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  1. I thought our oldie Beatrice was under the weather yesterday as she was a bit quiet, and there were some yellowy runny poos - but I wasn't sure they were hers. I was going to isolate her but she got stressed I let her in with the others last night. Have just picked her out of the Eglu and immediately a lot of very clear liquid came out of her mouth. I am familiar with sour crop, and did what i would normally do then (feel her crop, and tip her head gently for it to come out), but this is a lot of liquid, and is definitely clear, and seemed to be cming out simply when she was dipping her head or standing there. Her crop is balloony, but didn't look that way yesterday morning. I have not noticed her drinking more water than usual. She is gurgling a bit. Has anyone any ideas about this? The vet doesn't open till 9am so just wanted to see if I could gather some information before then. Thank you.
  2. Thanks It was the experience of introducing chickens that was making me wonder so it's good to know it isn't as daunting. If I can get some girl ducks then I shall do it soon. I would prefer to put some younger ones in, but I'll keep an extra eye on them if so.
  3. I have two 10 week old ducklings, Kenny and Dolly. I rescued them when they were 2 weeks old from someone whose child had bought them from a farm at a day old, then realised they couldn't be raised in a child's bedroom without an outside space We have chickens already, and were intending to get ducks before the end of the summer anyway so we weren't completely clueless, though we had to learn a few things quickly and buy a duck house! Anyway, my question is, would now be a good time to get another 2 or 3 girls to add in with them? Before they get much older and while we are still keeping them in full view of the house where we can watch them? And will it matter what breed we get? The current 2 are a mallard and a white (supposedly crested) duck. The only breed of a similar age for sale in our area are India Runners, and this is the breed I wanted anyway, but wondered if they would all be ok together. Or could I get younger ones to put in if we can't get any of the same age? Thank you for any advice
  4. Well, I have two ducklings turning up in half an hour! To cut a long story short, a friend of my niece got 2 from a farm for her kids, kept them in the house, and now at two weeks old they have changed their mind. Goodness knows where they would end up so I have been asked if I would take them. Not ideal but there you go. All I know is one is a male "standard" duck. the other a female with a pompom type head. My partner has picked them up and bought some duckling crumbs and is on his way here. The girls at his work washed them and supervised them in the sink. One of them has a little sore on her neck and wing, and I am not sure what that is till I look at it. We have talked about having ducks this year so we have gone with it. We have chickens already and have had for a few years, and a few acres, and are happy to buy whatever we need for them, though we will muddle through today and tonight. I have a new paint tray here if they are small enough for that and a hutch or plastic guinea pig house. I have been reading through here as best I can, but any tips for a total newbie would be most appreciated. What do I look out for, what are do's and don'ts? How warm do they need to be overnight for example? Am I right to not put food and water out for them overnight? Any other things to be aware of? Sorry it's a bit of a random question! Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks chuckmum6. Do we want chicks? Well, we didn't when we got hens, but we don't mind having them and have been researching our options. We have a few secure outbuildings and as we were going to buy a second coop to get a few more girls anyway we can just bring that forward and buy one this week. Do we have a plan for the boys? Vaguely…we have a woodland area and plenty of space, but I do admit we were more thinking of seeing what happens (which doesn't sound ideal I know, especially if they all ended up being boys). We have quite a few acres and a couple of acres of woodland so we have the space. Do you think it would be best to carry on just breaking her broodiness every cycle the way we have been? 3 days or so in the sin bin? It just seems an awful thing to do every few weeks to her, but it is probably better than the alternative.
  6. I am not sure if she is sitting on fertile eggs…we have a rooster, and she is sitting on a mix of eggs from her and the others. I am not sure how exactly we force her off, simply lift her out (with thick gloves!) and lock her out for an hour or so? Or would you be inclined to remove the eggs and break her broodiness? One of the issues is that she seems to go broody regularly, and we have had to break it a few times, and we wondered if it might be best to just let her go through with hatching. Any thoughts please?
  7. After going broody many times last year and us successfully taking her out of it, this time we have let nature take it's course. Beatrice was in the Eglu for a week and popping out to eat and little and drink and decided she was staying broody. Then 5 days ago we gently moved her and the eggs to a dog crate in our safe outhouse with water and pellets in and she immediately settled on the eggs. She was drinking some water, not eating much. She now hasn't drunk anything for maybe 3 days, and seems to have given up eating. As this is our first time we aren't sure what to do about this. So long as everything is there will she regulate herself? Should we be forcing her to get up, or come out, or anything else? We are starting to get a little worried about her and would appreciate some advice from someone more experienced than us in this. Thank you.
