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  1. Desperate Broody

    Hi Tasha Thanks for your reply. They have a very large pen and a new extension which we added a few weeks ago which is turfed. I can easily section that extension off during the day with food and water and keep her there and then return her to the broody cage back in the main pen at night, it would just mean the other hens wouldn't be allowed in to the extension but at least they can go into the coop to lay in peace and my broody gets some space. How long would you recommend Tasha? Another 3 days / 3 nights? When I let her out today the other hens all had a go at her, so I'm concerned the longer I section her from the rest the worst it may get. No harm done yet but I fear she's becoming more estranged the longer it goes on and then as soon as the weather warms up she immediately gets broody again. Or I guess when I know the other girls have finished laying I could all open them up together again and keep the coop door closed like I did today (apart from the opening door test which proved she was still broody!) but the others do like to take shade in the coop when it's very hot. I could also alternate the arrangement daily then the other hens don't get disgruntled with not being able to go into their grassy extension! Thanks Sam
  2. Desperate Broody

    So I let her out of her broody cage to test the water but kept the chicken house door closed. She has mingled with the other hens all day, had a good dustbath, had a wander around. I opened the chicken house door 10 minutes ago and she's in the nestbox. I've tried ice under her and can't snap her out of it. Any ideas? Thanks again
  3. Hi Everyone My Silver Sussex Streamer is now in her 5th brood since last June. Water dunking has never worked for her but 3 days/3 nights in the broody cage has always worked previously. However, this time it hasn't. She was removed from the broody cage on day 4 and went straight back to the nest box. She was immediately transferred back to the cage where she has spent a further 3 days/3 nights and today she is still broody giving the tell-tales signs I recognise all too well of the little bok-boking she does and her impression of a fluffy football. So today is day 7 in the broody cage - any ideas as I'm getting desperate and feeling sorry for her isolation. She is in the same area as the other chickens but it's no life being stuck in the cage all day. Thanks Blenhen
  4. Stopping a hen being broody.

    Like ANH my broody was only resolved by 3 days and 3 nights in a broody cage. I tried her in a different run during the day, I blocked the nest box when the rest of the girls had laid, I tried the water dunking and nothing worked. After 3 weeks I resorted to the broody cage as she was losing condition, getting very thin and had plucked her chest bare, and after I got past the first day and night of watching her pacing up and down I didn't feel so bad. I kept her in sight of the other hens during the day in a large dog cage (nothing on the cage floor) stilted on 4 bricks to let the air circulate and I bought 2 budgie feeders that I could hook on the cage for her food and water but when the girls went into their house at night I brought her into our garage (still in the cage, on stilts but took the food and water away) so she was out of the elements and sheltered. She has been broody again since and this time she went straight into the cage and snapped out of it in 2 days - much better than the 3 or 4 weeks.
  5. Here's the cost breakdown that we spent on this 12ft x 8ft x 7ft WIR. All items were new, we didn't use any recycled or reclaimed items. The Plan was to build it for less than we could buy it ready-made and we just managed it - labour of course was zero courtesy of my OH!!! So some 150 wood screws, over 2000 staples, almost 180 roof screws and 4 days of labour - later, here it is! Wood £108.45 Screws £9.00 Staples £6.58 Corrugated Roof £58.10 Corrugated Roof Screws and Caps £27.95 Eave Filler £7.93 Weld Mesh £47.00 Grand Total £265.01
  6. The finished article (bar the guttering which we will get to at some point):
  7. Any ideas? My white leghorn has been sneezing for weeks. She has no other symptoms, nothing around her eyes and no discharge from her nose. None of the other girls are affected and they all have Citricidal and Lifeguard in their water daily and Poultry Spice in their food. She continues to lay daily. Yesterday she seemed to be sneezing like crazy. She's also losing a few feathers so looks a little untidy but certainly not a full moult. All my girls have just been re-wormed and they have been checked for any little nasties. Am I missing something obvioius, wondering if she should be checked out by a vet?
  8. Today's Update: The WIR is built! Not quite complete; OH taken another day off (oh how I love him for doing this) to build the perches (2 in, 1 freestanding still to be done), add the back 2 legs to the house (note the bricks in the photo!) and the corrugated roof which was to be done tomorrow (Tues) but yet again the Weathermen have got it wrong, it's raining and as we speak my OH is on top of the WIR fixing on the batons ready for the corrugated roof which he's off to buy this morning. We also want to put a up guttering and water butt attached but that won't be done for a few days yet. Will post a final photo once the roof and the clear tarpaulin blinds for the sides are in place. Panels being erected Panels complete Girls new pophole out into the garden complete with their own WIR Plaque Close up of the WIR Plaque - courtesy of my Sister who until recently worked at a media signage company Almost complete - still the jobs above to do - but habitable and the girls seem to like it! OH is also compiling a full cost breakdown so we can see how much this has cost. Will post once complete so anyone considering building one has an idea of what ours cost. Our WIR run is 12ft x 8ft x 7ft.
  9. Mh DH has whizzed along with construction and the framework is already complete. The mesh arrived from Hills today and my DH is stapling it on as we speak. DH had to make a few adjustments today when he realised by putting the house on stilts (its a wooden house) and we are elevating it about 8 inches, we can't lift the lid up, so the house is going on the outside of the run which should make the girls happy as they now get even more room in their WIR We will be moving them in this weekend (looking like tomorrow ) whilst finishing off the perches etc inside and the roof will probably be on Monday.
  10. Finally, I am getting my wish for a WIR. It will be 12ft x 8ft with a corregated roof. DH and I went to the local sawmill this morning to collect the timber and as we speak my husband is erecting the back panel on our driveway! Welded mesh has been ordered from Hills of Devon and hopefully arriving tomorrow so I'm hoping if the weather is kind it might be complete this weekend and my 7 girls can have much more room! Now planning the interior design!!! Will post photos when complete, but if anyone has any interior inspiration let me know as I'm open to all ideas.
  11. Great ideas! Thanks everyone.
  12. Hi Everyone I have been asked if I would consider talking to the pre-school children at my Son's nursery. Has anyone given a talk to this agegroup and what suggestions can you give me as to what I should talk cover? I will likely take my Silver Sussex Streamer, Vimto with me as she's very good looking (not that my other 6 aren't but her colours are striking) and she's probably the tamest. It's only for 20 mins max and it's 2 mins from my house so shouldn't stress her out too much. And I've got my bouncing eggs at the ready! Any ideas would be gratefully received.
  13. 1st day of freedom!!

    If mine are being receptive I can get away without the treats and just rattle their feeder and they come running. Failing that a few mealworms or corn thrown into their run makes them run like the clappers and for those not willing to budge they seem to respond for some reason to a grey broom handle in my hand - I don't have to do anything with it, just hold it out slightly and guide them to the their run and in they walk. Strange because I have a green broom which they ignore, only seems to be the grey one