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  1. RIP omlet who was put down today with what they thought was egg Peritonitis we will never forget you
  2. thanks, i got so emotional i cried! they think she had egg peritonitis
  3. just back from the vets,we sadly had to put her to sleep. RIP omlet
  4. Are there any places that you can get nutri-drops e.g pet stores,vets?
  5. thats good i like music to! she just sneezed!
  6. By the way what would be good carrier for Omlet to take her to the vet in?
  7. i have brought her in and she is right by me now, we are taking her to the vet later. she has lost some weight. we wormed her very recently. thank you for your offer we are not that near by!
  8. Hello, Our chicken named omlet is acting lethargic and hardly moves , she closes her eyes and hunches in her neck and just stays there. Her comb is more purple than the others and she does eat but not as much as normal. She is doing this all the time! We dont know whats wrong with her, any ideas would be very appreciated. thank you gracie
  9. my chickens don't drink from the three taps on the glug holder, they jump on the top and dip their heads into the water -shelly- -yolko- -poachie- -omlet-
  10. maybe they meant the dog on the lead
  11. help!!!! all those signs are showing in shelly our miss pepperpot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is she broody?
  12. i have aplan is a huch with a run a safe place to keep them ?
  13. i really want to hatch chicks . we have four hens (that would be good mothers)and no cockrel so bying eggs is the only option . does anyone know any place to get them? we have a old rabbit hutch and run so we could keep the chicks there. does that sound alright? thanks yolko shelly omlet poachie.

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