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  1. I come on here everyday, but I don't sign in and don't usually post! Does that count? I like lurking...
  2. I think Wyandottes are lovely to look at - they're my favourite breed of chicken. I have a Gold Laced Wyandotte called Guinevere. She's lovely to look at, but she's a total nightmare when she's broody! We have to go into the nestbox with thick gloves and a towel to cover her head when we go to chuck her out - if we didn't, I think we'd be covered in bruises and cuts! The only time I can pick her up (when she's not busy, that is) is when in the evening when she's dozy, but she is lovely then! She sings and doesn't stuggle at all. With any chicken, you could get one that's a nightmare or one that's lovely. Even if Guinevere is a little bosy and a bit of a bully sometimes, she's got a big personality and if I could get another Wyandotte, I would!
  3. Wow I've never thought of people turning down our eggs; we usually have lots of people wanting half a dozen at the same time! I would've thought everyone would love the idea of fresh, free-range eggs! Saying that, my Grandad never wants our blue/green eggs because he associates them with duck eggs that gave people salmonella. I have tried to explain to him many times that they are definitely chicken eggs and that we don't have any ducks hidden anywhere.
  4. I bought a Columbine POL in October... she finally started laying mid February... I think it's just one of those things, some hens take longer than others and you just have to be patient and wait! But the good thing is that you will be surprised when she does eventually start laying! I'm sure it won't be long.
  5. My Araucana, Lucy, crows when she gets lost from the others. She is definitely a hen (lays us lovely blue eggs), but the crows are very convincing, especially at 7:30 in the morning - we've had to reassure our neighbours that we don't have a cockerel!
  6. Thanks for the advice! I have just ordered some anti pecking spray from the omlet shop so hopefully that should do the trick!
  7. Hi everyone! Over the past few weeks or so, my Wyandotte, Guinevere, has taken to pecking at my other chickens' backs. I have tried to discourage her from doing it, but I can't watch her all day constantly. It's getting to the point where I'm wondering whether to isolate her in my spare eglu and run or get a bumper bit, but I'm not sure which would be more effective. Any ideas? A few of my other girls are starting to get bald patches down their backs now. Thanks!
  8. We leave the door open so they can get up when they want to. I imagine they're up quite early, as I have heard rather loud egg announcements at about 6:30AM on some days. We open the run door for them depending on the amount of light outside - it's around 7:00AM at the moment.
  9. Here's my Columbine/Skyline, Cassie. She's very friendly, tame and funny to watch so I'd definitely recommend one! I love her little hair-do! Just ignore the state of the garden and the little white hen in the background!
  10. Mine love it. It's great to scatter around the run when we go out - it gives them something to do scratch up for a few hours to keep them from becoming bored. I think for a 25kg bag from our local farm it's £6.90, but it lasts for a good few months for the 8 of them.
  11. Our cats sleep anywhere where there is a duvet or a bed; both is a bonus!
  12. Mine spent a week in their run when we had snow. They're usually out free ranging most of the time and love it, so they must have really hated the snow to stay inside!
  13. Hybrid hens lay all year round. If you get them at POL then they should start laying in a few weeks and will continue laying (unless moulting) for a good few years. You'll only have to wait a few weeks though! I've been waiting months for one of my hens to lay. I don't know anything about ducks, I'm just being a bit nosy round here.
  14. I really enjoyed it, but it wasn't as scary as I thought it would have been. There were a few creepy moments though. Isn't that Wuthering Heights? Or am I getting that totally wrong? EDIT: My bad, just looked it up and there is! Oops.
  15. My Black Rock, Nellie, is brilliant. She looks lovely and lays almost every single day - she's our most consistent layer. I think the Peperpots are the same breeds crossed as the Black Rocks (I could be wrong ), and I've seen a lot of other names for them too. Bovans Nera is one of them. I would definitely recommend them to people. They are very friendly, and very tame with lots of character.

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