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  1. Hi There,

    I have 3 hybrid chooks, (green eglu) which were all supposed to be the same age, purchased at the same time. 2 are laying more or less daily with the occasional day off. However my other one, which incidently is the one at the bottom of the pecking order frequently dosn' :?: t lay. When she does lay the egg is small, but the frequency is much less than the other 2. She has the biggest red comb and wattles of the lot of them. I have recently wormed them, so it cant be that. Apart from the lack of eggs she seems happy and healthy. Is this normal? :?:

  2. Hi There,

    I think that I may be spoiling my chooks! When I was young (long time ago) we kept chooks and my mum used to cook and mash potato and carrot peelings then mix in with the mash. Well ... I seem to have started doing the same, the chooks absolutly love it and it does seem to be good way for them to eat their pellets mixed in with them. However the other day I didnt have any mash and their little faces when they rushed out to find that there was no goodies... They were heartbreaking, and kept looking around.

    Am I the only mug who does this?? :?: Do you all think that I am spoiling them just a little too much :?: Opions please.

  3. Hi,

    I did the same as you and brought the 1% instead of the 2%! | also got soooo confused what was the best thing to do. I must admit that in the end I did dose them with the grape but just put more that the tiny amount that they were talking about for the 2% one!! I know that this wasnt probably correct, :oops: but my reasoning was like you were saying that you dont know who gets what if you dose the food, so I sort of reckoned that this is what I would do. If you work out a better/more accurate way to measure the 1% I would be very interested. :?:

  4. Hi There, Not really sure of the answer to your question as I am new to chicken keeping myself (2 weeks!) I put bark down in my run, but have since been reading on the forum that it is better to use hard wood chips, B & Q's seems to be popular! something about spores etc. from the bark. Mine is already crumbling and turning to a more dirt consistency, so I have put down some Aubriose to try and help. I dont think that I will be using bark again for this very reason. I am sure that someone will come along soon and help you more than me, and I will be very interested in their answer. :D:D:D

  5. I agree that foxwatch only effects some dogs. I have two dogs, one the smaller one it seems to effect, the bigger dog it dosn't.


    Although we have found footprints on top of the eglu since using foxwatch, we have only found them once or twice. Where as before the were bothering them early evening, all night and early morning. So although I would not say that they are totally avoiding the area they certainly dont like spending too long around the foxwatch. Dont know if these comments help, but good luck and I hope that you get things sorted. :|

  6. Thank you for all your kind words. I have had my chickens and (green eglu) 2 weeks now. I got my chickens from Surrey Poultry, which is just conviently just round the corner from where I live. The fencing is the one sold on omlet which I have tucked inside the border (also sold on omlet). I have found that they do tend to try and push the fencing and having the border on the outside does help with this. I brought some of those pegs which hold the fencing down from the shop, but if anyone else has suggestions of things I could use It would be great. I was also wondering if there was any suggestions as to what I could put around the actual run to keep the chippings from scattering around their run area? :?:

  7. Hi There,

    Am quite new to this site, and to chicken keeping, but thought I would TRY and post a picture of my girls and their run. They seem quite happy , although seem to spend most of their time reaching through the mesh!! Talk about the grass is always greener on the other side. Anyway hope to see you all around the forums, and its lovely to know that you are all there with help and kind words of encouragement. :D





  8. I agree with the above. The foxwatch is a very good deterrent, but should not be relied upon on its own. I have had one for a couple of weeks and have been using it on the mains when my dogs have come in at night, it is then turned off first thing in the morning. Since using this I have not had a problem with foxes, I think that they may have visited because I did see some footprints on the rain cover! Before they were digging and hanging around all evening, and since using we have seen no sign apart from seeing these footprints once. :pray:

  9. Hi There,

    Have had my 3 girls for just over a week now, and they had just started laying when I had got them. However the question that I am wondering is do they start laying gradually or once they start should they lay more or less every day? I understood that my chooks would lay about 300 eggs per year. However they seem to lay for two days then have a day off! Is this normal? Today out of 3 chooks I didnt get 1 egg!! :( although I did get 3 yesterday. I am loving having them and they seem happy and healthy, and manage to get out and free range for a couple of hours each day. Am I expecting too much??. :?

  10. Just wondered what most people used to clean their eglu with, so far I have just washed with water and a brush, but wondered if there was some cleaning fluid that I should be using? I have only had the chooks a few days so havnt really had too much mess to clean up. Also can I ask how often do I need to move my eglu if it is on grass, as so far I have been moving it every couple of days to try and preserve some grass. However I am worried about the stress on the clips on the run, I have an extension and it seems to be quite a struggle to move it and already the clips looked stressed!

  11. Regarding using a foxwatch and having dogs. According to the info about foxwatch, it works of a 100degree angle from where it is set so, I am hoping that it wont bother the dogs inside the house as the angle will be pointed outwards. I am planning on turning it on when I go to bed and the dogs are inside. Apparently it only works on movement and heat activation, so it hopefully wont be on all the time. Also I have ordered a mains adapter, because it is very heavy on batteries and works better with the adapter. Lets hope it works, I will let you know.

  12. The dogs are in the garden a lot of the time,so I am sure that the foxes can smell them, and they have chased the fox off, but it still seems determined. I have only just let the girls out to free range twice, and keep my dogs in the garden during, (chickens and dogs kept apart with omlet fencing!!)In the hope that this will deter the fox. I also keep an eye out and door open., whilst they are free ranging.


    I'm so glad that you lot are all here giving kind words of advice, I dont know what I would do without you. Thank you. Christine :clap::)

  13. Thank you everyone for all your advice, I think that I will get my son to wee around tomorrow!! Hopefully that will help until the foxwatch arrives. The run skirt has a couple of those clips to hold it down and I have also put bricks on the skirt. So I guess that there is nothing else I can do. Its mainly the eglu itself that the foxes are trying to dig into, so it must be really scary for the chooks, fingers crosses it is fox resistant. :pray::pray::pray:

  14. Hi there Hen Watch,

    Yes I do shut the door at night, Do you think that the electric fencing would be better than the foxwatch? or do you think both? Just a bit worried about the expense of both! Was hoping that the fox will get fed up and move on? what do you think ?

  15. Hi there,

    I'm sorry for bringing up the subject of foxes again, I am new to chicken keeping and this forum, and have only had my chooks for 4 days. However it only took 1 day for the fox to discover their whereabouts. Since then every night, and I think all night, the fox has been trying to get into their (green eglu) . They must be terrified, and tonight were very reluctant to go to bed, I think they know whats in store.. In desperation I have ordered a foxwatch which will hopefully arrive soon. But I was just wondering if the fox will eventually give up if it finds that it cant get into the eglu (hopefully!)? I really would appreciate and advice, help on anything else we can do, as now it knows they are there, it wont leave them alone, even though I sent my 2 dogs out to it last night.. I'm feeling really guilty about how awfull it must be for them to be so close to a fox trying to get to them. :(

  16. Hi There,

    Have got a (green eglu) plus a 1 metre extension on order from Omlet, and am just wondering how mobile this is going to be to move around my Garden. I hoping to have 3 hens that will spend most of the time in the eglu,(but when I am home around and weather permitting will let them free in the garden). I am not that garden proud, but hope that by moving it daily the damage will be relatively slight?? During the winter when the grass is not growing I am planning on woodchipping an area. Does the extension make it harder to move?

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