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  1. Whatever you can get hold of! Bluebelles are good! aaahhhhh, funny you should mention a Blubelle....Ive been badgering my OH all day to let me have one
  2. Thank you everyone for the advice...that is good to know so....which breeds should the next 2 be.....
  3. Tink

    Calcium supplements

    Do chickens automatically need calcium supplements or only if they are laying soft eggs?? I keep reading contradicting opinions... Its all very confusing to a newbie If most of you do give them calcium all the time what is the cheapest way of doing it - all the mixtures I have seen seem really expensive (and I have spent a fortune on a superglug and contents for a "first aid" box so cant spend much more this month!!). They do have mixed grit in their pen which includes oyster shell (but Im not sure in what percentage). Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!!
  4. Tink

    Calcium supplements

    Thank you egluntine and sjp. I was just a little confused as I had assumed that you only needed to give extra calcium if you had soft eggs...then today I saw a site that said even healthy layers needed extra calcium supplements. I will just leave them with the pellets for now as suggested.. Ive found there is a lot of conflicting info around and as someone new to all this you start to panic whether or not you are giving them the best care and its hard to know which advice to follow... Im sure I will settle into it soon....hopefully.... Im sure for a while there will always be something to be 'unsure' about until I get more experience.....My new panic for today is the woodchip in my run....it has turned into somewhat of a muddy swamp with the current "monsoon" we are having here in Leeds At least I have stopped peeking in the nesting box every 3 minutes waiting for my first egg...Im trying the 'patience is a virtue' approach... Thanks again!!
  5. Tink

    Citracidal - how much?

    I bought some from the Omlet shop and it says there "You simply add one or two drops to a pint of water" Is this doseage a bit on the low side??
  6. Hello everyone Sorry, I know I have only had them 4 days but need advice already The Light Sussex is 18 weeks old. For the last 2 days she has been sat in the nesting box making a cooing noise. Is that normal behaviour.....from what I have read I would have thought that was 'going broody' but she is very young and hasnt laid as yet.... Any advice please???
  7. No, I've just checked and there is nothing underneath her! Ive been trying to make her go outside and she just keeps returning as soon as I have gone. Also, I have just noticed in the last 5 mins that her poo is almost water - completly different from the other 2.
  8. no, her comb is very pale...cant really say I have seen her squatting either, she is a bit nervous at the moment so mostly tries to get out of peoples way when she is out of the nesting box in the run! The warren squats every time you go near her and her comb is a lot redder but she is about 4 weeks older...
  9. Tink


    Good luck - let us know what you choose
  10. Tink

    Blue egg Layers?

    I got my girls from storrs at the weekend - the guy is really helpul too. Just ring before you go as the stock changes REALLY quickly... I got my columbine from him, she may lay blue/green eggs but the colour can vary...
  11. Tink


    I got a big bottle from ebay really cheap...50ml for £3.49 (that included postage). I was so surprised at how well it worked too. had loads of flies round before and then they literally disappeared when I put the oil on a bit of cloth hanging from the fence!!
  12. The new ladies have finally moved into the eglu (seems quite the day for it from looking at the forum!!)and I promised I would put some photos on when they did...so here goes.... ....first attempt at photos so apologies if too big/small/not there atall... All moved in this morning - seem quite happy and friendly. Looking forward to my first eggs (I really need to stop peeking in the nesting box every 5 minutes!!) and can't wait to see what colour eggs Endora the Columbine will lay as I understand there is quite a spectrum of colours.....pinky, peach, olive, blue, green, white...we are all waiting with baited breath here... Samantha - Warren Lola - Sussex Endora - Columbine
  13. Thank you everyone, glad you liked the pics!! ... Im getting quite addicted to scanning the forums looking for pics of everyones elses girls now, they are all so lovely.... now...how to talk the OH into getting a cube....
  14. Tink


    I did that yesterday - spent WEEKS researching and whittling my list down to a carefully considered selection based on laying abilities, damage to garden, friendliness, etc... very scientific.... got there and picked "the pretty brown one and the one with the fantastic hairdo" Then my 2 year old said "I want the white one".....and that was the choosing done!!!
  15. Tink

    Meet My New Girls

    awwww, they are gorgeous!! I think yesterday was the day for new girls Im very jealous though....no eggs for me yet
  16. she does, I know!!! me and my daughter love Bewitched and thought that was the perfect name for her.... The sussex was going to be called 'Tabitha' but my little boy thought 'Lola' (as in Charlie and Lola) was much more appropriate
  17. Tink

    Egg tally

    Hello everyone... Just got the ladies today so would be nice to start one of these tallys from day 1...Does anyone have an updated version or is the link on page 1 the one everyone is using??
  18. Thank you everyone!!! The hairdo!! I know - as soon as I saw her I said "its got to be that one!!
  19. Hello everyone... Quick question, I am setting up the eglu in the WIR tonight and bought some bark chippings as it says specifically bark on the how to set up an eglu products page. Ive noticed on a couple of other forums it says do not use bark chippings only wood chippings.... Help please......
  20. I keep seeing bits about Auboise....is it fairly cheap? Is it a wood chip like substance or something synthetic?
  21. Hi sjp Thank you for that - yes, Ive done a search and its about a 1/2 hour drive away. I'll definatly look into that when I need to change the chippings!! Hopefully it should work out a lot cheaper getting it from somewhere like that instead of relying on B&Q!! Thanks again
  22. Sorry, yet another question....getting the chickens on Saturday and I think I am getting over excited Does anyopne know where to get very cheap roof netting for a walk in run? Tried knowles and the netting would have cost me £1.92 but the postage was £6..... Need about 3 1/2 ft by 11 1/2 ft.....Just need to get some quickly before saturday! Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!!
  23. Thanks both....I'll look into it... As for the getting much sleep thing, I was just saying to 'Plum' I dont think I made this much fuss when I had the kids
  24. Hi Plum - yes they are coming on Saturday! I will certainly put some pics up when they arrive (thats if I can work out how to do it ) I did toy with the idea of the play area chips today but wasnt sure if they were OK - panicing a bit and just want everything all lovely before they arrive....honestly, I dont think I made this much fuss when I had the kids
  25. Been to B&Q and Ive decided to go with the softwood chippings for now - will see how it goes! Thanks again everyone!!