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  1. DM no your not alone this year ain't even that bad of a winter in both temperature or the amount of snow this week it's been the wind chill that's been unusually cold the last bad winter We had 2010 I think when the whole of December was minus temps day and night in this area at least was only mainly -6 with 2 or 3 -10's We didn't get the wind chill I had about 6-8 inch of snow on the deck with paths cut into it for the mob to get out which they did most days. I never lost a days work through snow or cold weather in all the time I was at work from 1979 - 2012 when I got made redundant and We
  2. We've got thick fog here at the moment winds picking up so I doubt it'll hang around long and it looks like We ended up with about 3 inch of snow yesterday hard to tell through with the drifting
  3. it's been snowing most of the afternoon not heavy snow but persistent to start with it was getting blown around in the high wind so it was hard to tell which was fulling snow and which was been blown along was nice watching the snow been blown off the roofs in waves through. the wind eased for a bit mid afternoon that's when it started to settle I reckon about 2inches have fallen this afternoon and it's still falling and the winds picked up again but at least the temp. has risen in the last 2 or 3 hours as the house isn't as cold as it was for the last 26 or so hours it's felt like the winds b
  4. We've had the high wind for a little over 24hrs now which dropped the temp a lot yesterday about noonish. it snowed from just after dark for 3 or 4hours just light stuff probably about an inch but with the high winds it's been blown in to drifts so the roadway in this street is more or less clear of snow as is the path on my side but the school side the path is blocked with a 2foot high drift the full length have been out this am on the shopping run and the roads were drive able even through they were still partly covered in grubby/slush it is a bit warmer than yesterday but the win
  5. it's clouded over here horrible dirty grey sky and there's a bit of snow in the air
  6. we had a snow shower about tea time didn't last long but it dumped a a good covering which froze once it got dark and judging by the frost on the greenhouse and the window here in my computer room/office it must have got fairly cold overnight
  7. just a dusting of snow here with a bit in the air nowt to get excited about and at the moment it's threatening to be a nice morning not been out yet through
  8. I finally finished the winter prune of the apples about 10 days back first one I've been able to do in 3 winters just need to run the pruning through the shredder hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday if it's not to cold to do the oil change on it first
  9. I managed to get some digging done the last 3 mornings 4 beds now ready to rotervate only got 2/3's of this years onion bed to clear and dig would have done a bit this am but I'd had enough after physio I might start sowing seeds the end of the week and if the rest arrive in time Can't see the spuds going in on the 17/03 through and Good Friday might be wishful thinking as well
  10. looks like it's just a title at the moment no topics no posts
  11. I don't think they'll remove any users from the list as if I remember correctly the amount of registered users a forum has a baring on how the search engines lists search results plus if a forum goes down the carrying advertising route then the numbers count as it's the possible numbers reached not the actual footfall that plays a key part with possible advert placement. there is also a value in a very large database of contact details if for any reason the bean counters decide to sell a forum that has a very low likelihood through
  12. nice bright day here so far wind picked up a couple of hours ago but it's not to bad to be out in it was cold enough ( more like a long enough cold snap than how cold it went) over night to put about an inch of frost into the ground down on the plot but I managed to finish digging no2 potato bed so hopefully I can put the rotivator through over the weekend only 22 or 32 days to spud planting weekend depending on weather I start planting St Patrick's day or Good Friday
  13. Hi sjp, Our old forum layout dated from a time when we had hundreds, sometimes thousands of new posts every day. Now we only get a few dozen posts a day we felt it was better to concentrate the activity in just a few forums to encourage interaction and make it easier for new users to find posts that interest them. how do's logic work! lumping everything into one busy forum makes things harder to find personally I don't go past the the curent page on any site my low boredom threshold kicks in after that. I also mainly only checkout 3 or 4 of the sub forums were I have an interest or a lit
  14. the US nesting box going is no surprise don't know why it took so long can't figure out why some of the sub forums have been lumped into this one through as for the general layout that's just following a lot of forums
  15. I think you jumped the gun removing the link the funds probably wont go out until stupid o clock tonight or tomorrow night but might show up as not been available today depending on how work then it could be 2 or 3 days before the other party get the funds depending on their bank
  16. their in breach of the Consumer protection act, Unfair trading Regulations 2008 part way down the page in the link are a couple of signs you can print off that contain the proper wording that basically tell unwanted traders that they are breaking the law if you've got something like that visible and they still keep pestering you then report them to trading standards. there used to be one aimed at charities and religious groups through they aren't legally obliged to pay any heed to it, it stops some of them, a lot just say the didn't see the signs one's bright yellow one's bright blue.I gave up
  17. in theory yes if they'll use it as a nest box and not just as a bedroom. I made something similar for my second coop after I failed to stop the nest box in number 1 coop been used as a nest box they never laid an egg in it but at least one used to sleep in it
  18. blowing a gale here and is trying to rain luckerly it was dry when I went out to do the rubbish and put the bins out
  19. I'd have refused point blank to give them that info and walked out animal feed isn't a controlled product so there's no reason TS would want that info. I've refused to give proof of age to supermarket checkout staff on more than one occasion when buying beer and made the checkout supervisor pack my shopping after about the 3rd or fourth time of been asked or I'd leave it were it was and unpaid for that stopped them asking again
  20. even with the sun out it was bitter here mainly down to the wind.t'was not fun cleaning veg for a display I'm doing tomorrow with ice cold water
  21. had a bit of snow yesterday most of which had gone by noon just the cold spots were it stayed, had a dusting just after dark' today heavy frost overnight/early morning which hung around till dinner time. the ground through is well frozen even now just the odd spot were the sun court it about 2ish thawed. at some time overnight it went cold enough to freeze the top 15-20mm of water in the greenhouse water butt. yet the last hour has been warm enough to take my coat of
  22. it's hit a lot later this winter and it's seams to have started a lot further south on mainland Europe so it's been out of sight out of mind this year. The info. coming out DEFRA this year is a lot less detailed as to what the birds are that have tested positive. Other than the swans at Windsor which officially haven't yet been confirmed as having AI is the only big out break all the rest sound like either one or two birds or very small numbers. In My mind through the next 2 or 3 months will be the teller as the Spring migration gets under way once the weather pattern changes and We get t
  23. like mullethunter I wasn't that sure this year as to weather or not they should be on lock down the one like I followed I found a bit confusing it wasn't the one that The Dogmother has posted. Mine have been confined for a lot of this winter through as the garden's not getting time to dry out between the snow and the rain plus the few days work I've picked up over the last couple of weeks
  24. it looks like a nice day here but it ain't the winds bitter cold and goes straight through you I was going to repair and re-stack one of my firewood bins but I thick it's a slob about the house day

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