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  1. I'd normally post this in the Nesting box US but there's more activity here... This is a petition for allowing chicken keeping to continue in the city of Columbus, Indiana. It's a place I randomly discovered on a drive whilst on holiday and when I checked out the town on Facebook it turns out there's a chicken-keeping initiative there, but it's under threat: https://www.change.org/p/mayor-jim-lienhoop-allow-chickens-in-columbus As a henkeeper of several years now I just had to sign it. If any of you guys have a spare minute, please feel free to help out by signing it also!
  2. Had to have poor little chicken of fate Houdini to sleep today. Unfortunately she had what our vet suspects to be a tumour. She'd been ill for some time and had finally reached a level where she wasn't eating or moving much. Once it became obvious that she was at least uncomfortable, we had to make the call. It's such a shame as she was a very gentle, trusting and friendly little hen with a squeaky voice, we're going to miss her. Here's a photo of her in happier days: ...and here's her story from a previous Omlet forum posting:
  3. RIP Tipsy, nearly six years is quite an impressive innings. sleep tight.

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