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  1. Aww Shirl, that doesn't sound too good I'll have my fingers crossed for you all. I hope your cold gets better soon as well x
  2. Personally I want a large ABBA-themed party but OH just doesn't want to tell anyone when he turns 40. My friend got her husband to buy her a charm bracelet and then all her guests to buy her a charm for the bracelet for her 40th which I thought was a rather nice idea.
  3. The daughter of a friend in Chippenham was confirmed with it on Thursday night last week. I know that they have cases in John Bentley secondary and one of the Calne primary schools but not ours as yet, although as it's in the secondary school I suspect it's just a matter of time.
  4. Aww, my chooks are still quite skittish - they run off when i approach!! I'll see what I can do though...
  5. Hi there sorry I haven't been around much! My appenzellers are now about 21/22 weeks old and one of them has had her wattles appear. Looking at her today her fluff looks lower than it did, espcially when compared to my other appenzeller and I was wondering whether this could suggest that I may get my first egg appearing soon? I'm really excited!
  6. I literally lol-ed at the thread title! One of mine just used to roll in it (until he realised he was going to get hosed down every time he did it!!). Now they don't bother with it at all.
  7. Here' s a cute picture: Has anyone any experience of these? Are they really as lovely as everyone suggests? We've just seen some for sale for £180 and it's a bit much for an impluse buy!
  8. I'm really pleased he made it home OK and is near his family. Hope you are well too Shirl x
  9. Aww I understand totally. Just before my marriage three years ago I had a huge barney with my parents, who I haven't got on with for a VERY long time, and we stopped contact. Last year my Grandma died and my dad got in touch and asked me if I wanted to go to the funeral, which I did. My parents then got in touch again and asked if they could send the kids some presents and it eventually worked out that they came down. They sent me an e-mail a couple of days later but since then I haven't heard a single thing from them, there were no christmas presents for the children in the end and not a card for any of the children's birthdays. I understand totally what you mean about acceptance tinged with regret. However, I have found that in the long run it's probably for the best as it just got me stressed and very unhappy every single time I dealt with them. I also don't speak to my sister which is acceptance tinged with pleasure because we really don't like each other and that's what caused the rift between me and my parents in the first place. My mum has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and seemed 'unwell' last time I saw them. I appreciate my attitude probably seems hard but there is a lot of bad history there as well which I don't think it's appropriate for me to go into - I hope you understand.
  10. For my last birthday I managed to persuade DH on the new Radley range so *whispers* £300
  11. Blackberry is my bunny who lived with Binky who died 7th May and he's just gone downhill since then the poor little thing. He's 7 1/2 years old so it's not a surprise but it's really sad. He's dragging one of his rear paws, it doesn't work at all - he doesn't seem to be in any pain which is good but he can't hop around like he used to. He also now appears to be incontinent and all the hair has come off a patch of his back legs where he's been weeing on himself Frowner We also think he's now deaf as he doesn't respond to noises. Because he doesn't hop around a lot since Binky died we hadn't spotted the leg until I washed him up last night because of the wee and so we've booked to take him into the vet today and I'm honestly worried about what they're going to say about him. I'll understand if they suggest putting him to sleep but I do feel really sad about it because it's not that long since we lost Binky and we've had the for 7 years now so it won't seem the same without them there. Binky died of a heart attack bounding around the garden and so we didn't take him to the vet. They've always been so healthy it's such a shock to see him like this. I know they usually deteriorate quickly when their friend dies but he was eating and drinking OK so I thought that generally he was fine but it appears he was just going through the motions Update: They put Blackberry to sleep because he was just skin and bone and almost certainly would have ended up with fly strike because of the incontinence. He offered us painkillers but said that it wouldn't have been long anyway. Bye bye Blackberry x
  12. In our primary school they had access to more books, some extra activities and also N. Wilts run a AGAT scheme with residential trips to Braeside in Devizes. This is the site, I hope it helps http://www.braesideeducation.co.uk/education/able-gifted-and-talented.htm
  13. Ooh! Excellent - thank you! That's even better x
  14. I was wondering if anyone could help me with ordering some rabbit - I've never cooked with it before and we have a delish-looking recipe and I've found a website who will send some to us. The problem I've got is they have the joints listed but all I know is that I need 900g of rabbit and so I don't know how many, for example, saddles of rabbit to buy. Does anyone have any experience with this so I can try this out? Many thanks in advance (and many apologies if I've upset any vegetarians)
  15. Ooh - it's lurvely in there! I haven't been for a few months but I do like it very much
  16. There were actually two pics of apron patterns with the email I was sent, this is the other: How glamorous is THAT pinny? I feel a sewing urge coming on - must go look for old pinny patterns! Doh! I meant the one with the squared off collars I know - I went looking for vintage patterns after this yesterday! I found some at habithat.co.uk - including a lovely edwardian apron in the costumes section
  17. I have four aprons and I virtually live in them! I love them all but I don't have enough as they get dirty very quickly and so I have to wash them a lot. I've hinted to my OH that I'd love one of the Omlet pink ones but it hasn't appeared just yet. My friends are all used to seeing me turn up at school in my pinny! lol I love that pattern - those aprons are really sweet - I wonder if you can still buy that one... Lovely story Snowy xxx
  18. Here we are sorry about the delay! xxx I'm on the far left and the rest are almost all of the rest of my family excepting the smallest
  19. Actually, ignore me - I've just found some pictures of fledgling blackbirds on flickr and they look exactly right! The barred chest confused me but we're right now
  20. The parents are definitely blackbirds as I've been watching mum and dad fly back and forth feeding them... Here's a picture:
  21. Hi guys I've bee lucky enough this year to have a blackbird nest in my wisteria in the garden and we have some lovely chicks growing there. However, I took a look at the nest today and one of the birds seems to have a speckled chest and doesn't much look like a blackbird to me. We've lost one baby bird already, pushed out by its siblings but we still seem to have three. I'm fairly suburban and so I was wondering if anyone else knows if it's possible it's a cuckoo or more likely just a big female blackbird? I'll try and get a picture which would be a lot more helpful!
  22. DH spoke to his dad who apparently sounded very sheepish at the whole incident. His mum was anxious to get off apparently - I must admit his dad is lovely but his mum does grate on my nerves a little at times, even though I'm pretty used to her now. I know that's OK though because DH feels exactly the same!!
  23. I like them warm with butter on as well
  24. HI there Welcome to the forum! Your girls are beautiful I started letting mine out after about five days as was suggested to me on the forum here. I let them out for a little while at a time but now they tend to roam the garden most of the time I'm at home (I work from home). I put them back in their about 5pm, tempting them in with their sweetcorn treat bowl to give them a bit of time back in their house to fill up on pellets and water before going bed at about 9 ish when the evening chorus starts and the sun starts to drop below the houses. We went out to the supermarket this morning so they paced up and down in front of the door bok-bokking at me when I didn't let them out at breakfast time!! The most problem I've had since letting them free-range a lot more is that one of my dogs has taken to rolling in their poo I've washed him down with the hose several times now so you'd have thought he'd got the idea by now but no...
  25. Wow - beautiful pictures - you look like you had a great time! Iceland is one of my top places I want to go. I have read a lot of the sagas from the early settlers there and I would love to go and see some of the places mentioned in the sagas (like the Laxdaela saga - brilliant!).

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