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  1. Thanks for all of the advice, I'm glad to say she seems to have recovered. After much tooing and froing to the nest box yesterday she laid an egg covered in gunk and has since then been back to her normal self x
  2. Hi, I would really appreciate any advice about one of my girls. We have been away on holiday and the girls went to stay at my sisters. We picked them up today and since getting them home have noticed that Delilah seems unwell. Her vent area is constantly exposed and seems swollen, it is very pale in colour. She does not seem bothered about eating although will have a couple of treats but not as enthusiastically as normal. She also just seems generally unwell and is moving around very slowly and seems lethargic. I haven't picked her up yet as she does not like being handled and I don't want to distress or hurt her. If you have any idea what this could be or any advice I would really appreciate it. Thanks x
  3. I have had my 2 girls for about 9 months now and have only ever had 1 softie - after one of them had laid a gigantic double yolker! Over the past couple of weeks one of them has laid about 4 softies - we have had the occasional 'proper' egg as well. They have access to grit at all times and she generally seems to be well and is still eating as far as I can tell. I was just wondering if there is anything else that could be causing this - should I worm them just to make sure or could this not be causing the problem? Thanks in advance x
  4. Delilah is still broody and it seems that the more we try to snap her out of it the worse it gets. If we shut her out of the Eglu she just sits next to it. If we put a brick in the nest box she just sits next to that. We are getting her out and letting her free range twice a day to make sure she is eating etc. Last night we tried her in a cage. As soon as we put her in she went mad flapping and jumping around and banging herself against the sides of the cage. Please can someone let me know if this is normal? We took her out after only a couple of minutes as I was worried that she would hurt herself. Also, should she be kept in a broody cage all the time and how long for? Thanks so much, I never realised how difficult dealing with a broody is! x
  5. We have tried her in the cage but she was jumping and flapping a lot and have taken her out as we were worried she would hurt herself. We have bricks in the nest box but she is just sitting next to it instead. We are taking her out of the eglu whenever we are at home and shutting the door so she can not get back in, is it likely that she will get bored and give up soon?
  6. Delilah is still broody, she has been for about a week and a half now. We have managed to borrow a crate from someone but just wanted to check that we are doing the right thing. She has been out this evening and had a drink, some food etc. We are now about to put her in the cage for the first time for tonight. I just wanted to check whether we should be leaving her in there all the time? Does she stay in there at night? Should we let her out to free range? How long should we leave her in the cage for? Thanks so much, have never dealt with a broody before and feeling a bit anxious x
  7. We have now managed to dunk her (heavy duty garden gloves required!) and she tried to go straight back in! We have shut the door for now but she is still trying to get in and I feel so guilty!!
  8. Delilah is broody! She is OK to come off the nest when we are letting them free range but the rest of the time she seems to be firmly clamped to the nest. Not sure what to do for the best. Struggling to get close enough to dunk her so have sprayed her with the hose which she was very unimpressed with! Miss Hetty is laying so I don't want to shut the Eglu door (we're not here for most of the day so won't be able to spy for when she wants to lay). We don't have a crate which we can put her in at the moment, are there any other suggestions? Thanks x
  9. Hi, i work at the company that make ready brek (weetabix!) and it is fine for a treat as it is only made from porridge oats, nothing added apart from vitamins. Weetabix does have small levels of salt and sugar added so i woul be a bit more cautious / use less often. Hope this helps! Liz xx
  10. Just after some advice - when should I worm my chickens? Have had them for about 3 weeks now so just wondering when they should be done? Thanks x
  11. I have read lots of advice on this site about handling chickens etc but am still struggling! Not having any luck with picking up either Miss Hetty or Delilah. My OH tried to stroke Delilah about 15 mins after they had gone in to roost the other night but she just pecked him! They are more than happy to eat out of our hands but that is about it. Just wondering if anyone had any advice? xx
  12. Thanks for the advice - think I am going to try hanging some things from the run, I have put corn on the cob up but they completely decimate it in about 5 mins! I'm sure they are fine and I am just worrying unnecessarily, I just don't like to think of them being bored! Definitely won't be letting them free range when we are out all day though. Thanks again x
  13. We have had our chickens for about a week now and I don't feel confident enough to let them free range when we our out at work all day. I was just wondering if there is anything I can put in the run to stop them from getting too bored? They are on bark chippings and seem to enjoy digging around and we normally give them sweetcorn on the cob when we get home in the evening which they love playing with (and eating) but was wondering if there is anything which will keep them entertained in the day? Thanks x
  14. Thank you all for replies. The girls went to bed peacefully last night!
  15. This is our second night with our new arivals and thought we were going to have trouble getting them to bed. We thought it would be a good idea to turn the kitchen lights off (facing the garden) and also we removed the solar powered lights dotted around the garden. We thought this might be confusing them! They went to bed soon after so I'd give it a try if you haven't already! Liz x
  16. Miss Hetty and Delilah have now ventured out and seem to have settled a bit better into their new home. They have been fine all day and suddenly I heard a lot of squaking and Delilah has started pacing (manically!) across the end of the run by the door. Just wondered if anyone has experienced anything similar and if I should be worried? Thanks x
  17. Thanks so much from your advice. Am watching from my kitchen window and Miss Hetty is starting to emerge so obviously feeling brave! Thanks again xx
  18. My lovely new chickens (Miss Hetty and Delilah) arrived this morning. Not long after they arrived they have gone into the Eglu and have been there all day. I'm worried as they have had nothing to eat or drink since they arrived. It also looks as though one or both of them have a bit of diahorea (sorry bad spelling!). A police helicopter went over very low not long after they arrived so I wondered if this may have frightened them? Any help would be much appreciated as I am really worried about them!

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