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  1. Came home from work tonight and went into the run on the allotment and one of the hens was just sitting there. I thought it was odd as since we only got them on saturday they run around us. I picked her up and she was stiffish. and had mucus inher mouth. I cleared it with my finger but she just shut her eyes. I went and got my phone to call a vet and she flapped madly and that was it. gone. And I can't believe how upset I am. and my 4 yr old is still blubbering now. She looked very swollen at the back end and had what looked like yolk coming out of her vent. She had no feathers really and her comb had not yet risen since we got her. My husband has disposed of her now but should i be worried about the other 11. They were running around fine. happily eating and drinking. So I am telling myself to stop worrying. But i rescued them so they could enjoy a bit of life. It just seems so sudden. She was fine this morning... The girls are all very flighty and adventurous, i just wasn't prepared for this..
  2. We got the chickens from the midlands coordinator for the Battery Hen Welfare Trust - BHWT They seem to be loving the big wide world. We only had 5 eggs today and no softies that I could find but I am sure there may be more. We have decided that as 2 of the larger ex batts are terrorising our 3 liitle warrens, we have moved them out. My husband couldn't take the stress. he was so upset when he rang me at work to tell me Curly, Larry and Mo were scared and huddled in the corner of the run and they were being pecked. Then he rang me to say Curly has scaled the 7 foot run and spent the afternoon hiding in the potatoes on the allotment. When i got home the three of them sat on our shoulders like parrots and wouldn't go back in. So they are going to live at the other end of the allotment in the Ark. Bless em. They had a great time roaming in the veggie patches. They havent been eating since we got the ex batts so i think it was a good intervention and i don't plan on returning them. So now the 12 ex batts have a massive run and coop all to themselves. They are still a bit skittish. we had to round em up to get them back in tonight. I must say that it sickens me to the stomach when i pick some of the bald hens up. it really is upsetting. you can see everything. they look prehistoric. Im sure they will feather up soon enough.
  3. omg Now i see why you might need leg rings.. What an amazing idea, i was wondering how i was ever going to name them.. thanks for that.. They seem to have coped fine in the run today but they bullied my 3 young hens. I kept them seperate last night but as they spent the day together i put them all in the coop tonight. Hubby is going to go and let them out very early so they don't get pecked once daylight arrives. hopefully they will calm down and get along. someone on the allotment told me to get a sign saying they were battery hens as they thought someone might think they are just mistreated. hopefully that wont be necessary.. my only concern tonight was as i was putting them in the coop i saw what looked like the insides of an egg but no shell it was everywhere. it was in the nesting box. I am hoping they havent eaten the shell and it came out like that. I am asuming this is what is meant by a softy. I am taking lots of pics and will post them on once they start to improve....
  4. i have picked a large bag of Broad Beans (we hate them but I wanted to grow them) I have also picked a large bag of Mange tout again and love it. small basket of radish - just right for a change. 11 strawberries
  5. Thank you so much to everyone for there support. The three hens i have in the same run as them, are young warrens and very friendly. They have been chucked out of there coop tonight and gone back into their ark. so the new girls can relax and settle in. I will leave them in there till 2moro afternoon and then I might let them have a peek outside if they want to. but i plan to introduce in the run on Monday. and slowly let them adjust. If they do squable then I will seperate for a bit longer. hopefully by the end of the week they will be sharing the lovely coop my hubby made for them.
  6. In the last 3 weeks we have gone from 3 Hens in the Eglu, then 3 hens at the allotment in an ark, and today we now are the proud owners of 12 ex batts that were rescued this morning. They are locked in the coop at the moment. but I did find it emotional when I took them out of the box and into the coop. seeing them all featherless and defenseless was heart rendering, hopefully they will have a peaceful night. And 2moro is the start of their wonderful new life. So not including the 2 bantam chick boys we now have 18 hens. And thats it. Any tips on the ex batts muchly appreciated.
  7. I will be calling the coordinator 2moro. Thanks for the reminder
  8. I wish i had weighed the first egg as it was enormous. probably why she didn't lay yesterday... She has lais this morning. much smaller in comparison but weighed in at 49g. She came out of the nestbox and clucked so loudly. I think she was proud of herself. and for a minute i thought she was a cockerel... really made me jump lol. She was sitting for ages though. trying to get it out i think. Its all new so i hope she settles down in a couple of days. still very exciting. we still have 5 hens who havent laid yet.
  9. You would have thought my son had one the lottery. Running around with this torpedo shaped egg like it was a golden ticket. My 4 year old was so proud of his hen. Laid him an egg which he had boiled for his tea. amazing for a little boy who doesnt even like boiled eggs. He ate every last bit. He gave his hen Cookie a great big hug and said, Please can i have another one 2moro. well .... He is very disapointed bless him. She had a day off. I think its really funny but he is so not impressed. I told him he had to be patient and she will lay again. And that its new for her and takes a lot of energy to lay him a great big egg for his tea. He then apologised and said, "ok cookie, you've had a day off, can i have one in the morning please" haha. I'm thinking I may have to plant an egg for him to find!!! Is it normal for the hen to lay her first egg and then have a day off?? Im not worrying but maybe i should be.. i just dont know...
  10. I love these pics - just shows how cheeky are hens are....
  11. I'm so sorry to hear about your Hen
  12. not satisfied with the Garden - the girls came into the kitchen and our sweetie perched herself on the chair for an hour. with regular visits from the 2 other girls through out. it was lovely to have her company. They had never ventured into the house before and now we can't keep them out. This morning our Snowbelle Hybrid accidentally flew into the paddling pool and I had to Hairdry her. This bird is so scatty its the first time that I had held her since we got her over a week ago. She put her head on my chest and let me dry her. I finally feel we have pets and not just chickens. They are socialising with us and making us feel part of their lives - so i dont feel so bad now especially as when i saw my stripped sweet pea plant I wanted to bury them in the huge dustbath they had made in my lawn. haha

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