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  1. I have 6 rabbits (all rescue) that live quite happily in a group of 4 and 2. However I have just been asked to take a giant that is in desperate need of a good home. I can take him and he can have space on his own but can you ever try and mix a giant with ordinary sized rabbits?? Claire
  2. My vet was great and rang me this morning to let me know that there were no untoward parasites that I need to worry about and it was actually her heart that was in failure causing a build up of fluid that in turn put pressure on other organs like the liver. She also told me that she had been eating recently as had undigested food in her stomach. Including the euthanasia she only charged me £15.00!! So I dont feel so bad and am glad that her suffering was short. Claire
  3. Sadly it didnt end well as I took her to the vet to be put down this morning - she was too weak to come out of the cube. My vet said she was very underweight (which always makes me feel so guilty!!) but she is doing a post mortum for free just to see what the damage to the liver was and make sure that it is nothing that can affect the others. Claire
  4. Thanks for the reassurance. She appears to be eating and drinking but none of mine have laid eggs since last summer. I think she is about 3 years old. She is definately a bit subdued and looks a bit fatter than normal and cant comment on her poos as all mine free range. Claire
  5. There is a lot written about pale combs but one of my chickens now has a very yellow comb and is yellow around her eyes. This obviously means she has some sort of problem with her liver and I dont suppose there will be a good outcome. Any ideas Claire
  6. I just love stalosan and chuck it everywhere often over the rabbits who get in the way!! It is also good on the straw bales that I have for the rabbits and chickens to sit on and pink bales of straw are quite fetching!! Claire
  7. I have been confining her in the WIR at one end with the rabbits - but she is very keen to be out with the flock and seems to be hopping better today!! Claire
  8. My vet has seen her and doesnt think that it is Mareks. She doesnt have any sensation in her lower joint or foot but the thigh and knee are OK and there is a blood supply. This is why the vet thinks that it is a nerve injury. I guess I will take it day by day and see if her mobility improves. Claire
  9. Update on Patsy my Silky who appears to have permanent leg damage ? from getting her leg stuck in the bars of the cube. She is eating and trying to keep up with the others but she is very one sided and falls over a lot. Her wing doesnt seem strong enough to support her and she doesnt seem very good at hopping. I darent leave her out when I am not at home as she is attacting the attention of the cats and I do now know if she can move fast enough to get away. My old rabbit Duke is very good at chasing cats away but if he is snoozing somewhere he may not notice!! Would it be kinder to have her put down. Claire
  10. I find the cats like the initial chase but then when everyone is flapping and squawking they get a bit scared. Of course you could always get a rabbit!!! Duke my old rabbit sees off all the cats and had one stuck up a tree for an hour before I took pity on it and lured him away with a carrot!! Claire
  11. Thanks redwing - the vet did consider Mareks but it seems to be a nerve injury that may or may not improve. She has no feeling in the leg but it has a blood supply and she is hopping around the best she can!! Claire
  12. Thanks Daphne - I think I will take the bars out as you suggested At the moment I am trying to devise a splint for the Silkys leg!!! Claire
  13. Hi, I have recently had 2 of my smaller chickens come out of the Cube in the morning with injured legs! The most recent injury to one of my new silkies looks like she has either broken her foot or got severe nerve damage. I have noticed, when I do my final check, that the bigger chicken often seem to be sitting on top of the smaller ones and the design of the cube means that this could cause the smaller ones to have their legs trapped between the slats. Has any one else had this problem?? I am now having to put the bantams and silkies in the nesting box overnight. Claire
  14. Hi My partner is worried about a swelling above Miss Marples eye. It doesnt look too bad to me but he says it feels hard and when he looked online (not on omlet) loads of info came up including it being something that could spread through the whole flock!! Do I need to worry??? Thanks -Claire
  15. Miss Marple looks fine - no discharge - eating well - but when I pick her up each day to vaseline her legs (she has the first sign of scaley legs) she makes a revolting noise as though she has a huge glob of phlem suck in her throat!! Is she just doing this to worry me!!!! Claire

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