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  1. Hi yes it's still alive so is not ready to hatch yet just leave the hen to it
  2. Put it to your ear and listen if it's pipping you will hear crackling or candle it to see if still alive you can see if it's internally pipped too but do it at night it's easier. She will know if it's not going to hatch or has died normally by doing what she's done and booting it out .
  3. Yes that is a good idea chickabee if she gets nothing try and get some day olds
  4. Hi I know it's upsetting but it's best to leave her she knows best it's horrible when they try and hatch but don't make it. unless you know what your doing I wouldn't help they can bleed out and if you did manage to get duckling out possibly may not have absorbed the yolk a lot of people think oh just pick it out the shell doesn't work like that unfortunately fingers crossed she gets at least one
  5. If you can yes i always keep my broodies and babies separate make sure the water bowl is not to deep otherwise baby will try and swim and will get cold they can have a paint roller tray with a couple of inches of water in at about a week old to splash around in and momma will be fine she's knows what she's doing
  6. Never heard of an apricot Campbell only khaki ,Dark and white that's a new one on me how old are they ?leanne
  7. Hi your chicken should stay with them until about 6 weeks but this does depend on the bird when i separate them you always find the ducklings will still follow mum around the garden if they can find her its quite funny but i make sure they have separate houses as ducks are messy things.Just leave mum to it she will know when they've finished hatching and then take babies to food and water
  8. Just make sure the ducklings are 16 weeks at least before they go near the parents as the drake won't care what age and sex they are this time of year drakes are beasts lol my drake tried to tread an 8 week old duckling lets just say good job at the time I had a fishing net in my hand and he didn't succeed haha .
  9. It's always a hard one to know as you could hatch the third and she won't take it back them your left with a lone duckling to rear which would be very friendly but if was a drake would possibly need rehoming have you candled the eggs to make sure they are good as if not a month is a long time for your chicken to be sitting for nothing
  10. Duck eggs take 28 days incase you didn't know and you count the day after you give them to the bird as day one but in your case you will just have to wait possibly 2 eggs will be ok but not good for the third the gap is to big
  11. Hi yes she will be fine hatching duck eggs my birds hatch all sorts lol you should really put eggs under on the same day or day after if theres to much a gap she won't stay sitting but all you can do is wait now. yes she will need to go in her own little house and pen away from the others get a pencil and mark the eggs she's sat on with 2 big pencil crosses on each side so you don't get muddled again leanne
  12. Hi I can't see the link but I'm sure it will be fine as long as predator proof and with a broody there's nothing for you to do other than keep her stocked in crumb and water the worry will be dealing with boys. I sell eggs on eBay there are some good and bad buyers and sellers just read feedback leanne
  13. I think you may have to wait a bit longer I'm sure they are both girls but the silverlaced has a bit of Red on her comb redwing will be along at some point she breeds dottes
  14. Hi yes it wouldn't hurt to give her a gentle nudge out the door lol but then it won't hurt to leave her be as long as she has food and water she will soon take them outside also the scratching around frantically is normal as is stepping on chicks booting them out the way they are quite hardy I watched one broody pick her chick up and throw it over her shoulder obviously done something to annoy her leanne
  15. Any chance of a pic I breed Columbian wyandottes last year was my first year with this group I'm very good at sexing but found these some what tricky lol I think they were 14 weeks before I made my mind up ha ha leanne
  16. Don't worry some of mine pant in the heat make sure she has plenty of shade and water she will be fine
  17. Hi would be nice if it was that easy lol what breed are they ? Some mature at different rates etc like a Brahma may not crow until around 11 months
  18. Ha ha i have 18 on eggs or with chicks you will be catching up with me soon
  19. Thought I would let you know mimi remember I told you a couple of weeks ago I had 2 of each with my broody well they are now 6 weeks and they are all 4 boys 2 have gone from having no comb and wattles to sprouting them over night lol leanne
  20. I'm now going to totally muddle you lol sorry but if I'm using unmedicated food I put acv in water from day old to protect against cocci if I'm using medicated I don't but to be honest it doesn't matter which feed you use you still run the risk of cocci leanne
  21. Hi don't panic the new girl will be fine I got home from work the other night to find my Poland had the top of her head eaten this has happened before if I could find the culprit I would broomstick it nice tablespoon of flour on wound dried it up lovely she is now in a dog crate inside the run but at night still goes in with the girls as its dark then next day back in her own crate bit of a pain but in 3 weeks her head will have healed up and regrown .Personally I would have cleaned your girls wound used either flour to dry it out or purple spray and make sure the flies stay away seperate her until healed the only thing the vets will do is stick her on antibiotics always looks worse than it is leanne
  22. I've just been contacted by a school for eggs again this year my conditions are they pay me for eggs and all growers come back to me I cull all boys and either keep or sell on girls
  23. I would give it a week or two just to make sure the new girls are all healthy and then pop your 2 in at night you will have a bit of pecking to start with but make sure they have space to get away and leave them to it
  24. Hi yes look like 2 little black mottled girls and what's the little brown one ? there combs looked so much redder in the other pics how strange
  25. Lol on the little crow I expect by 12 weeks they will all be crowing mine are if you do go and look at New girls don't let this hatch make you rush any decisions 6 weeks is still young to be outside as chilly at night so that's one thing to think about just go with your gut feeling if your not sure walk away I don't sell my growers until 10 weeks min but that's just me have fun and let us know how you get on

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