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  1. think that wins the numbers game! I have 8 hens, 2 dogs - 1 ancient Golden Retriever and 1 young Newfoundland - and 4 small children! Would love rabbits but OH has threatened a walk out! Would also love goats, alpacas, ducks, sheep, ponies, pigs, donkeys and anything else I could lay my hands on, but thats more of a dream than a possibility!!
  2. I have a red cube and had 4 hens in it with a 3m run and minimal fr time for nearly a year - they were quite happy, but i did introduce branches, hanging cd's and hanging veg.
  3. Think I read somewhere that you can mix a little bit of oil - vegetable oil maybe? - to help it all stick together. Or honey maybe - they'd love that Soemone will hopefully be along to correct me soon
  4. Might need a few of it's buddies I would struggle to turn over an eglu with run attached, wouldn't think a fox could do it
  5. Have never posted here before as I'm not much of a cook but having seen the lemon curd receipe somewhere on the forum I thought I'd give it a go - yummy Then decided to use the left over egg whites so made meringue nests for the kids to have with fruit later. Had 2 very past it bananas so made a banana loaf cake. Then thought maybe I'd make a big sponge cake and use some of the lemon curd as filling Haven't done that much cooking in a day for ages and feel really chuffed with myself
  6. So Sorry to hear about Jean Must be very upsetting for you all. I'm sure it's not anything you're doing wrong, just unfortunate these things happen together I'm sure she had a great 8 months of freedom with you
  7. So apparently salmonella would only have shown up in our samples within about the first week of being poorly - when they don't take samples cos it's 'just a tummy bug' so by the time they tested us we were clear. Can however cause ongoing gastronenteritis for some time - this is the doctors theory anyway! Going to get the chooks poo tested by retford just in case - and to reassure OH mainly - but I'm not sure it a) was salmonella in the first place and b) we caught it from our chooks
  8. Didn't reaslise Heinz didn't use freerange Not sure I can give up my salad cream, will try M&S and Waitrose for comparison but they better be good
  9. Oh my, can't believe how vicious some of those people were! Am very happy to be part of an open minded and accepting forum
  10. Hi Rachel, Can highly recommend the cube, I love my but remember you actually need to access all the way round - one side for the nest box, the other for the door handle and the back for the poo trays. Sorry, don't want to make it more complicated, but you don't want to spend all that money and then not be able to use it You don't actually have to use the nest box door tho - you could always just slide the top forward and take the back off. Slightly bigger job to get to your eggs but not difficult
  11. Yes, I expect she will, although I thought she was a gonner this morning - opened the eglu door she didn't appear. Gave her about 1/2 hr then thought I'd better look so I climbed in the run in my pj's, got my knee in a curry poo and opened the egg port, expecting to see a poorly or dead chook. Instead she looked at me, stretched and stolled out the door - 'oh, is it morning already? OK, I'll get up'
  12. Finally got my new girls from Cotswold Chickens! Speckles Lightening (and Speckles fluffy knickers! Chip and Dory behind her Can't see from this cos she's at the front, but Dory is much smaller than the others One of the old girls, Toffee, really cross about the newcomers! My newfie puppy, cross because I kept her in while I settled the new girls (ignore the kitchen mess in the background )
  13. Thank you Jools, I have emailed them already and no, its def not a huge price to pay so I can be sure! Chucky Mama, no, not really. My OH has been unwell since his birthday 9/4 and although he is feeling much better, not there yet. I was unwell for about 7 weeks over Jan and Feb and then fine, until a couple of days ago when I'm worried it's come back
  14. I will have to call the doctors surgery tomorrow and ask them to confirm if they did test for salmonella if you think this should have been a routine test. Don't know if they'll have the answer or not - might go down the route of finding out how much to get them tested at retford poultry, as I just know my OH's going to say he won't eat the eggs and I shouldn't give them to anyone

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