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  1. Hi Dawno - I got my first lot of chickens from Harepathstead poultry in Exeter. I would most definitely recommend them as they are very helpful and friendly, and their chickens are lovely too. We got 8 from them, here's their web addy: http://www.harepathsteadpoultry.co.uk/tb.html Our chicks came from Trickeys Farm just outside of Collumpton. Web addy: http://www.pippineggs.co.uk/index.html Forgot to say, the Devon Rocks are the black ones to the left. They have a lovely green shimmer to their feathers and lovely big eyes They don't have much of a comb and their tail is more 'sticky uppy' (I'm sure their is a technical term for that lol) than the others. Very pretty birds.
  2. I haven't been on here for a while, in fact I think my chicks were about 6 weeks old when I last posted, they are now 13 weeks! I hace 4 cream crested legbar chicks, that all looked liked females anyhow when we got them at a day old. However, one of them this morning made a sound (twice) like a cockerel in practice - am I just hearing things, or could she just be finding her voice? I didn't thnk you could go wrong with cream legbars being an auto sexing breed??? To me they don't look a lot different, apart from one is more yellow than the others (and that one makes a more trumpety noise as opposed to tweeting that the others do ) Then..... And now! This is of three.... And the other one... And some other shots.... Please tell me I'm worrying about nothing!!!!
  3. Oh poo really? She came from Pets at Home from the re-homing section (somebody had taken her and a male in as they didn't want them anymore, donation goes to charity and not to the store). I suspect Roxy has never lived with another piggy which is why she seems hostile towards Wilma. I have a friend with many female guineas, I might ask for her advice and see what she says. Would be a shame if they never got on However I have got quite attached to her now, and won't be taking her back whatever happens.
  4. Lol no I definitely wasn't binning anything, which is why I took on a rescue to keep her company Whilst on that subject, they still aren't getting along - 3 weeks later, so I have a bigger cage now with a division running down the middle, and have got hubby to make me a run with a division down the middle too. Hopefully one day soon they will get along enough to live together, but I tried them in the kitchen yesterday and they are still determined to take chunks out of one another
  5. This is my very placid Jack Russell x spending some time with the girls this morning on the garden. Was so lovely to watch - half the time he was more interested in what came out of their bottoms, than the actual chickens themselves
  6. I bought loads of boxes off ebay, and not inc the postage I paid, they work out to be 11p each edited as i had worked it out wrong lol
  7. I have just tried a method found on the net - and it WORKED on yesterdays eggs All 6 peeled beautifully. I added the eggs to very boiling, salted (quite a bit, about 1/4 cup) water, boiled for 12 mins and then plunged into icy water and peeled. Perfect, every single one of them. Now.... off to pickle them!
  8. Or do I just boil them, and stick them in some vinegar? I have never made them before, in fact - I don't even think I have HAD a pickled egg!!
  9. It seems I can't peel my hens eggs successfully unless I wait at least 7 days before boiling. I fancied trying to sort some pickled eggs out, but only have today's eggs and no older ones. Anything I can do to make them easier to peel? Or do I just need to be patient?! lol I might post another thread about pickled eggs actually come to think of it Never done it before!
  10. I sell mine for £1 for 6, although when they get bigger (they are fairly small at the moment) I might put it up to £1.20 I just wanted to add that I also give people the option of buying either 6, 10 or 12. I also stick in a double yolker when I get them, and they do also get green eggs which is novel for most people. When I get the blue ones, I think it will encourage even more people to buy them (then again, I only just have enough for myself these days since putting my sign down the road!! )

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