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  1. just wondered if anyone else had experienced this. over the last week when i've gone to shut Ebony in for the night she's up on a shelf above the eglu and won't come down she looks very confused and when we lift her down she stands at the eglu door and refuses to go it i've checked the eglu to make sure there's nothing in there that's scaring her so i really don't know what to do. in the mornings she doesn't seem to want to come out and during the day she goes in quite happily. if the weather was warmer i'd let her stay out but it's too cold. she's 4 years old so i'm wondering if she's a bit senile
  2. thank you all for your help i'm off to see what i can get tomorrow xx
  3. my local horsey place where i get all my chicken food etc doesn't have hemcore anymore and i was wondering what i could use instead? they don't stock Auboise either
  4. i've just googled and some of the people have been asked are worrying. some have been asked their ni number, bank account sort code, father's car's registration number, counter signatory's age, broadband provider, mortgage lender, name of your next door neighbour to name but a few. i don't know my bank details or car registration off by heart (let alone my dad's)
  5. my oldest son has to go for a passport interview as he was originally on mine and now applied for his first adult passport. i just wondered if anyone had been for one and what sort of questions they asked? he's so scared because he thinks he won't know any of the answers bless him to be honest i think he'll get his name wrong just through nerves
  6. thank you all for your opinions, i was wondering if i was just being silly. i'll have a word with the governors. it's just strange that the good teachers are leaving and these people have been employed. to be honest if they're good teachers it really doesn't matter but it just seemed odd.
  7. the head teacher of my twins school employed her son as head of english last year and now the deputy head's son has been employed as the new pe teacher. all the teachers had to reapply for their jobs at the end of term and the pe teacher at the time was unsuccessful even though he was a very good teacher and all the children liked and respected him. i didn't think that they would be allowed to employ their own children and a lot of the mums are feeling uncomfortable about it as some really good and well loved teachers have lost their jobs. just wondered what you guys thought
  8. my poor boys are very confused but they're all getting on a bit better each day. she's happy to be in the same room with them as long as they don't get too close. the trouble is she's on heat so that's not helping. she keeps rolling around on the floor in front of them and they haven't got a clue what to do
  9. this is Bo she came to live with us on Bank Holiday Monday she belongs to my daughter's flatmate but they have to move into a new flat and they're not allowed any pets, so we said we'd have her. she's a little sweetie, very affectionate and playful.
  10. thank you all for your advice we picked her up on Monday and the plan was to keep them seperate for a while. we managed that for about an hour my twin boys forgot to shut the door and they all came face to face. as you can imagine there was alot of growling , screaming and clawing. we've kept them apart at night but during the day they have the freedom of the house and it's not been too bad. she will now tolerate them in the same room and today she's let them sit near her without growling. unfortunately she's on heat at the moment which probably isn't helping. my two boys are totally confused and seem to be getting bored with her tantrums
  11. i've used them my boys wanted a terracotta dove tealight holder in their room at night, so these were the safest option. i think they're lovely but not very bright.
  12. thank you both for your input i'll definitely try the seperation method, i'm sure it will be chaotic but will work out ok she's arriving on Bank Holiday Monday so i'll let you know how it goes
  13. i'm totally prepared for that as we had that when we introduced Bliss to Mali. just wondered if i should shut my boys out of the room and let her get used to her surroundings first or just let her out and see what happens? they are all housecats (apart from our newbie whose escaped a couple of times and got pregnant ) so my two never see other cats. i think it's going to be very interesting
  14. my beautiful speckeldy, Skye, passed away in her sleep, surrounded by her friends on 18/07/2010 she had been unwell but seemed to recover for a couple of months. she was a big softie who laid the biggest, tastiest eggs of all my girls. we loved her to bits and she will be greatly missed

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