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  1. People turning down my eggs!

    My mother in law is a farmers wife and she won't take our blue eggs -she says it's not natural! I've also been asked if the blue eggs are blue inside! I've only had one person so far refuse my offer of eggs as she was worried about catching something! I do have a friend though who thinks that if you have a cockeral you can't eat the eggs because they've been fertilised. It's no wonder the nation has a problem with obesity!
  2. how long do chickens live for?

    That was an excellent website. I wasn't too keen on his comments about Eglu's though! He is totally wrong!
  3. Poorly chicken -Do chickens miss chickens who have died?

    Thanks for all your comments but Lucy died tonight. She went off her legs and wouldn't move so I cuddled her and she died sitting on my lap. Awful. I hope it was of a broken heart and nothing I'm doing wrong. I can't believe I lost 2 chickens in 10 days.
  4. Who keeps quail in an eglu?

    Hi I'm having quails and a purple eglu delivered on 20th May 2010 as a birthday present from my husband! I'll let you know how I get on.
  5. I wonder if anyone can help me. Last week we had to put our Penny to sleep due to her being egg bound. Our other Lucy who arrived on the same day as Penny has since become very withdrawn and tired and has not interacted with the rest of the flock since last Thursday - Penny's last day with us. She is not eating, only drinking and is doing watery poos - although this morning we did have a curry coloured one from her. I have isolated her from the others and have started worming the whole flock this morning - although I did only do this last month - but I'm never sure if they all get the right dosage! Is it possible that she might be missing Penny - they were inseperable - or could she just be ill. The morning after Penny died Lucy was wondering around the run and kept going back into the Cube as if she was looking for her and then made the most awful clucking noises for about half an hour. She is shaking her head occasionally as well and I've checked all over for lice/mites and in her mouth as well. Any advice greatly received I can't believe there is a possibility I could lose two chickens in just over a week!
  6. Gob smacked!

    Just a little update. Have at last found the hens I want. They arrived on 5th March. Details below - 4 fenton blues and 4 bluebelles - lovely birds and have merged perfectly with my other girls. Please don't ask for photos - I am rubbish at trying to post pictures! Result at last. Having some quails for my birthday in March so see how that goes. At last I'll be getting them from Omlet so all will be well!! Happy Easter everyone!
  7. Gob smacked!

    Chicken Garden - Haughton, Stafford - She knows her stuff but from what my friend was telling me if she doesn't like the look of you she won't sell to you. I wouldn't mind but she was quite happy to sell to me last year. Maybe I've grown two heads since then. My friend did send her husband to get her sisters chickens and she let him buy them off her! Little did she know that the chickens went to the person she refused in the first place! Silly Woman!
  8. Gob smacked!

    Thanks for all the replies. Just been speaking to friend at work and she got her chickens from the same lady but when her sister went to buy some she wouldn't let her have any. Gave her the same line as me. Will try the suggestion from the post earlier. Thanks for all your comments
  9. Gob smacked!

    Also she remembered me from last year because she commented on how lovely our chicken set up was! Sorry but i feel really fed up about this. I adore my chickens and look after them the same as my children!
  10. Gob smacked!

    No she knew we had an eglu because I sent her pics when we bought 3 hens from her last year. I just think she loved them so much she couldn't let them go.I wouldn't mind but she said she's expecting some young fenton blue chicks at the end of march so it's not as if she won't have anymore. If she gets that attached then she shouldn't be in the business, she's just said goodbye to £200 as we would have bought another 12 from her next weekend. Unbelievable!
  11. Gob smacked!

    Thanx. We are on the case already. We will just have to travel further by the looks of things. All she had to do was phone and say she'd changed her mind. It's so unprofessional!
  12. Gob smacked!

    Have just returned from a complete wasted journey to purchase 2 Fenton Blues. The poultry supplier told me that she had just two left and that they were 26 weeks old and would be perfect to be added in with my existing birds. She has already sold me 3 of the birds that we have already. Went to collect at 12 Noon today. No sign of her at her business address. Phone her to be told could we come back later as she was running late. Returned at 3.00 pm - phoned her again - she's on her way. 25 minutes later she turns up. Shows us all her other chickens - we were going to purchase some more POL hens for a hen house we are in the process of erecting next week. She eventually finds the two birds in question and then turns round and tells me she can't sell them to me. She's become too attached to them and can't let them go! I quite understand her attachment but for goodness sake - don't go into the business of selling hens if you can't bear to be parted from them. Needless to say we have returned home chicken less and will not be purchasing any more hens from her. What a complete waste of time!
  13. Layers Mash

    Thank you both! Just wanted to make sure!
  14. How can we stop....

    My hens do this as well. I just scoop the poop out in the morning once I've let them out. Vile I know, but my hens don 't mind going in the box to lay poop or no poop. Some people suggest putting something in the nest at night like a ball or a brick to stop them from sleeping in there. Could give that a go! Good luck!
  15. update on neighbour complaining to council

    Your neighbour needs to get a life!! Poor You!