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  1. we've got too male rabbits,have had them a year in june.up until recently they were happy together,started off in a rablu,then put them in a hutch for winter and now put them back in the rablu,they seem to be trying to mate all the time,so have now seperated them(they can still see each other) i am hoping if i have them "done" they will be better towards one another and will be able to put them back together..fingers crossed!
  2. i need help getti8ng my pics on here aswell! have tried adding pics into an album on gallery but thats empty,have tried to get a pic for my avatar but had no luck,have put some pics on photo bucket so will keep trying-as waqnt to show people my girls and boys and our eglus. will keep trying!! katie xxx the pink palace with bob aka roberta sparkle princess the purple palace with carrots tufty magic and the lovely splodge our kitty
  3. does any one know the weight of the eglu and run,i have the dimensions from the brochure,but have no idea of the weight,and it won't let me proceed on the form without the weight. #katie x
  4. loving the eglus with the swapped doors and bottoms-wish i'd thought of that!! i've got a and a shall swap the doors tomorrow love all the colours,they are bright and lovely looking!!
  5. That is a real bargain,good luck with your cube and your hens when you get them.....
  6. I will try and put some pics on soon-when Ive worked out how to put them on here! may have to ask my 12 year old son!. am really loving our new hens-they are so friendly which is great for the children. Katie xx The Pink Palace with Princess Sparkle Bob First Today!! 10/06/09 Arriving Saturday for either more or
  7. My daughter and i drove all the way to nuneaton and back to collect a pink eglu(now named the pink palace!) we washed and scrubbed it and made it lovely for the hens. I went yesterday to get 3 hens and they are lovely,seem very happy in their pink palace,we even had our first egg today.....my children are thrilled with them,as i am too. Katie The Pink Palace with Princess, Sparkle and Bob(my son's choice!) First 10-06-09 and coming Saturday for maybe some more or some
  8. Electricbarberella-ditto to all the above comments-keep up the good work. Katie x arrived today!!! 7-06-09 collecting tomorrow coming at the weekend for the rabbits
  9. i really want an eglu aswell,think ive been watching and bidding on the very same purple eglu on ebay as you mummy hen.... i didn't know you could get reconditioned ones-thanks for the tip.... i am new to all this,have wanted anpurple eglu for ages and only came accross the omlet forum today-thanks to my friend lorraine who has a red eglu...and two lovely girls... good luck mummy hen on your search for your eglu... katie x and soon i hope

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