
  6. Opened my chooks up about 7am today,and let them out into their extended eglu run. Went back to bed until 8.15 when opening my curtains I saw a fox in the garden, legged it downstairs to see a ton of white feathers in the eglu run, no sign of my chooks who upon investigation were huddled together in the eglu terrified . Dispite all the feathers it seems little damage to Sam no blood or obvious injuries. However I am now terrified to let them out into their outer run area (fenced off with omlet netting!) since now Mr fox nearly had one of them... he will be back. I was surprised by the amont of feathers Mr fox obviously managed to grab her through the bars! which I was surprised about!, I thought they are too close together to have managed to get hold of her. It just shows.
  7. I have had the same problem, and could not get either hardwood or soft wood chips from B & Q I even rang them to see if they could get some in, but they told me due to lack of demand they were no longer going to get them in!!!. In desperation I rang around some local tree places and managed to get them to deliver a GREAT load of wood chips for the bargin price of £40. So spent the whole morning covering the whole outdoor run area + inside run area. Might be worth a look around locally. It certainly works out cheaper.
  8. Hi Sha, Would be really interested in seeing your plan, if you can show it. I'm sure that I am worrying too much.
  9. Hi There, At the moment I have an with a converter for my 3 chooks, and have a reasonable area fenced off around it so that they can free range, which they do a lot of the time. However am going on holiday for a week and a neighbour is looking after them, so they will remain in their eglu run for the week as they cannot be left outside unsupervised because of Mr Fox! I have been thinking of purchasing an additional 1 metre extension so that they have more room, since they do carry on if they are not let out into their outer run area. Am I being daft or do you think it would be a worthwhile investment. By the way eventually I would like to build a WIR when funds allow.
  10. Just to add, that I have noticed a difference since I have installed my foxwatch, and have not seen one about since. Incidently it seems to only bother one of my dogs?? the smaller one (which is about the size of a fox!!) my Golden retriever isnt bothered. I would definatly ask for a replacement and see if it makes a difference.
  11. It is always difficult to know if you are doing the right thing. I am sure that you will make the right choice for her, you sound really caring Mostin. Best of Luck
  12. Hi there, I live in Woking, Surrey and am having trouble buying the hardwood chips, I did get some a while ago from B&Q however they now seem to have stopped selling them. I can find chipped bark, but wanted to avoid using this. Does anyone have any ideas where I could get some. I have looked into local timber companies, but they only sell in very large bulk. Any Ideas would be much appreciated.
  13. Just thought I would add, that my chook with the biggest comb lays the smallest eggs!! and the chook with the smallest comb lays the biggest eggs! Sorry that blows that theory. Cannot comment on Cockerels liking hens with big combs tho.
  14. My retriever is great with them, cluckbok she watches them for me, although I not sure what she would do if a fox actually came in the garden?? (probably just ignore it, I expect!)but think ishe is more of a deterrant. I'm sure that your retriever will get used to the chickens just fine. They are such easy going dogs. Mine just lets the chickens virtually walk all over her, and she just lays there asleep
  15. Not sure about the knitting but they were definatly gossiping and I;m sure I heard one of them saying "move over you great lump". Tried to take a picture but the sun was shinning too bright behind me. I think we may end up with scrambled eggs!! today.
  16. Let the chooks in their outside run this am, which is enclosed by Omlet netting, and left my Golden Retreiver outside to Chook Watch! Just went to check all is well, and no chickens! Obviously 1 maybe 2 maybe laying in the eglu, but when I checked all 3 were in their trying to lay... Ahh... Bless Sometimes you just can't wait!
  17. I too purchased a foxwatch after foxes were persistently trying to dig into my eglu. I purchased the mains adapter and put it on last thing at night, after my dogs have been out. Since having the foxwatch I have not seen a fox near the run or any sign of them trying to dig in. Definatly recommend it as a effective deterrant, but not a 100% guarantee!!
  18. Not that I know a lot!, but I agree with the others, sorry. What are you going to do, it will be such a shame to have to let him go.
  19. I know what you mean, I risk either being stuck in or shut in (I'm sure someone will think its really funny!) either option is unappealing!. Good idea to perhaps take the eglu off at the other end tho! Thanks
  20. Hi am planning on doing a big cleanout of my eglu + converter today, and was wondering if it might be a good idea to take the end door panel off to make access easier? Its seems like a very difficult task to reach/climb in through the tiny door to rake out all the woodchips? Any thoughts on this matter would be appreciated
  21. OMG They are wonderfull!, I am soooo Jealous I really wanted to get some ex batts! Not enough room at moment, but shhhhh... secretly planning a WIR!!! Well done to you.
  22. You wont regret it, I am so glad that I decided to keep my chooks. They are so easy to keep, and such fun to watch. Not forgetting the added benefit of the yummy eggs!!!

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