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  1. I have a cube with 7 hens in it, I am now thinking of getting 2 female Indian Runner Ducks, which I will house seperately but I want to know if they can all roam about together, I have a large bog (omlet fenced off) would my girls attack the ducks of vice versa, is it the same as when you get a newby and have a period of bullying or is it a total no no, thanks
  2. Well iwas down at the run at 6.55 this morning i never slept all night worrying when i got there, he was at one end of the run on his own the the 7 girls were in a group very obviously talking about him when he saw me he let out a cock a doodle, have been given them all treats but i think the girls are keeping him away from the feed so have put a wee feeder at the top end of the run, hopefully by end of next week they are all pals
  3. i think he is a wee mixed breed to so dont know what size he will be lol
  4. we had a visit from a fox but our dog got a hold of the fox and it has not been seen since that is not to say it wont come back but i like the dog to lie in the back garden, It is a horrible worry i really dont like foxes any more
  5. my girls would mug you for mealworms
  6. he is apparently a few months old, one girl stands up to him and then they all join in, he is giving it back but cant possibly handle all seven of them, the girls all went to bed and he was left out, hubby picked him up and put him in cube but the boss put him back out as he did try to cuddle up anyway went back down to check and he is back in cube but in a wee corner on his own being eyed up by the boss and cluck clucked by the other 6 who are all in the nesting box lol
  7. we rescued 6 barn chickens, we rescued 6 ex batts 2 years before that and the barn chickens were in a worse state than the ex batts, there was about 700 in a very small barn and because the farmer kept the top half of the barn door open this counted as a kind of free range barn, they smelled awful and had very few feathers our exbatts could not walk when we got them but the barn girls were much more aggressive and fast on their feet, that are all in together now and lovely girls, well that was my experience of barn chickens
  8. I have posted a picture of sparky under the heading what kind of cockerel do I have so if you want to go up a few posts he is there and lovely and all the girls hate him
  9. Hello all sparky arrived tonight, the 7 girls all hate him he is apparently a few months old what kind of cockerel is he, is he an orpington? thanks http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2621956038557&set=p.2621956038557&type=1&theater dont know if this link works
  10. thanks all i have a huge bog which has loads of heather in it but i will give the landscape gardener the list of plants suggested hopefully get hives later in the year not sure if it should be beehaus or traditional, will do a bit of research on that, where i live is very windy so need to get something solid, but thank you so much for the info x
  11. Well he arrives today he was for the pot and im such a push over, however have read all the comments and if he turns out aggressive he wont be staying, i will give him a chance to settle in and i will post a picture of him and you can tell me how old/young he is, thanks all the advice was fab
  12. Hi All, landscape gardener coming to sort out back and front garden, I plan to get two hives put out in my bog which has heather everywhere but what plants do you suggest for the garden to keep bees happy thank you Jackie
  13. thanks all the cockerel is young, children long grown up, i have a massive bog for them to free range in so plenty space, do cockerel all crow at 4am old neighbour had a cockerel that would crow about 10am was it just very considerate
  14. that is fantastic my original two exbatts are almost 5 and i thought i was doing well lol

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