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  1. Hi I'm back again- only 2 years later! I now have a buff Orpington (Buffy), cream Legbar (Willow) always wanted these 2 breeds, and also a light Sussex hybrid (Maisie). We now have a custom WIR for our eglu build round 2 sheds Abbie our RIR only died fairly recently after reaching the ripe old age of 7 and Katy last year at a similar age. We also have a nine month old human chick, Arthur.
  2. Hi I've meant to come and say Hi since Egluntine mentioned in May! I can't remember when I was last on. I've currently got 3 chickens Maisie (Sussex hybrid very curious), Abbie (RIR about 7 now!) and Hettie (Bluebell terrified of me). Katy died a few months ago at about 7. I've got the Omlet walk in run. We moved house a couple of years ago. We've reclaimed our garden from the chickens as everything was stripped bare at chicken height and was starting to resemble a chicken toilet! (No one told Maisie rhubarb is a toxin or that chicken wire is a barrier )! The plan is to get a builder to build part of the garden into a new bigger run, this is on hold as our builder went to hospital. Considering temporarily moving onto concrete. I've been managing clinical data for cancer clinical trials for nearly 3 years at the University of Sheffield which I am enjoying and is only a 10 minute walk away. I was temping for many years but got one post in Neurology research for 2 years which got me into my current job. I've got more into food and cooking and go to classes at the gym most days. I've started to crochet and learnt to make curtains as have 3m windows in my house now. I joined the WI this year. I got married to OH about 3 years ago and he is alright and has been working in his own IT business for many years.
  3. Popped on the forum as my chickens are now happily installed in their new walk in run. They're not even hiding terrified in the eglu run and are hopping round it a bit. They have taken to getting up before I go to work and making a fuss and I've even seen them after work which is nice. We're getting 2 eggs a day now we have 2 young chickens, as the oldies think it's a bit too much bother. Our egg skelter was full for the first time ever It was a nice birthday present from my husband the other week, installed in the snow We decided that actually the chickens spent most of their time in the eglu run as we work and nicer for them to have more space, especially vertically as is quite acrobatic. http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/418122_10150558043875233_726655232_9343044_1671929477_n.jpg I will try and post a nice picture when I can get the chickens to pose in it. http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/400207_10150561804175233_726655232_9353881_2050128632_n.jpg
  4. I want to change my name and can't do this online. Frustrating as I was the first year to have a photo license and had to renew when I hit 27. They did send me info on how this was better with the form. I presume they won't accept a picture of me holding a chicken I will probably send a new photo as need one for my passport anyway, although staying with the one from my 20s is tempting.
  5. They love worms, but bear in mind they can carry chicken parasite worms. They love dairy products, technically I'm not sure they're designed to eat dairy but I give probiotic yoghurt sometimes. They like cooked pasta, greens, corn and pearl barley (we can get bags 40p from the supermarket). Somewhere there is a list on the forum or the omlet wiki.
  6. That's interesting Abbie always moults in about December when the temperature suddenly drops and she really goes for it back to bald skin http://sarah.blog.urbanchicken.org.uk/index.php?op=ViewArticle&articleId=216&blogId=1
  7. ooh dear. I bought some bacon and discovered it was about a week past its sell by date so took it back.
  8. Don't tell anyone...the only time I saw OH cry was over a chicken I blub quite a lot as very attached and we didn't replace Megan for 2 years.
  9. I wouldn't be concerned if they look otherwise healthy and their breathing isn't strained. Apple cider vinegar can help. They could be under the weather if new and may pick something up. I ended up giving my new ones good quality plain probiotic yoghurt mixed with bran as one of them had the runs. It is very stressful for them. The other things is, is it dusty-did you just put down bedding? Katy sometimes sneezes and she is nearly 6. It's not regularly though.
  10. They are adorable. Are you adopting them or just borrowing them? I'm a bit out of touch. Rosie looks older than when I last saw her
  11. Any pictures? I also love that when I go out or go to the window the 2 older chickens come bounding towards me and follow me round (even though they are hoping for food) and Abbie makes a noise. I was there at 6.30 feeding the newbies in my dressing gown.
  12. My little Maisy is similar, but has the black light Sussex markings too I like your thinking with 3!
  13. I just had to share I managed to film Katy taking off and flying out of the run She is my and 6 in December. She's a bit scraggly and under the weather so quite impressive. I saw her planning her flight for a few minutes and was amused at how she was bobbing her head up and down. You can also see Abbie co-starring inside the run.
  14. I hope they settle in soon. I just thought I'd say that it can look worse than it is. With our new ones Abbie will jump on the newbie, peck to the back of the neck and the newbie will squawk as if in pain and struggle away. It is all very frantic. Ours have feathers for padding but we've seen it quite a few times without injuries. It is natural and they feel happier knowing the pecking order. Eventually they will just stop or just give the odd peck. Saying that I'm a wuss and give them more space which probably drags it out longer. If there are injuries you can fit anti-pecking rings to the beaks.
  15. We've seen quite a few with chipped beaks as youngsters. If it is uneven rather than neat like it has been trimmed it has probably just broken off. It may grow back a bit, or maybe not, but there is no need to worry if she can feed.

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