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  1. You should always candle eggs really even if under a broody as you don't really want them to sit for 3 weeks for nothing and lose condition I would candle now and check Leanne.
  2. Well i started with 4 and i still only have 4 well thats what i tell the neighbours
  3. One of my broodys has 3 chicks hatched so far 3 to go currently in the conservatory i would post pics if i could
  4. Ive tried these on a broody and chicks lets just say after 24 hours they were very thirsty lol leanne
  5. My Blue columbian wyandotte boy Darth is still on full throttle lol 6/6 eggs under a broody due the end of the week broody and chicks will move into my winter shed once hatched
  6. Which one is Tilly if its the lemon cuckoo her mums currently sat on eggs lol sorry not much help and dont put any bedding in cage she will just make a nest out of it
  7. Well i know its late in the year and my breeding is over but one of my bobtail girls decided otherwise and now has 2 baby hopefully paint silkies shes still sitting on the other eggs im quite excited as these are my first silkies in 10 years
  8. Havent been on this thread for months thought i would have a nose but i just saw the word Bobtail ha ha love them im getting quite a collection now at present i have 17 girls and 7 boys but some will be off to the national sale pens as i cant keep all and i have my birds ready to start my bobtail frizzle project next year glad you found the lav leghorn x
  9. Ive just taken one poland girl in not much hassle at all but then my girls run free so plenty of room to escape whereabouts are you ?leanne
  10. Hi yes i wouldnt think the dodgy tummies is down to the grass or turkey growers if im rearing chicks and turkey poults they all eat the same food i think its better to rear birds on grass if you can. But as lewis says just keep an eye on them you dont always see blood in poo for coccidiosis symptoms are hunched up ,sleepy ,no energy,head shaking,yellow poo with or without blood and generally looking unwell but yours dont sound like this you could always get some herban and add that to the water i love the stuff leanne
  11. Hi not very clear pics but if thats a ruffly beard going on lol they are not sablepoots they look some what the same but have no beard leanne
  12. Hi Duckling crumble is better but i always feed unmedicated chick crumb as i cant get hold of duck crumble in my area mum is fine eating what babies eat i never feed seperate food. I move babies on to grower pellets by 3 weeks as they are normally huge i try to get them eating more grass than pellets but thats just me leanne
  13. Dont know about a cockerel but i had to fight my 301b turkey stag off with a broom to go in and feed and clean them out but this just made him worse he was up for a good old fight would drop kick me the works he could even grab the broom and we would be having a game of tug of war .There was no way i could tuck him under my arm and carry him around just think your friends will be back soon
  14. I know someone who recently tried the collars on 2 boys one died so off came the other collar if it came down to my boys wearing a collar I'm sorry but I would cull them all
  15. Ive separated mine about a week ago 21 from different broodies ranging from 5-8 weeks as mums fed up put the mums back in with their groups bit of argy bargy nothing major their husbands sort it out lol .Now all babies are in a large predator proof pen with one broody and her chicks she's an old girl and likes to keep her babies as long as poss and since there are a few young boys in the group she keeps them in their place lol i would separate her if she's had enough what breeds are they? Saying that though I've had 4 week old babies run the flock before the oldest being my 10 year old hybrid ha ha but they have their own pens and house to go back to where i feed them as they need different food
  16. Fingers crossed she will feel better soon
  17. Did you not try and put it back under mum ? I have this a lot they fall out from under mum and can't find way back for next time don't use wet anything gentle hairdryer warms them up and gets them up and going
  18. Exactly why I don't use vets lol I got fed up telling them what was wrong with my birds and I've never forgiven them for not listening to me that my duck needed to be pts years ago and she suffered a painful death sorry I can hold a grudge and this was my farm vets. Hopefully your girl will feel better with some pain meds but that doesn't help her leg problem can you try putting her in a dog crate on cage rest and see how she goes but if she's no better in a week I think I would call it a day what more can you do you've taken her to the vets and she can't just be left with a knackered leg
  19. How about doing what I sometimes do with people who have broodies that can't snap them out but don't want any more birds or cock birds I give them eggs their birds hatch then at 6 weeks they bring everything back I deal with the boys and rear the girls on to either be sold or join my groups
  20. Let us know how you get on
  21. James if you don't want to use a vet do you have any one who breeds chickens you know or farm that can just check her out if it is sticking out like you say doesn't sound good and if she were mine there's a good chance she would be in the big chicken coop in sky by now .I wouldn't go down the xray route with a chicken but then I don't use vets I treat or cull but leaving her is not an option it's not gonna get better on its own
  22. Yes i agree with olly my porcelain boy rupert dislocated his leg poor boy had to be culled .How is she now ?

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