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  1. Very tempted by the Bee & Butterfly collection .....
  2. Thanks for the link, sadietoo - got lots of good ideas from the site. Big scabious fan here too!
  3. Lots of flying yesterday, hurrah! We are in a windy part of North Yorkshire, so big relief to see serious flying after the long, damp winter.
  4. How true! He does dance a bit like he's battering the music into submission, while Deborah seems to let it flow through her, if you know what I mean. Was absolutely puzzled why Abby C was so sulky with the rather good comments she got the other week. Deborah is a nice antidote to taking yourself too seriously.
  5. Many thanks for your encouraging replies Sue & Daphne. No, I haven't been on the board a while - once our last chicken died, I felt a bit of a fraud being on here. And with the bees, OH sort of took over as he was so much better at it than me. But I do look in occasionally, and finally couldn't resist posting again. OH is very keen on doing the de-sensitising programme as he loves beeking so much (and won 2 x firsts and 1 x second in our local show on Monday night), but the incident has dented my enthusiasm for bees. We've been feeding - honey and sugar syrup - these last days, and I found some of the bees didn't get back into the hive when I had left some trays with honey on outside the hive. I felt really sick I had inadvertently killed them. Plus the pressure of not accidentally letting bees into the house.... Lovely to be back on board, though xxx Fiona
  6. Sometime when I wasn't paying attention the word decade (dek-ade) started to be pronounced "decayed". Fun topic!
  7. OH got stung 3 weeks ago and I ended up calling a ambulance. He didn't go into anaphylactic shock, but the para medic reckoned the next time, he probably will.... He's now investigating a de-sensitising programme - apparently there's one at Newcastle Hosp - but in the meantime.... I am in charge. And I am like Mrs Ten Thumbs when it comes to hives and bees. I hadn't noticed how over the past few years I had let him do most of the work and decision making and now I'm struggling. Luckily, though, when I get stung nothing happens apart from swearing! This year I can't wait until they go asleep for winter .... I need to get back into bee-keeping training. Despite my moaning, we would be really sad to let the bees go. The problem is, the same day OH got stung and I took over, I accidentally brought back a bee into the house and it ended up in his hair ..... On Sunday, 4 bees got in. It's very stressful. Anyone else been through the programme (for de-sensitising, that is)?
  8. I'm a (very surprised) Deborah Meaden fan, too. I find her enthusiasm and enjoyment very infectious. I would not have predicted to like her at all, but I'm routing for her all the way.
  9. Yes, have to admit I really enjoyed the series, but was a leetle bit disappointed with the denouement - didn't understand it fully. However, will be back if they do another series.
  10. Since this message I've had a look on the Lush website as I'm thinking about henna for my hair. I did notice that the video says you don't need to grate it, just melt in water. Can I ask - how red is red? I'm about 50% grey, so would I glow in the dark???!!
  11. Plus free delivery. Ends on 12th November. I've just put through an order and have to say 25% off plus free delivery is excellent offer. The code is: FD25PC in case anyone is interested. The email they sent me says let family and friends know, so here you are Omletteers!
  12. I get the impression that Fern's partner is very grumpy he's got her as a partner and isn't very nice to her. Fern seems very timid and anxious to please him and that doesn't make for good dancing. Swooning over Colin here and impressed by Louis. Judges seem to have taken against Nicky, I think. Still, I love this show - it wouldn't be winter without it!
  13. Unlikely...if you were last estimated at a DD you have a looooooong way to go. Bravissimo offers E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, J, JJ, K. I was 38DD 25 years ago ..... last count I'm J cup ... no wonder I'm very afraid!!!
  14. Witch-Hazel - I am very afraid I may have run out of letters in the alphabet if I go up a cup size (faints)

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