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  1. Thanks Hopeful it was a one off and the others will be fine. Hard not being able to do anything to help the poor lass!
  2. One of my young hens died suddenly this week. I was hoping some of you experts may be able to advise what it was so I check the others and make sure it doesn't happen again. She had come into lay about 8 weeks ago but always laid shell-less eggs. I was supplementing with calcium as there was plenty of grit available. She was always the one first for treats eating as much as she could. I noticed at the weekend runny poos but put it down to the windfalls she had been pecking. Monday she was a little bit quiet but still tucking in to treats and food I was away with work so the Hubby was looking after them, when I returned Wed eve she was very lethargic and couldn't get on her perch. When I picked her up she was so very thin and weak I took her home but she died that evening. It was so quick with very little sign of illness, no compacted crop, sour crop, so runny nose, no puffy belly. She was eating but was so thin, Any ideas so I can make sure the others don't catch it? feel awful I didn't notice anything
  3. Thanks Egluntyne, I will try some windmills and see if that works
  4. In the last few weeks I have noticed the pellets going down really quickly. Today it has all gone in 12 hours!!! I have two hens and 3 bantams with 2 Grubs, usually filled max twice a week. They free range 7am - 7pm at the moment and I think during the day the local pigeons are feasting on layers pellets! Any ideas on how to stop this? I thought about taking the grub inside while my chooks free range and putting it back in when they are in their runs but would that be fair? Any ideas welcome
  5. Thanks both We have the fence up although I have still seen a cat in the paddock so need to review it's siting!
  6. I lost my Bantam cockerel a few weeks ago, vanished without a trace in the middle of the day. Today when going to put the girls away I found black feathers in the paddock and no Doris. Found a body this time in the corner but no sign of injury. I presume it was a fox? The hens always free range in my 1/4 acre paddock during the day time but I will have to keep them shut in their runs now. Do you think electric fencing might keep them safer?
  7. Good News, after coming in to the warm kitchen for 24 hours she was back to normal. I think it was the wet and windy weather!!
  8. Haven't seen her poo Miller but whats Cocci Leanne? My neighbour who breed her is going to put her with the chicks under the heat lamp and see how she goes overnight
  9. Hi I bought four 10 week old bantams two weeks ago, all settled in fine but today the frizzle is rather under the weather. She is sitting most of the time closing her eyes and not joining in with the others eating or drinking. She has clear eyes and nose not sneezing or anything obvious. Should I leave her with the others or separate her? Not sure what is best Any ideas appreciated.
  10. Thank you everyone, battery being charged and sorting out electric fencing, hopefully will keep fox away
  11. My girls love to sleep on the perches in the WIR, we have shades down the side and over the top on that corner. Last week there was an obvious fox attempt , digging around the edge, shades ripped on WIR and eglu run, fox prints over top of eglu and feathers about where the girls must have panicked. Should I shut the girls in the eglu for safety each night? Thinking of electric fence and fox watch any views on effectiveness ? Any views appreciated Thanks all
  12. Thanks for the thoughts all. On sunday my hen seemed to be back to normal, eye open, looking normal and out and about with the others. This morning I have noticed the eye is now looking opaque. It looks to me like she has gone blind in that eye There was never any sign of soreness or injury, I think I will take her to the vets as soon as I can. Worried the other eye will go the same way
  13. Anyone have any idea why my hen would have one eye shut? No other symptoms apart from being a bit lethargic and off colour, sitting around a bit more than usual. Would really appreciate any advice from anyone Thanks
  14. I have just come back from 2 weeks holiday and my parents looked after the 4 hens. They all seemed fine but had turned their beaks up at the pellets I had changed to from mash. They are now back on mash but my light sussex seems to have started a second moult this year, she is a bit lethargic and tonight her left eye is closed. She opens it now and again and there is no sign of redness, discharge or breathing problems. I did treat for lice 2 days ago as I saw one on her and she seemed to be preening alot. Any ideas? Is the second moult caused by lice and could the closed eye be anything serious? (Myco) although no sign of any other problems. Hope I don't have another sick hen, already lost one this spring
  15. LOL it was tongue in cheek. Looks like she's decided to sleep out under the stars on her perch tonight! She's secure in the WIR so she'll be safe from passing foxes

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