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  1. Thank you for your opinions again. I like the idea of just one big clean up every little while as I could rope my husband in to help, it just depends how often that is and how big the job is. I like the look of the lovely clean horse bedding though, I must admit. The other thing that worries me is that they don't get a huge amount of free range time so having a soil base would allow for more natural behaviour, particularly in what may feel like a smaller space. I'm so flipping indecisive. Its just a huge amount of money and 4 little ladies who deserve a good quality of life. ANH- I just saw an ad for the Louis documentary (got apprentice on, recordered from the othe rnight ) I bet I'll forget to watch it though. It looks interesting, I'm sure if i do remember to watch it I'll spend most of it nodding along in agreement.
  2. I still don't know what to do. What would you do? We've got the paving slabs down already- would it be easy enough to move the cube out of the way and then shovel the aubiose etc up? I really liked the idea of reusable stuff but can't do any smells due to an autistic child with over sensitive smell and very close neighbours. I just can't decide. We're buying the cube next month and will then have a homemade WIR and Eglu spare. What should I do with those?!
  3. Margaret it's always good to hear both sides I love aubiose (apart from the fact it is hard to get hold of here) but don't fancy having it all over the garden any more. And I'm not sure how good it would be in a cube with the rain(how good are the covers for the runs?) Such a quandry
  4. ooh thank you NannyOgg, I like that idea a lot. I'm not sure how I'd clean it in light of the hosepipe ban though but I guess that is an issue with any reuseable bedding, isn't it? It certainly seems economical and easy to do. Thank you so much for that link
  5. Good evening everyone, I hope you've had a lovely Easter so far. We've got 4 girls in a WIR at the moment. We have a paved floor which we put aubiose or shavings on to. Unfortunately, due to my increasing mobility problems we're giving up the WIR in favour of a cube (that probably doesn't make much sense but our WIR is a funny shape inside due to a mezzanine/ramps so cleaning out is impossible without bending down- something I can't really do any more. I figure the cube can be moved for me to clean out, which will make it easier). Can anyone suggest the best flooring to put down? I don't want to have a garden of shavings where they've all blown through the run and quite like the idea of woodchip directly on to soil. Is that a good or a bad idea? Where do you buy woodchip from anyway? Any advice would be hugely appreciated. Thank you
  6. That you can sex a baby by the colour of it's feathers as a 2 week old? A friend on FB has just got 3 beautiful hens through the living eggs program. She's been told that all males have yellow feathers and females don't. I'd never heard this- I thought it was hard to tell until they developed further?
  7. Our current WIR hasn't been successful. Originally it was 6ftx7ft with the eglu inside on a 'mezzanine' level with a door to enable easy access to the eglu. The centre of the base of the run was soil with aubiose over the top. The WIR was sited on paving slabs.We're losing a lot of aubioise through the wire on to my garden too. However the mezzanine level was too hard to keep clean, too high and took up too much room which made cleaning very very hard. The soil in the WIR also made cleaning very hard so we're putting down a solid floor and I'd like a little bit more room (just one more paving slab on the width). I'd also like to have the eglu sited on the outside of the run to make cleaning/egg collection easier and to free up space inside the run. What is the safest way to fix this? I'm thinking the eglu will be on a table or similar, but do we need to form the 'hatch' to be the same shape as the edge (doorway) as the eglu? Any other alterations that need adding at this point do you think? .
  8. KateG

    Poorly hen?

    Thank you Redwing, on to it now.
  9. I found a softie in the eglu as I cleaned it out today. It could have been there for a few days (due to the height of the box I'm not able to see in to it when I put the girls in/out/collect eggs). I've checked the girls over and martine appears to have 'dirty wet knickers'. I've also noticed over the course of a few weeks that she's not as big as the others (though not really underweight). I assumed this was to do with pecking order so ensured she had access to food and water with out the others around. So, what do I do for the girl? She's out free ranging at the minute, seems as happy as normal. Do I need to clean her up?
  10. Or similar. I've bought a 'thing' for birds that was meant to hold suet balls for wildbirds. Is there anyway I can utilise it for the chickens? What would I put in it? Home made recipes gratefully received....!
  11. we used corrugated plastic sheets. they are slanted by being fixed to wedge shaped bits of wood rather than directly to the sides of the wir.
  12. I've not been doing anything special for the girls - just shutting their door like normal. Should I do more?
  13. Thank you - I will keep them in for now at least. The run is only edged with paving slabs and mud in the middle. I use aubiose as a base. I think I need to slab the whole base. The mezzanine is also made of wood and STINKS because the girls are sittting up there while it is snowy (I suppose it is warmer ). I have no idea how to remedy that. And I suppose mites will be an issue if I'm not careful. Thanks again
  14. Hi all We took on 3 lovely hens in the late summer. They live in a 6x6ft wir with mezzanine and eglu. They free range for 3-4 hours a day. thing is, I'm really hating the WIR and the mess they leave from free ranging. The WIR is hard work for me to clean out regularly due to arthritis. I feel obliged to let them out to see grass too and they are completely trashing my small garden (which I knew they would be now the neighbours are putting pressure on us to keep it less unruly). So, does anyone have any bright ideas? I'm considering getting a cube instead and then move them around the garden which should make cleaning the area easier. I thought about some omlet fencing to elongate the area they are in but not giving them complete free range. Any ideas grateful received.
  15. It has quickly become apparent that you are all right. Pretty gardens +chickens=carnage. So when the garden gets revamped I'm going to factor in my feathered friends and their needs and try to balance it with some human needs too. Are there any plants chickens won't touch?

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