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  1. Thank you... Im in Leeds (pretty much central)
  2. Sorry, couldnt find my topic for some reason - may have been moved.... I havent found a farm supply place in the area as yet but I should have thought there would be one somewhere near... Will have to make do with B&Q now and look in to how to do it cheaper next time.. Thanks for all the ideas and photos though.... I'll have to put one of my homemade run up...
  3. Thank you everyone - I think I shall have a nosy round B&Q tomorrow and see what they have. Quite glad the hardwood ones are no good though...they are really expensive. Unfortunatly there is only really B&Q in my area that does this sort of thing and they are always on the pricey side
  4. does anyone know if there is any difference between hardwood and softwood chips (apart from the hardwood being double the price) Will softwood chips be OK?
  5. Thanks for the advice!! Its definately a little confusing....when I looked on this site it said bark....I'll have to have a think!!
  6. I originally posted this on the eglus for sale forum and 'jackiepoppies' thought it might be useful information to have on this forum too.... "Thought this might be of use to some of you if considering buying from ebay.... I recently saw a bargain on buy it now but it would have been an 8 hour round trip to pick it up. I found http://www.shiply.com. Great website - You put the details of the delivery needed on and couriers bid to get the work. I used a fantastic company called pronto and had an eglu delivered from London to Leeds for £46 (most other websites had quoted between £100-£200) within 2 days. Would highly recommend them if anyone needs anything delivering".
  7. Hello I have recently asked the council if I could keep 3 chickens in my garden. After debate I was told no! My tenancy agreement says no livestock/poultry. Im SO dissapointed I understand that other people have got round this by keeping ornamental laying breeds which are not classed as poultry/livestock. Does anyone know anything about this? Why they are not classed as poultry and which breeds they are. Any info that could help my case would be very much appreciated!! If I can get as much info as possible and then get back to the council I might have a good chance!! THANK YOU!!
  8. Have written a polite letter to the council explaining my reasons and with all the information and copies of the acts.... just have to wait and see now! Thanks again for everyones help!!
  9. Egluntine... I just read the post you mentioned about the gateshead two... If you read the actual article from the link it does say that the allotment act was cited... Also, it refers to his 'home' and not his allotment... Quote "The Lewises had again faced being turfed out of their Dennison Crescent property in Birtley until an obscure clause in the 1950 Allotment Act provided them with a loop-hole for hanging on to their hens. Now they can now continue to count on fresh eggs for their breakfast each morning, a well as the honey they won the right to in 1989"
  10. no, it is not or has ever been an allotment. There is so much discussion on this point over lots of different forums. One person had a barrister look at the act and they took it to mean ANY piece of land. Some people have definatly interpreted it to mean peoples back gardens as the original act actually states any peice of land cultivated as a garden..... Im really not sure....
  11. Im still unsure whether the allotment act does apply... Got this sent from another forum, its the 1925 Act which the 1950 Act refers to.. 1. Interpretation. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,— “Allotment” means an allotment garden as defined by the M1 Allotments Act, 1922, or any parcel of land not more than five acres in extent cultivated or intended to be cultivated as a garden or farm, or partly as a garden and partly as a farm; Very confusing....
  12. ooohhhhh, thats VERY interesting! Thank you so much for that!! Im just wondering now if it is actually written anywhere that the "any land" bit also applies to rented council gardens... If I can find it stated somewhere then it would be 'cased closed' I read that a barrister had defined it as such but I could do with proof to show them!! Thank you again for that.... there is a glimmer of hope again
  13. Hi Tom Its leeds, yorkshire!
  14. Thank you redwing - am certainly going to keep trying. Have wanted chickens for ages! We have spent weeks sorting out the garden - have arms and legs covered in wounds to prove it Rang the council today and they said no because they are livestock! Like you said, I only want 3!! Its hardly a working farm is it?? Havent tried the ornamental angle yet though - want to get as much information as possible before I launch the "counter-attack" tomorrow I just cant seem to find any written information on the internet that states the fact that they are not classed as livestock...
  15. Thank you! Ive had a quick look round the internet and was thinking bantams may be the way forward (unless anyone else has any further suggestions!!) The only problem is I cant find anywhere specific where it states they are an ornamental breed and not 'livestock' as such...