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    Word Association Game #28

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    Word Association Game #28

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    Word Association Game #28

  4. I'd normally post this in the Nesting box US but there's more activity here... This is a petition for allowing chicken keeping to continue in the city of Columbus, Indiana. It's a place I randomly discovered on a drive whilst on holiday and when I checked out the town on Facebook it turns out there's a chicken-keeping initiative there, but it's under threat: https://www.change.org/p/mayor-jim-lienhoop-allow-chickens-in-columbus As a henkeeper of several years now I just had to sign it. If any of you guys have a spare minute, please feel free to help out by signing it also!
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    Word Association Game #28

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    Total Chicken Counter

    RIP Robin = 2284
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    2282 -
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    Word Association Game #28

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    Help please. FURTHER UPDATE

    good stuff, she sounds much better!
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    RIP Houdini. 2549-1=2548
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    Word Association Game #28

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    RIP Houdini

    Had to have poor little chicken of fate Houdini to sleep today. Unfortunately she had what our vet suspects to be a tumour. She'd been ill for some time and had finally reached a level where she wasn't eating or moving much. Once it became obvious that she was at least uncomfortable, we had to make the call. It's such a shame as she was a very gentle, trusting and friendly little hen with a squeaky voice, we're going to miss her. Here's a photo of her in happier days: ...and here's her story from a previous Omlet forum posting:
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    RIP Tipsy

    RIP Tipsy, nearly six years is quite an impressive innings. sleep tight.
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    End of an era

    RIP Agnes!
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    Total Chicken Counter

    2546 - 1 = 2545 RIP Troy!