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  1. i have found that having plent of feeding stations works well. i have integrated the chicks into the run with the big girls, but they are still choosiing to sleep in a seperate hutch at night. having few feeding stations allows everone to eat without anyone stepping on anyone elses toes if you see what i mean?! good luck teri
  2. thanks claret i have checked for mites and she looks clear but i'm gonna treat her anyway just to be safe my girls are due at the end of the month so i'll do her with them i think. ...I'm surprised mostin hasn't spotted this already...lol
  3. Skelig has now moved into her own little run in the garden next to my WIR all my other chooks have introduced themselves, most quite nicely. Spike however is not impressed! she is my top chick and obviously feels threatened by a bald chicken half her size! i have to admit concidering her condition Skelig held her ground very well...i'm just glad that they are seperated by the mesh on the run! Skelig has completely ignored the attention of the dog and the chicks, now about 16 weeks old. as for finding her owner i've left a poster in the pub next to where she was found apparently she was seen a few days ago by a collegue at work so she is lucky to still be with us and not the victim to a fox or a truck. she is eating very well and behaving very much like a chicken, plenty of scratching round and pruning of her remaining feathers! i have suppliemented her water with a seaweed based vitamin, but was wondering wether or not i should worm her straight away or give her time to settle in a bit? what do you think?
  4. yesterday evening on the way from work to uni i spotted a chicken at the side of the road pecking away at the undergrowth. this particular road has no pavements so she was in big trouble especially as this is the main road out of cannock to the m6! wearing my 3" heals and a suit i was dressed for the occausion!!! not!!! i begged some cereal from a near by house and much to the amuzement of three blokes in a white van i scrabbled aound in the nettles and thorns to catch her. she is now in a large cat carrier in the garrage with plenty of food and water. i think she is a battery hen as she looks liks someone started plucking her for dinner and gave up half way she has a completely bare bum! the children have named her Skelig because of her condition. i'm going to put an advert in the paper but am secretly hoping no-one claims her as my children are on a mission to turn her into a beauty. i'll post pics later.
  5. thanks for you support and you're right i'm just trying to get him to have a bit of a lie in! we love him to bits and would hate to loose him.x
  6. hi tasha you're right about the three tier hutch! i'm trying the cat box tonight but making him his own section is also a good idea. we really don't want to part with him he belongs to my seven year old son and we have already had tears just at the mention of letting him go thanks for the advice teri
  7. Roy the chick, named afterGrandad Roy, has developed into rather a noisey cockrel. He is not a constant crower, just first thing in the morning for about 15- 20 mins then not a peep all day. he is getting louder and louder though any advice would be great about tips for keeping him quieter. thanks in advance teri
  8. first here's a picture of Fuzz although i've also put him on another post somewhere!! but this is mainly an update on his cock a doodle. he is fab!!! he was practicing all last week and began to get VERY loud, and a bit of a worry cause of the neighbours. then over the weekend he completley stopped? not a peep was heard by anybody at all, until exactly 6.30 this morning whe he let rip with ten minutes of continuous alarm calls. this is exactly the same time my alarm is set for and even though i am at the front of the house and he is at the back and all the windows were shut i could hear him as plain as day! i saw my neighbour as i was leaving for the school run and was expecting a grumble as they sleep closer to Fuzz at the back of their house but i had a pleasant surprise. their alarm had failed to go off and Fuzz had stopped them from over sleeping . apparently they prefere him to the bleeping anyway! i'm just hoping he continues to distinguish the difference between work days and weekends! or is that asking a little too much???
  9. I am tempted to do this... i'd have done it myself but as andrew will tell you computers don't like me!
  10. mine took about 10 days...layed for a few weeks....and is now broody again!
  11. can someone please touch up disco stu's picture and add a big collar, a medallion, a glitter ball and a light up dance floor!!! cause that what i can see when i look at his picture...he's fab!
  12. would it be worth just trying one of them with wobbler until he is stronger? that way he has a better chance of defending himself and will have a friend much quicker, pehaps a bit of moral support when you introduce the rest? just an idea good luck teri
  13. i have a silkie bantam who is most likley a hybrid. she sat on a dozen bantam sized eggs earlier this year. these eggs were of a simular size to the ones she had been laying herself. out of the twelve five did not hatch, four of these turned out to be infertile the other just did't make it, not sure why. Being new to this i didn't trust my candling and so all 12 remained with her until the hatch. it was only when she left the nest with the hatchlings that i removed the last 5 eggs. as you can see she coped brilliantly with 7 chicks and all are now 14 weeks old and thriving.....she is broody again!!!! i'm sure your hybri will be fine with six eggs good luck and keep us posted teri
  14. letting them free range together first is a good idea as they can escape to safety if needed. just watch them for any signs of aggression. i introduced my silkie to two established light sussex in one day! they free ranged together without incident and took themselves to bed as a trio! the sussex are quite a bit bigger than the silkie but they are all fine together. simple thing such as having extra feeding stations also helps as they can become aggressive over food. good luck and let us know how you get on.
  15. chick crumb is fine for the chicks and don't be afraid to let them scratch about themselves. mine have been eating everything they can get their beaks on since they were a few days old including grass, corn, bugs and table s"Ooops, word censored!"s. be sure to avoid giving them oyster shells though as they are to young. my chicks went onto growers mix and chick grit at about 10 weeks and are thriving. at 13 weeks they moved into the run with the big girls but still have seperate sleeping quarters. they are now 14 weeks old and as you can see coping very well with the big girls good luck and be assured that chicks are surprisingly hardy little things ps if you post pictures someone may be able to identify their sex if you are worried

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