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  1. It's a shame these things often seem to be about how many people you know above other things. It makes sense in a few situations, like one of my friend's band were in a competition like this to play at a festival, as the people with the most votes have the most fans who would come and see them etc. but it doesn't really make sense in this context.
  2. The winds kept me up all night last night! My rattling single glazing didn't like it one bit. It was so noisy I thought they were going to break! Woke up this morning to branches everywhere, nothing too bad in the streets around me, but all the trains are cancelled today and there's been some damage to cars. On the plus side it snowed about an hour ago so I'm starting to feel very Christmas-y Hope everyone on the East Coast will be okay this evening with the flood warnings, I've got a couple of friends in Edinburgh
  3. Done! I think they've got his name wrong at the bottom (vote for Ben Windard?)
  4. Bit of a more balanced version from the BBC here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-24915471 I can't access the paper at the moment to see if the news stories accurately reflect what was published (it often doesn't), but all I would say is it's the research and opinion of one person. Plus the apparent guide lines used to judge welfare in this study were stress levels (normally measured by measuring the amount of a certain hormone in the blood), mortality, bone fractures and pecking other hens. I would probably expect increased mortality in free range hens as they are not as
  5. He's gorgeous! What a lovely grin (NB to other omleteers- if you click on the pictures you can see them a bit bigger )
  6. My SO's google phone regularly gives him directions to get 'home' to his exact address despite not putting his address into his phone or anything, and gave him directions to my flat just days after I signed the lease! (I think I might have sent him the address over facebook or text but that's the only way I can think they got it). It's scary to think of how much they know EDIT: to make this a little clearer, it gives him a little notification telling him the best bus etc. to get and when the next one leaves without any input from him.
  7. I'm not looking forward to the dark evenings starting tomorrow
  8. I'm another biased towards university (in second year now). I was part of the first year to get the £9000 a year fees. Luckily my fees are only £6750, but most places went for the £9000. We were constantly told to think of it as an extra income tax rather than a loan or debt. You have to pay 9% when you're earning above £25,000 and it gets written off after 30 years. Us students post-fee rise actually got a better deal when it comes to the minimum income for paying fees back and how much you pay a month! I looked for courses which included a years placement. There's quite a few out there.
  9. See it says not Scotland Don't despair, it's on at 11.30pm on BBC1 Scotland . Yay I might be watching it on iplayer the next day at that time though
  10. Delivery companies I had a package delivered on Monday which no one was in for, but the delivery company didn't leave a package slip, and the tracking details just said I was advised to collect from the post office. Well there are quite a few in Glasgow, so I had no idea which one to go to I ended up having to ring customer services (which wasn't free) to find out where my parcel was. The woman was very apologetic that a package slip wasn't left to be fair, but it wasn't her fault. On top of that my new laptop was delivered yesterday. It was dispatched over a week ago and I didn't
  11. Sorry to hear such horrible news Hope your house is nice and secure now and everything insurance-wise gets sorted out quickly so you can focus on yourself. It's a horrible feeling x Try and get important ones printed or stored on an external hard drive elsewhere. When my boyfriend got burgled they took all the external hard drives and USB sticks too
  12. I felt really sorry for her. Nasty man, hope he gets his come uppance. Very good acting I really felt for her. Though I think she's gone through enough already with Mr Bates going to prison, and it seems like the new ladies maid is planning some nasty against her and Mr Bates

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