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  1. I would. You never know what diseases the rats carry, and in dry weather ( i am sure there is such a thing) they are v likely to use this.
  2. I have just got a grub which is different to my previous ones. All these whether round or not had a plastic hanger at tge rear (moulded as part if grub). This one appears to have screw holes moulded into it. How do i hang it up? Advice please
  3. Has Omlet any plans to make WIRs? It would be great if they would. They could come up with some sort of modular format, which you could extend or even move occasionally.
  4. So the Go has a door that you can put on the side or end. I wonder if Omlet is going to do this to the cube door? It is nice and big, but I would have much prefered it on the side. But this seems inpossible as the height of the door panel seems different to that of the sides. We had wanted to have 2 cubes attached to either end of an v. extended run but found we could not do this. With some minor redesigning I am sure this could be done. Here's hoping Dilly Kenzie Fifty Spikie the as yet unnamed ex batts
  5. I wonder if they are more manoverable than the classic eglu. I have a second hand classic eglu and a cube and they are both great but I always find there is nothing to grap onto when moving them. I like the look of the design of the new Go. I wonder how the floor area of the runs and coop compare to the classic, I think I wish I had known these were in the pipe line as I think I would have gone for one of these compared to my seconhand classic. Would love to hear what people who have got both think.
  6. Yes, I really must get her some company. Do you think she could manage a few ex batts? I would love to have a couple more silkies, but don't travel and can't find any near by. Anyway it must be wonderful watching ex batts expericnce the outside world.
  7. I have just got the most beautiful 4 month old silkie. She is very small, although the breed seems small any way. But I need some advice. She has been fed on wild bird food and I can't work out if I am better off giving her growers or layers pellets. She isn't laying but I don't know when silkies start. Also do chickens urinate?, I thought not but would swear she did. But she seems alert and healthy and has just discover dust bathing. I have well and truly fallen in love with her, so please any advice. Will the wild bird feed actually have any negative effects or am I worrying needlessly. I have started feeding her on 1/2 growers and 1/2 layers) Any views. Also have my name down for ex batts. Do you think this is a good idea with a silkie, will she be able to hold her own.
  8. I have been trying various things out on a new chicken - red & green grapes - not interested - dried meal worms - oh yes - sweetcorn - not interested - cabbage -not interested - slug - not interested - the inside of a marrow I was stuffing - the most popular ( apart from the meal worms). - lettuce - yes I suppose they are like us, each one different and difficult to please.
  9. Getting 6 ex-batts soonish. I have a cube with a 2m run and 2 extensions. I have never had chooks before and would like everything in place when they come. How does it sound to only have the 2m run fisrt with most of the sides shaded off and then get them used to the outside world by degrees by over time extending the run and removing the shades so their new home does not come as too much of a shock. Also I noticed from reading the forum that they will probably be unable to manage the ladder. I do have a large plastic cat basket and also one of those closed in cat litter trays, would these work at a resting place during the day, and then I can lift them into and out of the cube at night/morning? I know I can make a ramp for them but I assume that they will not even be able to use this immediately, but if it as available at least they can try. Any suggestions as to the best type of ramp, does it need ridges etc. I would be grateful for any suggestions as to how to make the transistion easy of them.
  10. Does any one know the approx dimensions or weight of a cube packed down? I have no idea but to get a quote I need some idea. I can put in the set up measurements I suppose but have no idea on wieght.

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