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  1. Hello all I lost one of my Mini Silver Appleyards last week and now have the dilemma of purchasing a mate for the other. I'll be honest, as much as I'm very fond of my ducks they have been much more noisy than expected and wondered whether to get a couple of chickens instead for company? (I have kept chickens for several years). Any advice would be welcome
  2. Hiya Hope this helps.... My Gingernut had a bald red bum for several months and I tried vasoline (useless), sudocrem (less redness but still no feathers) and then I read somewhere that using 'flowers of sulphar' mixed with sudocrem/vasolene should help kill mites. Within weeks her feathers began to grow back and touch wood she has never had this problem since. I mixed it with vasolene and smeared her bald areas every few days. I ordered the flowers of sulphar from ebay and I believe it can be used in water too to treat sores/problem areas. Feleena
  3. Hello Only just spotted your post I had the same problems with 2 of my girls. The only remedy that worked was vasoline mixed with flowers of sulphar.....the redness calmed down within a week and then the new feathers slowly grew back. hope this helps
  4. Thanks everyone for your advice The Council chap called back yesterday and checked his baited boxes but the rats hadn't touch anything. I have been letting my girls free range and give them a feed of mash a couple of times a day so theres no food about. The only drawback with this method is (as most of you know) that my garden will soon be wrecked by their digging! Wish me luck...............
  5. I have a rat problem I noticed a few weeks ago and began removing all food at night, stopped feeding the wild birds and generally have been scrupiously clean in the run. ( Large, home made run with eglu attached) Now my neighbours have spotted them and called the council. I'm relieved in a way because I have been sneaking around the garden putting down traps in the dark. I called the council too and a pleasant chap arrived on Friday and gave me advice. He told me that the rats will never go whilst there is top quality food avaliable (i.e. layers meal). He has put baited boxes down and advised me to purchase a humane style squirrel/rat cage and then I can kill the rats myself. I also have 8 gorgeous quail who have been very lucky not to have been killed by the rats, again because they are feasting on the quails food. A couple of things the chap mentioned worried me. 1. As the owner of chickens etc., it is my job to keep vermin under control and I can be fined if neighbouring properties have any damage to their possessions in sheds/garages. 2. I can be made to get rid of my beloved chickens. My ears are burning just thinking about what neighbours are probably saying. Close by there are ducks I've heard calling in some-ones garden, there are numerous rabbits/guinea pigs in gardens and almost everyone feeds the birds so what am I to do? Any advice would be really appreciated. I've been so looking forward to spring and adding another 2 chickens to my coop but I think this will have to be put on hold. Help!!
  6. Hmmmm....hatch my own, thats a thought. I can feel an incubator coming on!
  7. I have 2 cavaliers and they regularly get waxy ears. They have caught ear-mites too when I have dog-sat my friends 5 cavaliers My vet suggested a regular syringe of 1 parts white vinegar to 3 parts cooled boiled water. Syringe a few ml into each ear and massage the 'tube at the base of the ear - thingy'. (Sorry I'm not fluent in medical terminology ) Anyhow, this really loosened the wax in my dogs ears and would recommend this method to any-one.
  8. I'm looking for 6-8 female Japanese/Italian Quail in the Staffordshire area. I have built a great setup for them and now cannot find any If I'm successful I promise photos! Any help would be appreciated
  9. My dad rescued his lurcher dog (Jess-as seen in earler post about lurchers). Jess was wandering the streets after being owned by heroin addicts for 12months. She is such a gentle soul, it breaks my heart to imagine her fending for herself.
  10. Uploaded with ImageShack.us This is my dads lurcher Jess. She always takes really weird photos
  11. I got so paranoid about my girls noise in the mornings that it was making me ill! I would run outside in my nightclothes (nothing sexy - usually hubbys tshirt and half-mast leggings ) and switch on the hose and give them all a quick shower. I was waking early in anticipation... must not upset the neighbours at any cost Eventually I realised that my girls were bokking at the same time as my neighbour was leaving for work? I'm pretty sure this was starting them off and I'm less concerned now as I was. However, I've just built a quail pen and am currently researching which quail are the least noisiest ! So my paranoia has returned! P.S. Forgot to mention that my neighbour is running a 'car repair business' on the side, from his front garden so lots of revving and 'blue smoke fumes' in my front drive! I bet he isn't losing any sleep about that.
  12. I love our Zafira 1.6 comfort. We bought it when my 3rd child was born in 2002. I love being high up when driving, there is loads of space in the back for my dads 3 lurchers and my 2 cavaliers, plus 3 kids and bags of various shopping. The only downer is the corner front window support which actually creates quite a large 'blind' spot when approaching say, a roundabout. This I have adjusted to by leaning forward for an extra look when crossing a roundabout. Unfortunately when this Zafira is worn out we won't be in another financial position to purchase another. Our next car will have to be small and cheaper..........how can I explain to my old dad that I cannot take him and his 3 lurchers to Wales because we can no longer fit them all in the boot.
