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  1. oops! Just noticed the lemon curd thread!
  2. Tried to make lemon curd today - ended up a gloopy syrupy mixture with yellow scum on the top. It tasted like sweet scrambled eggs mixed with raw eggs. Yuk. Can anyone tell me how to do it right please? The pavlova was good, though!
  3. Hi BlueKarin did you use a kit? How long before it is drinkable?
  4. can I ask where you put the cage and do you raise it off the ground?
  5. ps Like your idea on the tomato varieties Liz - will give that a go next year. Then you learn what grows well for you and what you like don't you? Fab idea.
  6. Look on the bright side - at least Sam sounds like a child who will eat his greens! My son only eats lettuce if it comes in a burger delivered by Ronald MacDonald. All the tomato plants are sold out in the garden and DIY shops up here! I will have to struggle on with my own wee pathetic seed-grown specimens. There was a frost last night so had to cover lots in fleece and some of the greenhouse seedlings are not looking too happy. Saturday blazing sunshine then Monday frost! What is going ON with our weather?! Nothing planted today - will see what else has died then review the situation at the weekend!
  7. Mine are all bantams - the pekins and one of the plymouth rocks are very friendly and docile towards people. Perhaps it just comes down to individual personality? The pekins are smaller than the other 3 but are very feisty and give the others a run for their money eg Janice the pekin is broody and was pecking the sussex who dared intrude in HER nestbox!
  8. I agree with Christian - mine manage fine
  9. It got good reviews but I thought it was terrible .... if you google her you will find loads about her.. she has written quite a few books now.
  10. I'll look out for those books! When I was in Italy I was actually working for a writer. Her name is Lisa St Aubin de Teran. She wrote a book called "A Valley In Italy" in which my friend and I feature. It was about buying a wrecked old palazzo in Umbria near the Tuscan border and renovating it. My friend and I were Au Pairs and I typed her manuscripts for her. It is supposed to be fact but a lot of it is nonsense. She refers to me and my friend as "The Beauties", Irish Au Pairs. (We are actually Scottish) She goes on about the shenanigans we got up to (I therefore never told my dad about the book ) and the fact we were pretty useless. Which we were! Had a memorable time though
  11. I used to live in Italy and there was a pecorino sheeps cheese place along the road - the diminutive Sardinian shepherd was forever bringing me bottles of sheep milk by way of a courtship token It was so viscous and yellow I couldn't bear to drink it and instead fed it to the feral cats that lived round about. Yogurt might be quite nice though! I love greek yogurt so I guess it might be similar. Must be right fiddly milking a sheep. Which reminds me - I used to buy Whiskas cat milk for my cats. A friend saw it and said "Wow! It must take ages to milk a cat. They have such small nipples."

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