  8. I thought I had posted this reply a couple of days ago, but it seems it had been saved as a draft anyway.... Thank you for reminding me it's getting too cold for chicks...simple things I tend to forget when my brain is in a muddle And thanks for letting me know it's not just my girl luvachicken, I haven't had a broody before, and so it has been new to me, and I have been worrying about her being put in the pen so often as she finds it so stressful, and of course the weather is getting colder at nights for her to be on her own. But I guess that is just how it has to be. I am not bothered about her laying, but she does actually lay regularly in between her spells anyway, bless her. She is back in her puppy pen to cool her down, as usual, and shouting at me every time I go past! We will see how she is after the winter, I am hoping that somehow after her first moult she will stop being broody every month. If not, then we will make a decision then. Thanks so much for your advice and reassurance everyone
  9. Speckly Beatrice came to us with 3 others at POL over a year ago. At first she was as normal as the others, but each month for the last 6 or so she has been properly broody. Each time we have then moved her from the cube nesting box to a puppy pen on stilts so that she gets the cool air under her and can't nest. I hate doing this, and she hates it too, but after between 2 to 6 days she is ready to go back with the others be a normal laying hen. Today she has gone broody again, so we need to get her out of the cube before bedtime so the other girls can get in there. I have been thinking about giving in to her as I feel so sorry for her. We do have a rooster (feisty and nasty in the spring!)and so maybe the eggs she are sitting on (today's batch from my flock of 6) could potentially hatch. It has always been the situation with raising roosters that has put me off; I would hate to have to dispatch them. We do have a 2 acre wood they could live in when older if they were docile enough and would stay there! We have an unused rabbit hutch sitting in a shed with access to outdoors we could move her to today with the eggs and some nesting material. Does she suffer from going broody every months? What would be the best thing for her healthwise? Might she eventually stop going broody on her own? Should we just carry on with our current plan of action of cooling her in a wire pen each time for a few days? What would you do? Thank you
  10. Thank you. It is a prolapse, and I followed guidelines from here and other places. There is no more blood, the egg (with membrane but no shell) slipped out cleanly. She has been cleaned, prolapse pushed in as best I can, manuka honey cream on it, is on her own in the dark for now. She seems relaxed and chirpy. I shall monitor her now and overnight.
  11. One of my girls, aged about 2 yrs 6 months, had just started dripping blood from her back end. She was pottering about quite happily before this, though I don;t think she has been laying much recently, if at all, but most of the girls of this age have eased up on the laying too so I thought nothing of it. The blood is bright red, and looks fresh and is very liquid. Does anyone have any advice or ideas of what to do please? Thank you.
  12. Hello all, We have 7 girls and a cockerel, all about 2 years old. We are moving house next week and the journey to the new place will be 1hr 45mins, so quite a journey. Does anyone have any advice on the best way to transport them? We were thinking we would let them out for 2 or 3 hours in the morning as usual, then tempt them into a dog crate with corn (I am not sure if we could tempt them into the Eglu all at once in the middle of the day) to transport them in our truck, then they will have 2 to 3 hours at the other end to eat and settle before going to bed. If so, should we cover them with a blanket so that they are in the dark on the journey? We will have a new large fenced run set up for them up there to be put straight in, and their Eglu will be in place before their bedtime. Or is there any mileage in taking them very early in the Eglu, before they get up? Of course we won't let them out of the run and into the wider world until they are properly settled in. Anyway, any advice or other tips would be appreciated
  13. Thank you. He seemed pretty certain it wasn't any form of peritonitis. She has seen him 3 times in the last 7 days so I am hoping that would be enough for him to know - on Thursday he said if it was egg peritonitis she would be dead by now? It was a different vet today and he also didn't think it was. I have just popped her back in her hutch after a few hours outside in a pen, and the swelling and redness is down a lot, though she does still have a minor rattle in her chest - though that could be the stress of being popped back inside. I'll see how she is in the morning - this is a different sort of illness than I've dealt with before.
  14. Thanks for that. All this time and I didn't know it was normal She does have missing feathers there so I could see it, but it was sticking out further than normal. I took her into the vet as i didn't want her to wait until Tuesday, and he was concerned about how swollen and red it was. He checked she didn't have any eggs stuck, and gave her an anti-inflammatory injection and more antibiotic. Hopefully everything will clear up for her in a day or two.

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