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  1. If you have voices in your head you are perfectly qualified for organising an Omlet swap
  2. I'm better thank you This is my beautiful and perfectly stitched Easter picture. I absolutely love it! Thank you so much I would be up for another swap but have not got time at the moment to organise as up to my eyes in chicken stuff as I've been made the UK Registrar for my breed - Thuringians and should be working on revising the standards and writing an article for the Rare Poultry Society...... I have the addresses though which I can forward on to make it easier for the next person
  3. I'm sorry, I haven't forgotten about a photo. Not very well at the moment but will sort one out very soon of my gorgeous pressie.
  4. Watched it tonight and saw my friend hairdrying the bottom of her Sulmtaler at the Reading bantam show. We had penned the birds up the night before and her bird did a really mucky poo in the night and then sat in it It went on to win the best Sulmtaler so had a good clean up job!
  5. Ok, confession time I was feely a bit poorly on Good Friday so opened mine then I had the most gorgeous cross stitched Easter picture in a lovely blue frame - most of my house is creams and blues so it looks perfect. The stitching is tiny, I so could not do anything like that! I will post photos later today but thank you so much, I absolutely love it
  6. Hi all, hope you are having a good Good Friday I have checked my records and all parcels have been posted and should arrive by tomorrow if not already received Mine is driving me mad sitting on the mantelpiece and has been almost opened so many times but I have so far resisted....... Thank you to everyone for making this one very easy to organise and hope you have a Happy Easter. Don't forget the photos
  7. Mine's posted and also arrived. It is looking at me tempting me to open it but I'm resisting at the moment.......
  8. Evening everyone The details of your swappee have now been sent out
  9. The names I have are Egluntyne Andrea T Ms Marple Plum chuckmum6 Lesley couperwife craftyhunnypie patsylabrador TheGirlsMum Parsley JenniferJane loumabel bluekarin snowberry freddie AJuff Can anyone who did not take part in the Christmas swap or has moved house since then send me their address. I can then do the draw and let everyone know who they have The latest posting date will be Monday 25th March but please use an appropriate level of postal service to ensure delivery in time ie first class if posting this late. Now I had better get crafting
  10. This is the last call for Easter swappers. The names will be drawn this weekend
  11. It is my friend who got best Sulmtaler at the show She breeds the standard black wheaten and also the non standard blue wheaten - that was the colouring of the boy that was there and he is beautiful. The blue girls are the same as the black only with a soft blue on the tail where the black is. They also throw splash which was the colouring of the pale non standard girl at the show. I have a couple and they free range happily with my silkie and my polands.
  12. Yes I will be there both days and penning up Friday evening Shabby Chic. I can bring you some hatching eggs if you are interested
  13. Badgers will take chickens and will rip apart wooden houses with ease. Not sure how the Eglu would fare. The weak points would be the pull out tray the front door and possibly the egg port? I know that I would not like them so close
  14. I really sympathise with you as I too suffer with social anxiety disorder. I have mine under control now with medication but it took quite a few years to find what worked. Along the way I had huge problems with invitations, thinking up excuses etc as to why I couldn't go places, dreading the Christmas season and for quite a while not even being able to leave the house. I lost quite a few "friends" and even my parents refused to understand. However, I can now look back and realise that people who cared about me stuck with me even though they confess that they do not understand. On the surface I can come across as a vivacious person but it is a very good front Stuff those who are not tolerant, you really are better off without them in the long term. You are probably hard enough on yourself without having to be made to feel bad by other people who do not deserve your consideration as they are not showing you any. Be polite but don't feel that you have to excuse your condition. You would not apologise for having broken a leg so don't feel bad about this. Sorry for the long post but I spent years battling this until I woke up to the fact that you and your real friends are the only ones that matter. Everyone else.....It is their loss
  15. I'm going and showing my Thuringians so please come and say hello
  16. Time is ticking and there must be some more of you out there in Omlet land who are up for this. Surely I did not do that bad a job at Christmas I need names by the end of Feb so that I can do the draw. Thank you
  17. M&S are a nightmare. Two identical items in the shop often vary in fit and the shop assistants are very used to people taking things back because of this
  18. I just wanted to say another thank you for my hot water bottle......it is getting so much use at the moment
  19. Hi everyone. I know that the Christmas decorations have only been down 5 minutes but the Easter eggs appeared in my local M&S on New Years Day Easter is the end of March and we are already half way through January so I thought I would tentatively raise this I am quite happy to organise this as I still have the details from the Christmas swap including who had who so can make sure that there are no duplicates. However, I do not want to deprive anyone else of the experience if you want to do it. It would probably break the ice at an interview if it was on your CV So, whose up for it............
  20. I know, I'm a lucky girl I must have been very good last year Where are all the other piccies?
  21. I have been trying to upload my photo from photobucket but cannot sort out the size. Perhaps a mod could help out Anyway, this is the gorgeous little hot water bottle and chicken fabric cover which has been used already. Also a lovely Christmas stocking, beautifully stitched with a choccie father christmas and candy cane. I've also put the little gift tag and pretty ribbon in the shot. Thank you sooooo much
  22. We need more piccies, says she who hasn't put hers on yet
  23. I have a Cavalier King Charles one from Mum & Dad, have one every year and OH bought me a chicken one which I'm using to plan my hatching and poultry shows
  24. Ooooo I had a beautifully wrapped present with a gorgeous hand made gift tag and ribbon. Inside was a hot water bottle with a lovely padded cover in chicken material - brilliant I also had a very pretty little stocking with a choccie father christmas and a candy cane popping out the top. Thank you so so much to my secret santa Piccies to follow in a few days once I have remembered how to master photobucket.

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