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  1. *sniff* sad and funny things in this thread. My grandma died on New Year's Day - following a massive stroke and having signed a living will, she was allowed to die with relative dignity rather than being kept alive against her wishes. We gave her a green burial - cardboard coffin, in a 'woodland burial site' in the local cemetary - very forward thinking local council. The rellies choose a tree which is then planted on top of the grave. This is exactly what she and all of us wanted and it was gratifying that we were able to carry out it. We didn't have music and funnily enough I thought about this since because I'm making a s"Ooops, word censored!"book about her life (she was an interesting and unusual woman). She hated music - even my dad's - and he's a relatively well known musician. I was thinking how unusual it is to have known someone who didn't like music at all. Knowing her she probably thought it was all a load of sentimental tosh.
  2. The irony is, the culling of these turkeys at Bernard Matthew's farm means they will probably have a more humane death than they would have if they'd stayed alive. Did anyone watch the undercover programme about his farms a few years ago (shown at xmas)? Absolutely awful viewing. Why is this (and intensive chicken farming) still allowed to go on?
  3. Michelle, good luck with this. I know how hard it must be when you have unsupportive neighbours, in this case, sounds like they are looking for any excuse to deprive you of your hens. Having just lost one I know how gut wrenching this must be for you. Mean people!
  4. Welcome susiej. You will never look back once you've got your chickens! They are totally addictive. Blue eglu sounds lovely too. Enjoy!!
  5. My neighbour was chicken sitting for us when we were away, and she told me afterwards that she was down on her knees dead-heading my petunias, and all she could hear was the sound of "beak sharpening" behind her bum! Obviously she didn't feed them enough grapes
  6. We've got about four in our garden (quite a wild garden with lots of hideyholes). Didn't realise it until one night we heard strange sounds - heavy panting (honestly - you can hear it here: http://www.overthegardengate.net/wildlife/hedgehog.asp -scroll to bottom of page). Very disconcerting. I went out to investigate but it was night and I didn't have my glasses on - saw four large brown bodies eating up bird nuts on the ground and thought they were rats - ran inside screaming. OH took a look and told me they were hedgies, oops. Got some new glasses since then
  7. It's true. I only wish I hadn't been looking at the Defra avian flu site when my landlady paid a surprise visit just after the grape medicine administration The landlady, that is, who very kindly let us keep the chickens even though they are in breach of our tenancy agreement .... (Also had to run around the garden like a mad thing disposing of chicken poo before she saw it. One does try to keep it presentable, like. Sadly the only one I missed was the one she stood in, in her nice clean tan suede loafers. Oh oops).
  8. Brilliant suggestion about putting the Flubanvet in grapes! I've been adding it to the mash but they not to eat it when there's Flubanvet in it. Grapes however are a different matter! They will do anything for grapes!

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