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  1. My chickens have just started laying eggs with very pale almost white yolks. I can't tell whether it is all of them but we have had a fair few. I haven't changed their food ….its always Dodson and Horrell layers pellets and they have always had Marriages Flubenvet pellets about three times a year. They have corn, greens and pasta as treats and occasionally dried meal worms as a bribe if they get out of the run. Does anybody have any ideas or experience of the same thing?
  2. I have quite a large WIR with Hemcore on the base. It takes a long back breaking time to change the litter about every four months or so. I was wondering whether to get an industrial strength vacuum cleaner to enable me to do this dirty job more quickly and easily. Does anybody else do this and what sort of cleaner do they use? Any ideas would be useful Thanks
  3. Thank you all so much for your advice I shall get them while they are asleep .
  4. I am going on holiday next week and my 5 chickens are going to a chicken sitter locally. I am dreading trying to catch them all although I can try and tempt them with meal worms if necessary. I had thought of locking them altogether in my Go at night and then transporting them in that the following morning. The journey would take about 20 minutes and I would feed them and give them water when I arrive at the sitters. Has any body else ever done this ? Would there be any bad effects on the girls if I do this? Any advice would be appreciated …. thanks
  5. Yes I think that is what has happened. Bluebell had a bare bot and had been losing a few feathers but when I looked today it was all fluffy again. Strange creatures
  6. They are similar. They stop the beak from closing on the feathers so the hen cannot pull them out.
  7. Does anyone know why chickens sometimes develop bald bums? I got three new hybrids last June and they were fluffy and pristine but now two have developed bald and marked bums. They are not ill ....eating drinking and being chickeney as usual. They are wormed with Flubenvet feed every four months and I use DE liberally every day when cleaning and in the nest boxes. Although I have 2 Eglus all five of them squash into one at bedtime,silly things!
  8. Thanks for that Dolly.....I'll get her checked out
  9. Thanks Daxigirl.....I guess that's what she's been up to or what Plum suggested before you. As I said to her chickens are very strange creatures
  10. Yes Plum she might have been doing just that I have two GOs but they all go in one to sleep. As there are five of them it could be she's lying in droppings. I keep it as clean as I can but they poo at night. They seem to use the other Go only to lay. Odd creatures chickens She seems happy enough though.
  11. My aracana hybrid was white when I got her about three months ago but now she has a mass of damp brown feathers on her side. I saw one of the other chickens pecking her briefly but she had a beak ring on and it was only the once. Blossom is eating well and laying well. I picked her up and examined her and there's no sign of a bleeding wound or any thing. Does anyone know what's causing it.. She lives in a large run and is treated for worms and mites regularly.
  12. No - shaking her head and making a clicking noise. Could be her neck I suppose.
  13. Why do chickens click their beaks? I have kept an eye on Nutmeg who has been doing this for a few weeks. At first I thought she was coughing or sneezing but she has not got a cold. She's eating well, laying and very friendly. She loves cabbage and treats etc so she seems very well except for this. Anyone had a similar experience?
  14. I have just had to put a beak ring on one of my new POL hens because she was pecking one of the others. I have never mastered the art of catching a chicken so I have to do it with a net. I realise that this is quite stressful for the hens but they seem to settle down again after a while. Am I actually being cruel? I sincerely hope not but can anyone suggest a better way of catching a chicken especially the flighty sort? Thanks

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