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  1. Got 2 hens in a 12x6ft run, its a big run for 2 and also have a eglu, looking at getting some more but also want to look at bantams, do they mix well and how many chickens/bantems can you get in an eglu, I've had 4 good size chickens in the eglu before and I think that's as many as I'd like in at one moment, but how much room would bantams take up? Also do the lay well? And which breeds would people advise to choose and why. Thanks in advance
  2. Ive got an eglu and run and I'm thinking of selling to replace it with a wooden coop that will take a few more birds, does anyone know what sort of price I might get for it, runs never really been used and eglu is in as new condition.
  3. I did this but it backfired big time, being away made her 10 times worse, I had to get rid of her in the end. She was an absolute nightmare, she acted like a cockerel
  4. Were 20 yards from woods and 500 yards from water. Never had a rat problem
  5. Have 4 rhode island reds. One has been picked on for over a year but not too badly. This week she has been covered in blood. So separated her in the day and she seemed to pick up. Today she is again covered along with one other who seems to be getting picked on, tried everything, longer free range time, Vicks vapour rub, peck spray. Running out of ideas as it's now 2 definitely getting pecked, plus the head girl looks a little sore too . Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I don't see this ending at the minute. All are laying.
  6. Can anyone recommend a good supplier of mite powder in a large tub, prefer theclarge tub as you can dust the chicken over the tub. Also what do people use to clean the eglu. Just scrubbed mine clean but can seem to get rid of the stubborn dirt on the perches.
  7. Never had a wood coop but my eglu can be stripped down an scrubbed clean in 5 mins max and for tha reason it's invaluable
  8. I used to tobasco and mustard the tobasco was the most successful
  9. Anyone who writes about being middle class is usually upper class. I get them all the time, they are upper class until it's payment time and they plead poverty with their 5 bed detached and range rovers. Article is biased too. 1 put them in a run or build one 2 don't let them roam all over the garden, 3 her costings are exaggerated
  10. Hi everyone, not been on for a while but hope someone can help. 1 of our hens hasn't laid in over a year, she gets picked on by 1 other a bit and hasn't really grown her feathers back for a few months now. They all seem to be quite bald at the minute but seem ok. 1 has stopped laying so at the minute have 2 non layers. Should the non layer of over 1 year laid by now or is there an issue?? Any ideas on helping with feather growth as well would be great. They are on layers pellets with grit and rain water. Treats of salad etc are added most days including a handful of grass
  11. fitted a few and in mine, they do work but take at least 6 months to see a difference, it wont be a major difference either, only real way is a proper salt softener which are very good and reliable, there is a salt shortage at the minute so not cheap at over £10 per 25kg
  12. should be ok, you would have to pay for a survey and they would advise, thats not cheap though
  13. ok it works like this, if you pay for your install YOU get the free electric You generate and also get to sell any excess to your power provider at roughly 43p per kw you produce, if you lease the install is normally free and you get the free electric it produces but the lease company get the 43p per kw to sell back, basically the lease companys in a few years time will be making a fortune, but if you can pay for the install yourself YOU will make the money

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