  13. Hi We had a great week in St Ives camping at Ayr Holiday park. They are overlooking the headland and the views are lovely. Because the tent field overlooked the sea and their was little light pollution, you could see every star in the sky. At the time we went (as a family group), I would say the majority of the campers were mainly young adults and it was the August bank holiday so very busy. Its somewhere we would recommend and within walking distance to St Ives town
  14. Hi We had a brilliant tent which I sold last year on ebay (reluctantly) because we had bought a touring caravan. The tent was a Vango 9 berth. It was the dome type with 3 bedroom pods and had plenty of room. The only draw back was that large pitches for huge tents (like ours) are usually limited on camp sites and we did struggle sometimes to find a site that could accomodate us! Make sure any tent has a built in ground sheet as it can be draughty. We had a double flock air bed and we always took our kingsize quilt as well as sleeping bags and were warm as toast! We purchased our tent from an' open day' tent sale which are usually held locally in the spring and you can buy the ex-display models. They may have had visitors walking through them for a couple of days but you can save a fair amount of money that way. You can't beat sitting under the stars on a warm summers night.......
  15. Don't mention 'chirpy coops' to me! I placed an order on January 6th for a 12x6x6 WIR. I found this company after looking on ebay, payed through paypal (luckily) and the money was taken, £315. Initially everything seemed ok. I received an email asking which colour would I like the WIR, then another asking which side would I like the door, and then a delivery date. The day before my first delivery date, January 25th, I had an email stating that 'Andrew has had a serious accident and was in hospital'. Another delivery date of 'before Feb 11th' was given. I sent my get well wishes and sat patiently waiting........... Several days after my 2nd delivery date passed I sent 2 emails asking if there was a problem.....no reply. I smelt a rat I googled the website and sellers name and found an article about a fire in November 2010 which destroyed everything, all his stock, tools and some chickens. Despite telling the newspaper that he hadn't any money to rebuild his business he still managed to take my £315 on January 16th 2011!!!! I immediately contacted ebay who opened a case and gave him 10 days to contact me, which he didn't. I tried to ring the number on the website but it was not recognised. After 10 days ebay escalated my case and gave me a full refund...thankyou paypal. He is not selling on ebay at the moment but the website was still up and running last week.............................................................................................................................................SO BUYER BEWARE.....CHIRPY COOPS ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED!
  16. Ooooooooh ? How about.......'Three Little Birds' by Bob Marley, that always gets me singing and dancing
  17. Ooooh, now you've given me goose bumps I'm the sort of person who cries at the first 2 or 3 notes at the beginning of a song that takes me back....to good times or bad. When my son died aged (16months) at his funeral we played John Lennons 'Beautiful Boy' and also' Bridge Over Troubled Water' and a song called 'For Your Babies' from the' Stars' Album by Simply Red. These songs have always made me cry but now if I here them it takes me back to that cold February day Callum was buried
  18. Hello there If my girls squabble over whos in first to lay then it can get quite noisy from whoever has to wait their turn! I soon solved this problem by turning on the hose (fine sprinkler only) and giving them a quick shower. I always have the hose in position ready so I can shut them up pretty sharpish. As far as your neighbours go......what a waste of a good egg! What is wrong with some people? The 'dawn chorus' this time of year is pretty loud so are they going to throw eggs at Cock Robin or Mr Blackbird?
  19. Hi I have figured out my lays the palest egg with tiny white dots My lays the darkest brown egg And my lays a medium brown egg After spending time watching who lays what I always know who is performing so to speak! Feleena
  20. Hi again Thanks for replies on how to insert a photo. As promised my cheeky egg pics below Is it just me or has my chicken layed a breast?
  21. Hi everyone Just thought you'd like to see my rather cheeky egg layed by my white chicken, Layla. But I've just realised I dont know how to insert the photo!! Please could some-one help! (Its well worth the wait to see my cheeky egg)
  22. Hi, thanks for your reply. I can see your way of thinking Sherlock! 3 chickens....... (bare bum)....... (bare bum) ..... (full underwear) 2 bald bums......and only one with knickers???????? Why Watson there can only be one suspect in this mystery..... I do hope they can sort out their differences if this is the case. feleena4
  23. Hi, I've not posted for ages because everything has been fine......until the bald bums!? Two out of my three chickens have lost feathers around their vent. My also has red skin. They are clean around their vents and are laying fine. They live in a mark 2 eglu with a large free ranging area which they have access to daily. I've checked for mites and lice but cannot see anything unusual except for bald bums Any advice would be really appreciated Feleena
  24. Megan, your friends have high-lighted an imperfection you didn't seem aware of before. If these friends of yours are around your age, then they cannot have seen too many people to give a balanced opinion! I saw a girl at my ante-natal class years ago and her stretch marks were so deep and covered so much of her body that she looked like she'd been run over by a tractor! But she didn't give a hoot and showed off her belly with pride Please don't be embarrassed about them and hopefully your friends will keep their comments to themselves!
  25. Hi Megan, Advice from an old wrinkly (40 year old!) I can remember my first stretch marks behind my knees and inside my thighs...I was 15 and exercising in my bedroom when I first spotted them! They were purple but soon faded to silvery lines. Over the years I have used all sorts of cream and oils but I've come to the conclusion that you can't really prevent them completely because some peoples skin is less elastic than others and then stretch marks will occur. It doesn't help with all these air-brushed celebs in every magazine! Believe me, boyfriends/partners don't see them like we do! Once your hormones settle down you shouldn't have too many more.

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