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  1. Umm, only young, not yet laying, not yet wormed, due at vet next week.
  2. Hi, Sadly I found one of my chickens dead this am. No reason I can think of. She had had some funny poos, constant curry like poos,some with blood in.. I wonder if she had some illness or worm. I have seem pic of poo that look like hers and it suggests could be some type of parasite. Any how do I need to do anything with my other chickens?? Could it spread to the other birds??? Any thoughts or help greatly received.
  3. Got 2 chickens, feather loss on both but significant on one specifically. Most of feather loss is on the breast, the skin underneath is very red. Also loss on neck and now a bald patch on the top of head. She is well in her self. Taken to vet who says all is ok but wondered what other people thought? Both chickens wormed and mited. For info the other chicken is o ly laying soft eggs at the moment.
  4. Thanks, are softies recurring problem, if it is that. Are they fatal? For info no paracites noticed or weight loss.
  5. one of my chickens is moping around. Long periods of time sitting and generally looking sorry for her self. No egg for two days. She is the bossy one of the two hens but not bothered in running for treats etc. Been wormed, eatting and drinking just no sparkle or eggs. Can anyone help?
  6. Hi they are about 22 weeks old. I have been using ditomat for worming? Wrong spelling I think? They get treats but dorathy (softie)tends to miss out as marjorie beats her to them every time. She isn't pale, but she is smaller of the 2.
  7. Hi I have 2 hens one laying well no problems but the other laying softies. They have same diet but sortie layer is smaller and down the pecking order. No sign of parasites etc. Any thought or advise?
  8. hi i a new chicken owner 2xblack rocks (vacinated) of 4 days. since my chickens arrived, one of them is smaller thant the other and frequently passes bright yellow runny poo, sometimes with white, sometimes not? i have also found a normal looking poo today with red tinge? (blood) i dont know from which chicken? they are fed on layers pellets and are not eatting anything else apart from grass and what ever they forage in the run. they are both systemically well, calling, eatting and drinking. should i be overly worried about this and vist the vet? both colms are pinkish but they are not laying yet so i think this is ok? i am guessing at present its either - change of environment? worms? hoping it nothing more sinister. i have seem the posts re poo, some people describe a 'curry poo' this would fit the poo i am seeing but also the yellow poo section looks very much like it, however the bird appears well, except smaller than other bird. all help greatfully appriciated.

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