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  1. Thanks everyone. Will see how she goes this week. the babies are supposed to be gold bhrama bantams but could well be anything!! we have put a big rabbit run up in the garden with a tarpaulin over the top and sides, with a little house for them to go into when its cold, and are planning to put them in there next week with mum unless she has ohter ideas!! They have quite a few feathers now so hopefully they will be ok.
  2. Our chicks are now 5 weeks old. Everytime we open the door to the hutch they are in with mum, mum likes to get out for a mooch aboiut without her babies. Are we getting to the stage that she needs to be separated from them and if so do they need to be under a heat lamp inside? If the answer is yes can someone please give me temperatures ect they need to be under and for how long. We are getting some growers pellets today to start mixing with their chick crumb but its the separating bit we are confused over!
  3. No thats definatly not right! Throw it away and start again. Make sure your new marrow is clean and dry before you fill it and hang it up!! Very sweet but lovely when it is done!!
  4. Out chicks are 1 week old and are on chick crumbs. At what age can they eat other things? and at what age do they go onto growers pellets. All the books we have read are confusing
  5. I have been looking at the mini advance but does it control the humidity? Would olove to buy 2 but oh might have a coronary if i do!!
  6. no pics as everytime i get the camera near she calls them to her and they disapear! Clearly wants to be paid to have photos taken!!
  7. Just wondering if anyone has used an r c rom mini and what were your thoughts and results After a bad experience with our incy we are thinking of getting something else but we dont want anything to big and it must be fully automatic
  8. All going well, she was obviously just being protective! We have 3 little fluff balls and mum is fantastic with them
  9. Nothing from incy so i am guessing they are all dead On a happier note, 3 little chicks from under the broody
  10. Thats what i thought but just wanted someone to tell me!!!!! fingers crossed for 3 little fluff balls tommorow or more!! Am hoping for at least one to hatch in the incy for the kids to see!!
  11. Just went to feed chooks and the little banty who is sitting on eggs got up and attacked the eggs that were hatching 3 out of 5 are breaking through the shell. Is this normal behaviour or is it because we were around and she was protecting them Have told everyone to KEEP AWAY FROM THE BROODY. Any advise would be very appreciated, this is our and her first time and we are all learning by our mistakes. Nothing so far from the ones in the incy
  12. just heard a little cheep through an egg that is under the little broody Nothing as yet from the incy Fingers crossed that we have a little chick tommorow
  13. Good luck! our silki was so noisy he had to go!! 4 30 i the morning start, the most crows we counted before we gave up and went back to sleep were 34!!
  14. No chance of getting another incy so will do what you have sugested and manualy turn them for a couple of days. This is the first time we have done this and are learning fast!!
  15. In that case then it sounds promising This is her first time of hatching so we really hope she does well and gets at least one baby to look after. All ready indoors now for when/if the eggs in the incy hatch. Only problem now is we have 2 big eggs and 3 banty eggs in incy and i believe banty eggs hatch after 18 days and big hens hatch after 21 so not to sure when to stop the turning mecinisim. ~please someone tell me if im right or wrong, i now know we should never have mixed banty and big eggs and have learnt from it. Any more sugestions are gratefully recomended

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