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  1. Funny, mine only ever lay soft eggs on the bars too. I bought a cat carrier for the WIR and now none of the girls will lay in the eglu...they prefer the cat carrier But...we have had 3 soft shell eggs now spaced over 3 weeks and they are always laid on the bars
  2. Mine certainly love it... Though I didnt really get a choice...2 days in they destroyed my vegetable patch that was before I thought to make a fence
  3. Have you made a complaint to the courier?? That is totally unacceptable, especially for live animals!! What a nightmare for you!! Really glad they have all arrived safe and well though!!
  4. Mines for the mite....I was told 7 days for mine...hope thats right
  5. Its horrible isnt it....I did that last week - had a pile of eggs that I could only bring myself to throw away on day 7!!! To make matters worse two of my girls started laying during the withdrawal period and I had to throw their 1st eggs away
  6. awwww, poor Tawny! I really hope she picks up!!
  7. That was th ebit I was worried about when I put them into the eglu/ It comes as one piece that bit and I have never tried getting it apart. There is a big cosy gap there for themt hough Hi, hope things are looking better today - fingers crossed for you... I did manage to get the eglu apart toady - needed 4 screws removing and 3 'hexagonal' headed bolts...problem was when I got it apart I noticed that it was hollow inside which I was slightly horrified about...hadnt realised that, thought it was solid plastic..mine is the Mark 1 though, things may have changed. Putting it back together was another issue altogether...one of the bolts cross threaded and after 1 hour I ended up having to 'saw' the head off...lots of fun today
  8. That was th ebit I was worried about when I put them into the eglu/ It comes as one piece that bit and I have never tried getting it apart. There is a big cosy gap there for themt hough I poured as much poultry shield down the side as I could and hope for the best really!! It is a really big gap!! I really hope you get yours sorted soon!! Im due to take it apart again tomorrow and give it the major clean again....so fingers crossed Thanks ANH, I will have another look tomorrow - I could only find the 2 screws on the sides!
  9. Sorry to hear about your problem!! Thank you for the warning!! Ive had red mite this week, only noticed when one of my girls got poorly. Im a bit worried too now as I have a Mark 1 eglu and when I have just been out to look mine is absolutly covered in those pin prick holes - all round the edges and on the roosting bars ridges too - hadnt even considered that they could be harbouring the mites... also...I cant work out how to get the nesting box away from the front 'wall' as there is a gap I cant get in to clean properly....Ive taken the only 2 screws I can see out but no joy!! Maybe the Mark 1 eglu wasnt sold as 'anti-mite' and had been adapted since....starting to wish I had just gone for the cheaper coop!
  10. oh, it gets worse.... My lovely bluebelle Jemima laid her first today.... So today I had 3 lovely eggs...and I can't eat a one of them Typical after a whole month of no eggs!!! It does seem to suggest that the red mite were causing the lack of eggs though.....as soon as we started treating we had 2 new layers...or maybe its just coincidence
  11. Ive got my eye on a French Wheaton Maran (thanks to rufusrooster ) They lay eggs that are chocolate brown... Just wish I had a cube!!
  12. We went to Temple Newsome Home Farm on Tuesday and there were goats, chickens and geese in the same pens..... Then my daughter excitedly announced that there was a sheep in one of the chicken coops.....I had my doubts but went to look (as you do) and sure enough there he was, stood eating the pellets out of a hanging feeder
  13. Probably best to leave them 7 days to be on the safe side I suppose....I've also just seen a post on another forum that said 5 days Im a bit upset as the day after they had the spray Samantha laid her very 1st egg...and I cant eat it
  14. As for child friendly I can certainly recommend Bluebelles and Warrens who were eating out of my kids hands straight away ....Our Light Sussex and Columbine are now friendly a month in but it certainly took more effort!! We also did the same with the eggs....tried to pick 4 girls that all laid different coloured eggs...reckoned it would be easier to tell who had laid what

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