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  1. Oh Gosh! The last time I actually logged on was July 2014 It was all I could do to remember my loggin details I do pop in occasionally, to have a catch up whilst drinking my coffee. My signature drastically needs updating......sadly the Bulldogs are no longer with us, old age and tragic illness took them. We now have a Welsh Terrier and he keeps us on our toes! Still got chickens, but alas, not the same ones. Got 8 rescue hens from Fresh Start for Hens last Saturday to join our 4 older ladies. No longer ride my motorbike, infact sold it last week! And we are now bee keepers with 7 hives So there have been one or two changes over the years. Sue x
  2. Yep, tried it last year. Ok if you like bananas, that's all everything tasted of Tried a few of the recipes but they all tasted the same...... frozen bananas!! but that is only our opinion.
  3. Looks like an un-branded import to me. The pitfalls of those are no dealer support, no parts available and are very unreliable. So many people rush out and buy these imports brand new because they are so cheap and readily available on the internet, the buyer even has to put them together as they arrive in bits I personally wouldn't touch it with a barge pole but that's just my opinion (and probably the thousands of people that have bought them in the past )
  4. Just butting in here on this thread, but hearing you all talk about snow shovels have you tried an Army Surpluss shop? DH bought a small folding snow shovel in a canvass bag last year to keep in the car and it is very sturdy and good quality. He paid under £5 for it as well. It could be worth considering as you dont want to be caught out before the end of November
  5. Noticed this morning that Bella has a prolapsed vent. Have seperated her form the other girls and at the moment she is in a dog crate in the shed. Have given her a bit of corn and some water. I gently pushed the prolapse in, twice now, but it comes back out. I've read on the forum all the advice I can and I'm going to get some Preperation H and a stretchy bandage this afternoon. I understand that I've got to try and put a stop to her laying, ie, darken room and no layers BUT if I go the stretchy bandage route obviously I've got to make sure she definatley doesnt lay an egg because surely it would cause even more problems if she tried to lay an egg and is bandaged up!!!????!!! I will obviously put a slit in the bandage for her to poo but should I make the hole big enough just in case she lays??? Thanks for any advice.
  6. Ooops, just noticed an earlier thread about this......I must've missed that! http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=79400
  7. Not sure if this is the correct place to put this post but I'm sure it will be moved if need be.... Just noticed on their website that they have gone into receivership after 32 years of trading. That is so sad I know their stuff was quite expensive but well made. I had my WIR from them nearly 2 years ago and they are such lovely people. So many companies are going down the pan.....very scary.
  8. Thanks for the coments everyone. Hahahahaha Granny Biker Chick.......I've told DD that I wont bother getting a baby seat for the car, I shall get a sidecar for my motorbike She has said that we must'nt change, which is good.
  9. My DD told me at Xmas that she and her OH were "thinking" of trying for a baby and a few weeks later she did a test which proved positive. They have been keeping it quiet until she had her scan, which she had yesterday, and everything is all okay. She is 11 1/2 weeks pregnant and the baby is due 11th October. The whole family is sooo excited as this will be the first grandchild and me and DH are really pleased. Didnt think she could keep it a secret for much longer as she is already sporting quite a baby bump. The only ickle problem is, that now me and DH feel really old and are wondering if this means we should now act old and respectable
  10. I hold you Omleteers totally responsible Went to the Ideal Home Show today and somehow ended up buying a pair of Backdoor Shoes in the rose design There was a Croc stand up there as well but I was more impressed with the Backdoor and they were a tad cheaper. DH looked at them and just said "oh well, if the peeps on the Omlet forum say they are good, who am I to argue???" I think he's learning
  11. I'm not complaining about the people who ring on the doorbell (once, or possibly twice!) and its not the issue of whether this "shop" is open or closed. Its just this one particular woman who sees fit to hammer on the door and then have the cheek to walk up the drive and bang on the kitchen window. I always answer the door, infact, I had a caller asking for eggs just a few minutes ago but at least they were polite. oooohhh, believe me, it will be
  12. Quite right Cinnamon....yes I could put a sign up saying unavailable, BUT it would be going up and down like a yoyo, everytime I visit the loo or pop down the garden Ok, I might ring on the door a couple of times IF I was sure the person was in and maybe they hadnt heard me BUT no way would I bang on the door or walk up the drive and bang on the kitchen window We have 3 dogs and they were going mad, barking and rushing up to the door, so even if I hadnt heard the bell I would have known someone was at the door. It just wasnt convienent on Saturday morning for me to answer it.
  13. Like a lot of you with chooks, I do sell a few eggs to neighbours and friends. I have a little sign on our gate saying please knock.....well, we have this one lady who insists on ringing the door bell and banging on the door. This saturday I had the home hairdresser come round to give me a colour. She had just started to put the colour on when I heard the door bell. I peeped out of the window and saw that it was this particular woman, so I thought "oh blow it" I wont open the door looking like this..............however, after her ringing the door bell FIVE times, and then banging on the door, she walked up our drive and started banging heavily on the kitchen window. I decided that she wasnt going to give up so I opened the door and she took one look at me and said "I expect you will look quite glamorous when thats finished!!!! Can I have half a dozen eggs please?" The cheek of the woman, I could have been out, or in the bath, so she said "Oh, you should put a notice in the window saying you are out". What a good idea, let all the burglars know I'm out I am one of those people that doesnt say anything at the time but I've let it brew up over the weekend, thinking of all the things I should have said. Soooo next time she comes a calling I shall tell her to get lost!!! Sorry about the rant, but she has really annoyed me.
  14. Didnt think we would be "doing" Valentines Day, not after 26 years of marriage. Got home from work at lunchtime and found 3 big bunches of flowers (ok, 2 for me and one for DD) and a pair of new tyres for my motorbike Now how romantic is that Do feel a tad guilty as I didnt get him anything
  15. We used to chuckle to oursleves when DD was at primary school as her teacher was Miss Tree (couldnt help but think of mystry ) but when we found out her christain name was Cherry !
  16. I've also sent a friend request Sara......you are suddenley going to wonder where all these people are coming from
  17. Anyone that would like to add me as a friend on fb just PM me for my email address or look for Susan Bray. Thanks
  18. Couldnt sleep last night and been thinking about this all morning Cant wait for tonights episode and see how it all turns out.
  19. I was soooo shocked Surely No!!!! I felt they should have put out that message afterwards, you know, "If you have been affected by this programme......"
  20. We have a girl at work who ends every sentence with "You know what I mean"!!!! NO I dont know what you mean
  21. I was begining to feel that I was getting old (49 on Friday) especially when that means I shall be 50 next year so its rather nice to know that I'm too young for some things
  22. I have had my suspicions about Brenda, our little maran, for a long time being the egg eater and have caught her looking very guilty many times. However, I usually get to the eggs before her, but not today!! There she was in the nest box with an broken egg standing on its end. There were quite a few blood splatters in the next box and then I found that Brenda must have cut her comb on the sharp edges of the broken egg. Her comb looks quite nasty and bloody but she is the only one of our 7 girls that just will not let you hold her (infact you cant get near her). Obviously I cant get near enough to her to spray the "purple sparay" on her wound, as it would probably end up in her eyes....so I shall just have to keep an eye on her. Apart from that, what on earth can I do to deter her from eating the eggs, should I not get there before her?? Thanks for any advice that you can offer on a) what should I do about her comb and b) the egg eating
  23. Cant believe how like expectant aunties we all are Keep checking here to see if theres any news. Gosh its all so exciting. C'mon baby its a nice enough day today. I've got to go out this afternoon and I dont want to miss it all Good Luck CC..you must know by now that we are all thinking of you.

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