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  1. Mine get one or two treats daily this is mainly grapes (only a handful) or some corn, banana or peas left over from dinner etc... it's fine aslong as in small quantities and as long as its at the end of the day so they get the required ammount of pelets
  2. Hey its been a while So i went to a farm the other day and picked up two new hens (they are living in a seperate house, plan to have all 6 living together one day but for now, or until they are both laying atleast they are living in their own house & run ) The farm (I assume it was a farm ) where we got the two new girls had pens with mixed breeds in. They were all in really good health though and we checked thoroughly.. except Scarlet is de-beaked (is this what you call it?) but it doesn't affect her in the slightest. So we're not sure what breeds we've got, we just picked two and hoped for the best. Apparently the pens were 'Hybrid & Pure Breed" but i'm not sure how accurate that is.. Anyway, any ideas? pictures: (Millie is the black one we're unsure of, pretty sure Scarlet is a warren/ranger/isa brown) Thankyou.. your help is much appreciated!
  3. we just put two fingers on each side of her beak and pry it open - not forcefully though, just enough pressure- she will let you know when your hurting her! and then just slip it into her mouth, the nose bits go in pretty much by themselves.
  4. What a good idea. Where did you get the plastic sheeting? I've been looking everywhere for it and can't seem to locate any Thank you in advance
  5. Not one of my little girls wanted to come out this morning. I don't blame them though, we had about 8 inches of the white stuff. beware of the snow chickens! there is no way you're getting me out in that! even Yvie didn't look impresssed.. despite the fact her house was covered in snow. yvie tried to walk outside, but she realised it was a lost cause when it covered all of her legs and half her body
  6. For breeds I would go for a mix of hybrid & pure breed as you are then garunteed to get plenty of eggs over a long time. I have 2 black rocks and Esmee is really lovely, lays an egg every day, gets along with everyone else, she's really pretty, and is so friendly she jumps onto my lap for a cuddle. She's my favourite My other Black Rock lays enormous eggs but is less friendly. Black rocks are beautiful and the colours range from a black hen with petrol coloured sheen, to shot through with gold from head to tail. Both are beautiful (I have both!) They are also very hardy. I also have an ISA Brown and a bluebelle. I would recommend a ISA Brown as they are the original hybrid and lay loads of eggs, and they are huge brown ones. They are the standard little ginger hen. I wouldn't however recommend a bluebelle, although she is pretty she lays very tiny pink eggs. The darker black rock The lighter one ISA Brown (otherwise known as Warren or Isa Warren) And these are the eggs from both the black rock's and ISA browns I would personally love the choice of blue eggs and cream legbars are beautiful
  7. I would just keep an eye on both Lily & Smokey. I too found that all anti peck sprays didnt work Unfortunately once this habbit has started it is particularly hard to break. Ukadex is good though, so I would give that a try. I have even resorted to bumper bits which unfortunately have not worked!! Lots of people have had great success with them though, so that is also an option. My hen is still pulling people's feathers, and so this afternoon i'm going to pick up some new housing so she can live on her own. I'm not saying this will happen to you because this is a very extreme case, but I would recommend nipping this in the bud before it's too late.
  8. Martha isnt in the best of health at the moment, she wouldnt eat for 2 days until today and has been sat in the corner looking sorry for herself. today however she's eaten some banana and had a little drink. I decided she was perking up a bit so let them in the garden for a free range. She was eating a bit of grass when suddenly she started running around the garden like a headless chicken(no pun intended! ), flapping her wings and squaking. Everyone else carried on eating so Im sure nothing spooked her- she then did this every 5 mins ish until i decided enough was enough and put her back inside she obviously isn't well. I gave her a little check over, crop seems fine, she layed yesterday but not today but she doesn't lay every day. I really have no idea what's wrong with her. I was considering taking her to the vets but because she's eating, drinking and her poop is fine i'm trying to avoid the costly vet bills. Any ideas?
  9. they are lovely, i particularly like snowdrop.
  10. Martha has layed an egg and it's quite a big one for her but it isn't huge, i would say average sized. But she still hasn't eaten/drunk anything, she's still doing the wierd walk with her legs and just stands there hunched up looking sorry for herself We put on a bumperbit 4 days ago as she is a suspected feather-plucker and at first she didnt like it but then got used to it and carried on as normal. But now she keeps trying to get it off and she won't eat anything. I'm now thinking it wasn't her pulling feathers, rather it was Yvie who's bumperbit has already worn out. So i will replace Yvie's and take off martha's.
  11. Martha isn't feeling quite right. I went outisde earlier and brought the girls a few strands of warm spaghetti - their winter favourite. But martha didn't come running over as she normally does, instead she was standing hunched in the corner.. i'm really worried! she's normally the first to get to the food. Her crop seems fine, but she hasn't layed today, she normally lays every day but now and again she misses a day. I've never seen her like this though, when she walks (away from me and the food) she lifts her legs up really high and strains her bum in a squatting position, then raises her leg up really high again. I have got a petcarry and padded it out with straw and wrapped it in old carpet 3 times to insulate it and put it in the WIR. (she can't come in side as we have 2 dogs) Is there anything else I can do to help her and/or what's wrong with her? Thankyou xx
  12. slow and steady wins the race you could put the eglu run in the wir and attatch some sort of temporary housing at the other end, so the girlies can all live together but with that added bit of safety. The original girls can then get to know the newbies and vice versa. This may speed up the introductions slightly but i do think the introduction period shouldn't be any shorter than 10 days, just to be safe. When you feel comfortable they are settled in, after the introduction period, put them in the house with the other hens at night and you should be away.
  13. I made a dustbath for my girlies, but they too decided to make their own in the garden. If they free range they will probably find their own dustbath, therefore you don't need one in the run. However if they don't freerange, I would use a horse-type-bedding on the floor of your run [this needs to be on a hard surface i.e slabs and covered from the rain] they will dustbath in that. Or you could just put a very small tray of dry soil/tiny bits of shredded paper [this is what mine like to dustbath in) at the end of the run. They will make the most of it, and in the winter they won't want to dustbath much anyway. In the summer they will find a flowerpot or flowerbed and help themselves

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