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  1. Thanks for this Mrs Potts, Ours seems to be OK at the moment, so I'm not going to hurry into anything, but it does seem a shame to see her on her own! Thanks again!
  2. Thanks for the sympathy - it wasn't pleasant! We were planning to get some new hens at new point, but are limited to space for 3 max., so it would be a sensible time to do this now I guess. Best to keep them in view of each other, but apart for a few days?
  3. Sadly, Mr Fox got one of our two elderly (5 yr) hens yesterday in broad daylight. They'd always free ranged, although we had been taking some precautions as foxes had visited the garden for the first time in years just recently - our sheepdog saw them off on that occassion. Her traumatised friend has had to be confined to barracks as the only time she is safe is when the dogs can be out in the garden with her (she knows that as well!). Can anyone advise about whether it is sensible/desirable to try to introduce her to a couple of young hens at this stage of her life? She was always the do
  4. Thanks for the tips/diagnoses. She laid a soft egg the following day and has now apparently fully recovered - no more white poo. Strange, but pleasing. I have wormed all three of ours as a precaution. Thanks again, George
  5. Can anyone identify this problem? One of our hens that has not been laying regularly, now has white runny (almost mucous like) poo. She seems under the weather, is not eating, but is drinking. She stayed in her egloo this morning and when out, looks hunched and uncomfortable. She also seems to have lost feathers from around her vent. I haven't seen any soft eggs, but wonder if it might be mites? Any suggestion would be gratefully received! George
  6. Hi, Katy was absolutely right in her prognosis. We had some soft shelled eggs over a couple of days in the garden and I made the mistake of assuming that these were from Gwyneth, the only hen that had not laid so far, but now we've worked it out, it was Nutmeg and she was obviously not feeling great. Good news is, all three are now laying just lovely! Thanks again. G
  7. Hi - thanks. She is young about 22 weeks and has been laying for two weeks. Her eggs have been firm and fine to date. She looks awkward when sitting, tending to put her weight on one side only. However, she had perked up a bit this evening and was scratching around more normally. G
  8. Hi, I'm totally new to keeping hens. We have 3 and have been enjoying them for the last 4 weeks or so, until yesterday, when one of them (Nutmeg), normally the most "in your face" of the 3 changed her behaviour. She looks OK as far as I can tell and also laid (today at least), but spends quite a lot of the time sitting and seems off her food. She will happily eat sweetcorn though, and saw the cat off yesterday, so maybe we are worrying about nothing, but any advice on checking her out, or action that helps would be appreciated. Cheers George

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