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  1. Can you help please? I've noticed a very slight limp on Nutmeg, on checking her feet noticed a small black scab on one foot and on the other a large swelling on her 'sole'. It's quite swollen and puffy but doesn't feel like pus, they have a branch to climb up and down from their house but occasionally jump off the top of the roof down into the run when I come to feed them brekkie, some links say it could be them landing on the ground from a high area but they do have a soft landing bark and soil. There doesn't seem to be an entry hole on the swollen foot would bathing in epsoms salts help,? should I keep her confined for a while? Advice would be gratefully received. Thanks Kathy
  2. Thanks for your replies. much appreicated. Popped her down to the vets last night and was prescribed Frontline (for the lice/mites) and BAYTRIL to clear up the snuffles. Had fun and games trying to syringe it into their mouths, ended up dripping a drop at a time onto their beaks which they then licked off! What experiences have you had regarding eating the eggs when the chooks are on antibiotics? I'm holding off the omlettes at the moments and won't be passing them around the neighbours for around a week, any ideas what is right? Kathy
  3. Just let them out for a run this morning and cleans her nostrils but she sounded very chesty and bubbly. Do chickens get chest infections? HELP !! She's happy wandering around and was first to the breakfast pile, so she's not off her food luckily. should i take her to the vet to get antibiotics?
  4. hi everyone, I've had my two POL chickens for 5 weeks now and they are pretty happy and laying an egg a day. We have a Bluebelle and a little Columbian Blacktail. We went away for a weekend last week and my friends looked after them, keeping ours seperate from their flock, but ours escaped and interacted with her flock, without any mishaps luckily. Nutmeg has started to display sniffles and her nasal holes are quite sticky and keeps getting covered in soil while she pecks around. I'm wiping it with babywipes and have got some poultry potion you dilute in their water, she is eating happily and scratching around, but sneezes occaisonally. Is there anything I can do without involving a trip to the vet for antibiotics? Many thanks, Kathy
  5. Hello - ordered my new chicken house and run which should be arriving soon, on Monday will be 'just looking' at some Chickens to get an idea of what they have. Suspect will come home with Bluebelle and a Speckeled hen. Once the run is up and the floor cleared of the stones/pebbles should I just leave the ground as earth flooring or put down some bark chip or wood shavings for them to scratch around won't the soil become over used over time? How should i prepare it, I aim to puff the red mite powder in the nooks and crannies of the house when it arrives is there anything I should do before they arrive. Thanks Kathy
  6. Hi Olly and Sandyhas3chooks many thanks for your advice the vet made a few suggestions, but basically the crop was very distented and even after tubing or antibiotics the prognosis would not be brilliant, also although she was pecking around and drinking she was not absorbing any nutrients and was basically skin and bone, so would probably not have had the strength to withstand the tubing. I felt so guilty and responsible, why hadn't I noticed she was loosing weight, why didn't I go to the vet sooner. I was surrounded by three children (2 of them mine) and the youngest was quite fascinated by the fact the chicken was about to die! Midnight the half sister seems to be fine but how do I go about introducing a new one? Are bantams happy on their own?
  7. Hi thanks for replying, I've been googling sour /impacted crop in my lunchtime and am now expecting the worst! Baytril has been mentioned a few times on various sites. I will keep you posted tonight on the outcome....
  8. Hello everyone. I have two 16 week old bantams and the past week or so, one of them has been looking a bit off. She appeared to be gagging, and when I've picked her up for a cuddle she's been sick. She is still eating and drinking but very lethargic and wobbly, she seems to loose her balance if gently nudged. Yesterday she was very quiet and just hunched herself up in garden and closed her eyes. I have made an appointment at the vet tonight, but can anyone give me some advice on what to do in the meantime? Her crop is very large and doesn't seem to get any smaller when I've massaged it. Someone mentioned holding her upside down to make her really sick, shall I try this? any advice would help. she's currently half way through the flubernvet course of wormer and neither of them seem interested in vegetables or treats. also when should I start changing their food from growers pellets to layers? thanks Kathy
  9. Well, flossie and midnight are now approaching 16 weeks. They are so sweet and have such different personalities. Flossie is a pekin x silkie and Middy is a pekin bantam. Still have the problem with the cats stalking them in their coop so free ranging them is out of the question. I've bought a larger cage which they are popped into each morning after brekkie so they can spend the day mooching around on fresh grass. Question: when do I change their food from growers to layers? They haven't started to lay just yet as it's early days but what signs do I look out for (apart from the very obvious one) and should they be moulting this time of year or is it just the baby feathers loosening off? I have given them the 3 days vermatex pellets, but floss seems to have a large bulge in her chest and it appears she has something in her throat as she look like she's about to retch. There's no gasping of air or keeling over, is this the normal process of digesting their food? They have grit in their corn which they get at weekends, but i was thinking along the lines of worms? I haven't got any flubenvet yet. Hope you can help. Kathy
  10. I'm soooo excited! Phoned the local lady last night to see how the little ones were doing, they are now 11 1/2 weeks old and are black silkies x pekins so should be adorable once their litle fluffy bits develop. Will keep you posted! Kathy

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