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  1. Ive been checking them all now every day for the last week or so for lice/mites as it was my first suspicion and found nothing - Checked Lola again for the 3rd time today and found a red mite Took the eglu apart and found 2 more on the roosting bars... Only took it apart and scrubbed it down on Wednesday! Feeling very guilty now as I could have found it earlier Think that I didnt really know what I was looking for.... May also explain why the other 2 older girls havent come into lay yet - although they look really healthy! Given it a scrub out best I can tonight and am going to get some poultry shield tomorrow (or saturday morning if I have to get it online) - wish I had bought some in before....you live and learn I suppose Just hope I caught it early enough and Lola perks up - made her some 'pellet porridge' with honey this evening and she seemed to enjoy it so fingers crossed
  2. Tink

    Chickens - which to choose

    Can certainly recommend Bluebelles...our is the friendliest one of our 4..and certainly the boldest...thinks nothing of marching into the kitchen for treats even though she has only been here 2 weeks Came into the living room yesterday - OH wasnt too thrilled!! Also very good with the kids....my youngest is 2 and can tend to be a bit 'grabby'! Also found our warren to be very friendly too...she is a cross Rhode Island Red/Light Sussex. Also have a Columbine and Light Sussex - these 2 tended to be flighty at the start but soon came round with effort.. I think whatever you choose you will be happy with - they all seem to have fantastic personalities and their own little quirks!! Good luck choosing!! Whatever you decide to get your list will probably go out the window anyway when you get to the breeders
  3. Tink

    Olive's turn...

    Lovely eggs!! Id say green too!! what breed is the lovely speckled brown one on the end from?? EDITED to say...never mind, I went back and read the 'line up' and your signature...should read things properly welsummer!!
  4. Thanks engluntine Will do...she was sat on the nest when I went out this morning She was wormed around 2 weeks ago with Flubenvet, but it might be worth doing it again to make sure - is it ok to do it again or is there a recommended period between doses?
  5. After all my complaining for the last month....the wait is finally over :dance: My daughter found our first egg this morning nestled in the nesting box!! And its olive - not the blue I was hoping for but still very happy!! So, we are assuming it is from our Columbine..... It weighed in at 42g so not bad!!! Compared to a normal egg we buy from the local farm.....
  6. I have wondered about the ages...especially my Sussex. The other have red combs but her comb is still pale pink...she looks younger than the 22 weeks she should be. Im not expecting any eggs from her for a while yet!
  7. Funnily enough, my Warren has been crouching for the last month....every time I go near her she crouches straight way. I was also told on one of the courses that if the pelvic bone is spread it is a sign...again, all three have been like that for the last month
  8. 4 months?? Im not sure I can wait that long
  9. Tink

    cats ...

    One of my cats is exactly the same....generally brings us regular "presents" of birds/mice/voles ..some of them are even live when she brings them...thinks nothing of bringing me the gift of a live mouse to scurry round my kitchen She is absolutely petrified of the girls - runs past the run....the only time she has been close to one was when the Bluebelle snuck up behind her and pecked her on the nose....
  10. I have only had a Columbine 4 weeks but havent found she any more agile than the others but all ours have their wing is clipped. We have a 3ft fence with 1ft of trellis on the top to stop them perching on it and the only one of ours who has managed to escape is our Bluebelle. She does like to "jump" across the garden but I havent seen her go particularly high! Am I right in thinking that "flighty" means 'easily upset/frightened' (this is how I had taken it on the forum) - if so then I would agree she is quite flighty but certainly calming down as the weeks go by as she has more 'human interaction'- certainly have to put in the effort.
  11. Tink

    Columbine / Storrs Poultry

    Just noticed one of your other posts too... I purchased a Bluebelle last week from Raw Green Cottages its in Barnsley - dont know if that would be OK for you...I have just looked on her website and she also has Cream Legbars listed...The Bluebelle we got is a fantastic bird, quite easily the friendliest of the 4! I will PM you her email in case you want to contact her..
  12. Tink

    Columbine / Storrs Poultry

    I got my columbine from Storrs 3 weeks ago....very flighty at first but is now eating out of my hand and reasonably friendly. I cant help with the eggs though as she hasnt laid any as yet - she is around 24 weeks old at present. I was told that she has an 80% chance of laying a blue OR green egg. This is her....
  13. Tink

    Brown Hens

    Knew I had seen something.... ISA stands for Institut de Sélection Animale, the company which developed the particular breed in 1978 for egg production as a battery hen.... Meant to say also...my warren is very friendly...cant comment on the egg production as, even after 3 weeks, not one of my 4 has given me any eggs yet
  14. Tink

    Brown Hens

    Not sure if this is right but when I was researching which girls to get I found that a ISA Brown was a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a Rhode Island White. I have a Warren and she is a Rhode Island Red crossed with a Light Sussex..... Am i right in thinking a ISA Brown is a kind of trademark name for RIR and RIW.... and a 'warren' is a RIR crossed with another breed?
  15. Hi everyone... I just noticed a post on one of the other threads that suggested an eglu is big enough for 5 chickens without a run. My eglu does not have the run attached - it is in a WIR which is roughly 6ft x 11ft..... Does anyone have any idea how many girls this would be suitable for?? Thank you!!
  16. Tink


    My OH wont let me use his beer for the slugs.... and my girls wont touch them either... Sugar water also works well if you dont have any beer... I have a jam jar submerged in the soil filled with sugar water and they fall right in
  17. Tink

    Giving Flubenvet

    Hi everyone I just read on one of the other posts that Flubenvet can be given using 1/2 a grape instead of mixing it in to the feed, due to the fact that most of the feed gets spread over the ground I think this might be the best way...Does anyone know the quantity of medication needed on the grape please? Thanks
  18. Whatever you can get hold of! Bluebelles are good! aaahhhhh, funny you should mention a Blubelle....Ive been badgering my OH all day to let me have one So...the OH has finally come round to the idea of another girl going to pick my bluebelle up in an hour.... Im sure you all suggested I can still fit one more in though
  19. Tink

    Giving Flubenvet

    Thats a good idea - thanks - didnt think of that...I was a bit worried that the flubenvet was just sitting at the bottom of the bowl when I'd mixed it - didnt think of using anything to make it stick
  20. Tink

    Giving Flubenvet

    Hadn't thought of that....but now you mention it I know exactly which of the three it would be..
  21. Tink

    Giving Flubenvet

    thanks everyone - I will mix it in with the feed then!! Probably easier than trying to forcefeed them a grape anyway
  22. Tink

    Green eggs!!!

    37 weeks?? Im really impatient and mine is only 26 weeks.... Bet she is one of the 20% white too!! ....ignore that last bit - just double checked my dates and I have had the ages wrong all along...she is only 23 weeks now.....guess I'll be waiting a while Might get some eggs in time for christmas
  23. Tink

    what to put in dust bath?

    I bought a lovely blue cat littler tray and went and bought some playsand to put in it.... they turned their beaks up at it and made themselves a little 'pit' under one of the bushes...
  24. as I mentioned before - the light sussex we have is around 4 weeks younger than the other 2 and spent the first few days hiding and getting pecked....we were really worried......the roles have completly reversed now and she is in charge. we just kept an eye on her for the first few days!
  25. they are gorgeous!! I was worried about my sussex when I got my girls as she is only 18 weeks and the other 2 are 24 weeks - she was very quiet for the first couple of days but is now certainly top of the 'pecking order'!! She is most definately in charge and friendliest of the 3!!